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Best cheap full coverage for car insurance

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Getting full coverage car insurance is good for you as it covers a wide range of cases, but it can cost more than twice as much as the bare minimum. That is why it is beneficial to shop around for car insurance. Several variables, such as your age, venue, and driving record, will determine which insurer offers the cheapest full coverage insurance. We at Way.com looked at average rates for the country’s largest insurers, using a range of profiles to help you narrow down your choices.¬†

Full coverage is a term that refers to a variety of coverage categories that includes liability, comprehensive, and collision insurance. If you have a loan or a lease, the latter two forms of coverage would almost certainly be required by your lender.¬†Auto insurance with full coverage can be costly. Check out our best cheap auto insurance for state-mandated coverage if you’re looking for the cheapest car insurance available.¬†

Best car insurance companies with cheap full coverage

Here are the estimated premium premiums for full coverage insurance from six of the auto insurance providers in the United States: 

  • State Farm –¬†$1503¬†
  • Progressive –¬†$1578¬†
  • Farmers –¬†$1848¬†
  • Allstate –¬†$2394¬†

While USAA provides cheap full coverage for car insurance, it doesn’t mean it will be the most affordable. If you use a local or regional insurer, you may be able to get full coverage insurance at a lower price. The analysts at Way.com were able to unearth a few gems that can give you cheap full coverage for car insurance.¬†

These are the regional car insurance companies that we discovered: 

  • Secure:¬†$831¬†
  • MMG:¬†$849¬†
  • Hastings Mutual:¬†$921¬†
  • Mutual of Enumclaw:¬†$1098¬†
  • Central Insurance:¬†$1110¬†

Before you jump the gun make sure that these car insurance providers are available in your area. 

A step-by-step guide to finding affordable car insurance

It’s essential to compare auto insurance rates for the same coverage when shopping for car insurance from various carriers. Otherwise, you might believe you got a good deal only to discover that your coverage is inadequate when you need to file a claim.¬†


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