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Best companies to bundle car and home insurance

  • Auto Insurance
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 5 minutes

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Which businesses offer the best home and car insurance packages? What are the most incredible home and auto insurance bundle packages available today? 

insurance bundle packages

Combining your home and auto insurance policies might save you hundreds of dollars in insurance costs. Some insurance firms provide better home and auto insurance packages than others. Some firms reduce premiums by 20% or more just by bundling multiple plans. Other businesses provide a smaller discount. Some businesses provide good auto insurance but insufficient house insurance, making their packages less enticing.

Examine the top insurance companies that offer the best bundling packages in the market now:


USAA is frequently regarded as one of the best insurance companies in the United States. The most significant disadvantage of USAA is that membership is only available to military personnel and their families. If you are eligible for USAA membership, you can save hundreds ‚Äď possibly thousands ‚Äď of dollars on a home and auto insurance package.¬†

USAA provides a comprehensive choice of home and car insurance products, making it simple to choose the right coverage for you. USAA is one of the best-value car insurance options in most states, delivering low premiums without sacrificing claim satisfaction or customer service. Because USAA is already reasonably priced, bundling house and car insurance will not result in significant savings. By combining your home and auto insurance plans with USAA, you can save up to 10%.

2. State Farm Insurance

State Farm is the largest property and liability insurance company in the United States. That means you have a plethora of auto and home insurance options, making it simple to obtain the policy you require. State Farm claims that bundling home and auto insurance will save the average policyholder about $600, while the business does not specify percentage savings. State Farm is one of the best-value insurance carriers in the country if you take advantage of discounts.

3. Allstate Insurance

Allstate provides specialized insurance services at a somewhat higher price than the competitors mentioned above. Allstate is one of the country’s top ten most significant insurance firms, providing a comprehensive range of home and car insurance products. Allstate also provides some of the industry’s most significant discounts. Bundling home and auto insurance together can save the typical policyholder up to 25%, possibly saving you hundreds of dollars per year on insurance. Among other benefits, Allstate provides a 20% discount when you switch to the firm for the first time.

4. Progressive

Progressive provides discounts of up to 12% to consumers who combine their home and auto insurance. Progressive is also well-known for its adaptability. It is simple to swap insurance, alter coverage, and mix and match products without penalties.¬†Progressive also provides additional reductions to consumers who have both house and auto insurance. If you enroll in Progressive’s Snapshot program, for example, Progressive will award you for good driving behavior, allowing you to save even more money.

5. Nationwide

Nationwide is a well-known and well-rated insurance company that serves millions of customers across the United States. You can save up to 20% by combining your home and car insurance with Nationwide. Nationwide has several distinct features that may make it the better choice for you. You may easily add high-value objects to your Nationwide house insurance policy, such as art, jewelry, and collectibles. Nationwide also offers flood and earthquake insurance, which is not available from other providers.

6. Farmers

Farmers say that bundling house and auto insurance saves the average consumer 20%. Farmers also offer a variety of discounts to reduce rates further. Farmers offer multi-car discounts, Signal driver tracking system discounts, good student discounts, and young driver discounts. Farmers also provide home insurance discounts like multi-home discounts, new home discounts (on homes built within the last 14 years), and protection discount discounts.

7. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual has higher prices than many of its competitors listed above, providing more outstanding claims satisfaction and service. By combining house and auto insurance, Liberty Mutual claims consumers may save $842. Auto and renters insurance, as well as auto and condo insurance, are offered in bundles. Liberty Mutual, like other insurers, makes it simple to tailor coverage to your specific needs. The company provides a broad range of home and car insurance products and services, allowing you to tailor your insurance coverage to your specific needs.

8. Esurance

Esurance only sells auto insurance, but you can save money by bundling Esurance auto insurance with Allstate home insurance. Because Esurance is a subsidiary of Allstate, you are eligible for bundling savings when working with either firm. 

Esurance’s goal is to make insurance as easy as possible.¬†

The firm allows you to instantly buy insurance, compare estimates, and choose the best coverage for your needs. If you despise shopping for insurance or simply thinking about insurance, Esurance may be the best option for you in terms of peace of mind.

insurance bundle packages

9. Travelers

Travelers provide homeowners and renters with house and auto insurance packages. Travelers claim that by bundling home and auto insurance, policyholders can save up to 10% on auto insurance. Yet, total savings appear to be smaller than many of the competitors listed above. Other bundles are also eligible for multi-policy savings from Travelers. You might save even more money if you combine umbrella insurance, boat insurance, or precious objects coverage with your house and auto insurance policy. Combining your home and auto insurance coverage might save you thousands of dollars per year on both plans. Bundles are also more practical. Instead of paying several premiums and dealing with multiple insurance companies, you only have to deal with one.


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