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Need for Speed: What Are the Best Cars in NFS Heat?

  • Things To Know
  • Silas Smith
  • 4 minutes

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Finding the best car in NFS Heat is a challenge. Of course, you can always go with the popular real-life cars in the game as the winner. But there are many factors that make a car the best in the game. So here you will find a few models that can be considered the best cars in NFS Heat. 

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Is NFS Heat still good? 

Yes. Need For Speed: Heat is an open-world racing game that came out in 2019. It is the 24th installment in the famous racing game franchise and arguably one of the better editions in recent years. Developed by Electronic Arts, Heat has an engaging storyline set in Palm City, inspired by Miami, Florida, with mountains, beaches, and beautiful cityscapes. 

Compared to the previous games in the NFS series, including Payback, Rivals, and No Limits, the Heat has a great setup in terms of story. Also, the Day/Night playable events make it more interesting. You have to fight against the rogue police chief who is corrupt and trying to crush the night racing scene at Palm City. So what are you waiting for? Get a copy of the game on a PC or console, and we will help you with the best cars in the game.  

What is the best car in NFS Heat? 

Now, that is a question that is hard to answer. As you read before, what makes a car the best depends on when and how you use it. For example, you can have the best drifting car in NFS Heat and still lose a race if it is not tuned properly. For beginners learning the controls and tuning can make the game much easier to play. But, on the other hand, having the proper wheels and transmission can help you outrun the cops, who are crazier during the night. 

But you can always find the list of cars in the age from the EA website. Also, the best cars in NFS Heat may differ in future updates with new cars or tuning options being added to the game. Also, have you watched the reveal trailer for Need for Speed Unbound yet? 

Best cars in NFS Heat 

Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 


The RSR is undoubtedly one of the fastest cars in NFS Heat. It is best known for its acceleration; you can go from 40 or 50 mph to 360 mph or more very fast. Besides, thanks to the traction, this car can hold speeds in corners and is a monster in straights. No one is catching this beast once you get even a minor lead over the rest of the racers! For beginners Рlearn to handle the car, and you are good to go. Apart from drag races, this car, with a proper build, can land up as the best car in NFS Heat. 

1971 Nissan Skyline 2000 GTR 


This older Skyline is one of the major competitors against the RSR, with an experienced driver behind the wheel. Now, the stock car looks, runs, and sounds old, but you can do wonders with the right build. This Japanese muscle car is one of the most iconic cars in the history of Nissan, and you can unlock this car in Rep Level 20, which is very early in the game. Early in the game, it is definitely one of the best cars in NFS Heat after upgrades, and you can also use these for drifting. 

Mazda RX7 


Gamers who love drifting in NFS Heat will know the G.O.A.T when they see one. This is the dream drift car for every beginner NFS Heat gamer, as it unlocks very early in the game at Rep Level 4. But the success and advantage of the car are because of the seemingly unlimited customization opportunities. Rated 9 out of 10 for customization, you can upgrade this Mazda into the best car in your NFS Heat garage. 

Apart from this model, there are cars like the rare Ferrari 488 Pista that are the hardest to get. However, the following cars can also be used if you are looking for pure speed for track races. 

  • Ferrari F40¬†
  • McLaren F1¬†
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9¬†
  • Pagani Huayra BC¬†
  • Volkswagen Beetle ’63¬†

Wrapping Up 

As you read above, each of these cars is the best in the game, depending on the race and situation they are being used in. Also, how you tune the car for each event can make it the best or worst car. The amount of nitrous and the wheels and transmission chosen for each race will make a difference. So, start playing, get a variety of cars and rise to the top! 

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