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10 Best Cars for Dog Owners: Most Dog-Friendly Cars

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There are numerous ways owning a dog can alter your daily routine, one of which is definitely the car you drive. Whether you‚Äôre going on a random fun drive or a monthly visit to the vet, your car needs to be safe and convenient for you and your best bud. It is not easy to choose the right kind of car considering the many choices available. But don‚Äôt worry, we got your back. We’ve compiled a list of the best cars for dog owners.

Dog wearing sunglasses |Best cars for dog owners

There are a lot of things you need to consider while driving with dogs. Cargo tie-down hooks, automatic climate control, and a flat cargo area are features that you should look for if you want a dog-friendly car. Older dogs may have a difficult time getting into SUVs because of their large interiors. If your dog is sensitive to wind or extreme noise, then you may want to consider a quiet cabin.  For a giant breed dog, space is definitely on the list. If you own more than one, your list is going to be pretty similar. Also, brownie points if your car can stay hygienic and can be maintained easily. 

10 best cars for dog owners

2021 Subaru Outback 

There’s plenty of room in the Subaru Outback’s cargo area for a dog crate. Thanks to its cargo hooks and flat load floor. Subaru’s fold-flat rear seats make it simple to transport your dog’s gear. It is easier for dogs to jump into the Outback despite its relatively high ride height. Even the most basic Outback has an all-wheel drive and Subaru’s EyeSight active safety features, which makes it safe. The Onyx Edition has water-resistant synthetic leather upholstery. Because of the improved material, you won’t have to be concerned if your dog gets muddy or wet.¬†

2021 Chrysler Pacifica 

The Chrysler Pacifica has a low floor, power sliding doors, and numerous configuration options. With the standard three-zone automatic climate control system, your dogs will be able to stay cool or warm once they’re inside. Stow ‘n Go seats in the Pacifica provide convenient underfloor storage for snacks and toys. The cargo area has a carpeted mat, and a collapsible, lightweight pet kennel is available from Chrysler. A built-in vacuum cleaner makes cleaning the van after a trip much easier when you upgrade to the Limited trim. Drivers can keep an eye on their dog in the backseat using the Famcam camera, which is an optional add-on.¬†

2021 Volvo V60 

The Volvo V60’s serene and quiet interior is ideal for dogs who are afraid to ride in cars. The V60’s luxurious cabin, quiet interior, and smooth ride make it an ideal vehicle for dogs to unwind in. In the back of the Volvo V60, you’ll find plenty of room for your dog’s gear thanks to a hands-free liftgate, low cargo floor, and up to 50.9 cubic feet of cargo space. Volvo’s pet-friendly accessories are among the best on the market. A dog carrier, a dog gate, a dog harness, and a protective grille are all options for separating the cargo area from the backseats of the vehicle. They even provide pet insurance. ¬†

2021 Honda CR-V SUV 

To avoid ruining your carpet, the new CR-V has lower loading heights than most pickup trucks and larger rear windows. In addition, the rear bench legroom has been increased by 2.1 inches, so a large dog kennel can be transported comfortably in the back. Stow space is almost 10 inches longer than the previous model, and the new one is completely adjustable and has large storage pockets that can hold treats and Frisbees. With the rear stow space, you can lower it to get more vertical room or raise it to get a completely flat cargo area, giving you 9.8 inches of additional depth and 1.4 inches of extra height for the best possible interior space. If you have a giant breed dog, this SUV is your best bet. 

2021 Land Rover Discovery SUV 

The Discovery’s split tailgate and roomy rear cargo hold have long been appreciated by humans and dogs alike. The iconic two-piece hatch has been replaced with an incredibly sturdy ledge that electronically folds down like a truck tailgate in the all-new, fifth-generation SUV. In addition to the spacious rear cargo area, which has a total load capacity of 82.7 cubic feet and a space behind the second row of seats of 45 cubic feet, there is still plenty of room for your furry friends. The all-new Discovery’s Intelligent Seat Fold technology is another factor that makes it an obvious choice. Second and third-row seats can be rearranged by swiping switches in the cargo hold, from the center touchscreen, or via a smartphone app. For off-roading, it has an air suspension system that allows dogs to easily access the rear hatch when it is lowered.¬†

2021 Tesla Model Y 

The electric Tesla Model Y has enough room for a dog or two, as well as a clever Dog Mode, making it ideal for transporting pets. Temperatures are kept at a comfortable temperature in Dog Mode, even when the car is parked. Your dog is safe in the car while you’re away. You can also see the temperature of your car’s interior in an infotainment system message, which states, ‚Äúmy owner will be back soon‚ÄĚ and displays it. The car‚Äôs interior consists of vegan leather seating materials. These have proven to be long-lasting and easy to maintain.¬†

2021 Jeep Wrangler  

The Jeep Wrangler is the best vehicle for people who enjoy taking their pets along for the ride. The Wrangler’s off-roading prowess is nearly unmatched, despite the vehicle’s elevated position. If your dog wants to enjoy some fresh air, you can remove the top, windshield, and doors. Water-resistant and easy-to-clean materials are found inside the Wrangler. Collapsible pet kennels and rear-seat partitions are just two of the many Wrangler-compatible dog accessories. A good harness is recommended, as your dog may try to jump out of the car when the doors are open.¬†

2021 Ford Bronco 

In the world of off-road SUVs, the all-new Ford Bronco has the crown. Standard four-wheel drive and a slew of off-road performance enhancements are its best features. Anyone wishing to go off-road with their four-legged companion would benefit greatly from owning a Bronco. If you decide to go roofless, make sure your dog is properly restrained before removing the roof and doors. 

2021 Kia Telluride  

Amid the fierce competition in the midsize 3-row SUV market, Kia’s Telluride has emerged as a clear winner. This is a great option for large families who require a large number of seats, along with their dogs. With the third-row seats split 50/50, the spacious cargo area can be tailored to fit your specific needs. In order to make Telluride’s interior more durable and pet-friendly, a variety of accessories, such as cargo seatback protectors and a folding cargo tray, are readily available.¬†

2021 Toyota Sienna

With a hybrid powertrain, the 2021 Sienna’s interior is incredibly quiet. With its power-sliding side doors and a power liftgate, the Sienna makes it easy for your dog to get in and out of the vehicle. The Sienna’s cargo capacity is 33.5 cubic feet behind the third row of seats. However, only the third row of seats can be folded flat for additional storage. In addition to features like a vacuum cleaner, rear sunshades, and an icebox for treats and water to keep them cool, the Sienna is an ideal vehicle for your pet. If your dog is a movie buff, Toyota offers an optional 11.6-inch rear-seat display.¬†

Here are some Safety tips for driving with your pets in your car

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