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Best car insurance in Florida for 2021

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Florida drivers are protected by financial and legal protection offered by their auto insurance. If you’re caught driving without insurance in Florida, you’ll face heavy fines, and your license will be revoked. Despite this, Florida has the highest uninsured rate in the country; nearly 27% of Florida drivers are reported to be uninsured. This may be because auto insurance in Florida is expensive relative to other states, with all states’ third-highest average. You can also pay more if you live in an expensive area, have poor credit, or have been in an accident. It is, however, possible to pay less.¬†¬†

We’ve reviewed more than a dozen car insurance firms based on affordability, coverage, available incentives, financial power, and customer loyalty to pick the right insurers for many specific circumstances.¬†Please continue reading for a list of the best automobile insurance companies in Florida, as selected by our experts.¬†

Top car insurance companies in Florida

  • The best overall car insurance in Florida-¬†Allstate¬†
  • The best car insurance for full coverage in Florida –¬†State Farm¬†
  • The best car insurance for poor driving record and bad credit in Florida –¬†Bristol West¬†
  • The best car insurance for new drivers in Florida –¬†Liberty Mutual¬†
  • Most affordable car insurance in Florida –¬†Progressive

Best overall car insurance: Allstate

Allstate has strong customer loyalty and financial strength ratings, as well as a range of driver discounts. You won’t be able to get an anonymous quote from Allstate online, so you’ll have to enter your details to get a quote. In Florida, Allstate is more costly than most insurers. Nonetheless, for some drivers, Allstate’s variety of discounts can make it the most cost-effective option.¬†

 In Florida, Allstate Milewise allows you to pay a low regular rate plus a per-mile rate, which will help you save money if you drive infrequently. Besides, the Allstate Drivewise software will help you win money for driving safely. Allstate also provides college discounts, new car discounts, multi-policy discounts, and other exclusive offers. 

Best for full coverage: State Farm

State Farm stands out for its sound financial position and low prices on broad coverage for a range of drivers. Your rate will be determined by your venue, age and gender, driving background, credit score, and other variables. You will be asked to include your Social Security number to receive an online quote. In addition to auto insurance, State Farm provides several other plans, and if you sign up for more than one, you can save money. There are also discounts for safe driving and safe cars. 

State Farm is the largest auto insurer in the United States, with policies distributed all over the country. The insurer has a lower-than-average customer satisfaction rating and a significantly higher-than-average number of complaints than the industry average. Their low premiums and available discounts, on the other hand, can entice you to consider them anywhere. 

Best for poor driving record and bad credit: Bristol West

Drivers with poor credit or a bad driving record may get affordable insurance from Bristol West. When it comes to insuring high-risk drivers, this is far less than most businesses. Bristol West provides incentives for drivers in addition to their already low prices, such as payment discounts, multi-policy discounts, and secure driver discounts. It’s simple to get a quote online, and once you’ve signed up, you’ll have access to your policy 24 hours a day, seven days a week.¬†Bristol West’s greatest weakness is its complaint ratio, which reveals three times the average number of complaints about a company its size.¬†¬†


Best for new drivers: Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual has some of the most competitive rates for new drivers among the major insurers. Liberty Mutual provides a decent student discount and a student away-from-school discount, which could appeal to many young drivers. Liberty Mutual provides both quick online quotes (along with an online quote discount) and an online claims process, as well as the option of speaking with an agent. 

 Liberty Mutual has more than three times the total number of grievances lodged for a corporation of its size. Nonetheless, the business is well-regarded, and it provides many coverage add-ons that new drivers can find appealing. 


Most affordable: Progressive

Progressive provides the lowest premiums for low-risk drivers seeking liability insurance in most cities in Florida. If you are a new driver, have bad credit, or have a poor driving record, you might be able to get better rates from a different company. Progressive helps you get a quote online, but you’ll need to enter your Social Security number. Progressive also provides policyholders a range of enticing discounts, such as payment discounts, student discounts, and multi-policy discounts. If you know your car insurance budget, the Name Your Pricing tool will help you select a policy that fits your requirements.¬†


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