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Best Methods To Remove Duct Tape Residue off a Car

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What do we do when a temporary fix leaves a permanent mark? Duct tapes are used as a quick fix in situations that need a fix! However, it is common that these often leave a messy residue on the car paint or in the windows. So, how to get duct tape residue off a car? Here are a few methods that you can work out to remove the sticky residue and leave the surface clean.  

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What are duct tape adhesives made of? 

Duct tapes are inherently sticky. It is made of three layers. The exposed top layer is polythene, followed by fabric and rubber-based glue. When making duct tape, firstly, the cloth is coated in melted polythene, which is a barrier against moisture’s damaging of moisture.¬†Due to its polythene covering, the tape can adhere to uneven or rough surfaces that are uneven or rough because the coating is flexible.¬†

However, the adhesive is highly durable, therefore, hard to clean off.  

How to remove duct tape residue from a car

We can use several methods to remove the duct tape residue from the car without damaging the car paint or the surface of the window.   

Soaking in Water 

The raw material required for this method makes it an easy solution for the duct tape residue. Firstly, soak a piece of rag cloth in warm water. Secondly, place this cloth on the residue’s surface for at least 15 minutes or longer if the tape has been on the surface for a long time. The residue will soften, consequently helping in easy removal. ¬†

Meanwhile, adding soap to the water will decrease the time taken to soften the affected area. This solution can be used to saturate the area, followed by wiping it off with a soft cloth to avoid scratches. In addition to car surfaces, this can also remove the residue from plastic surfaces.  

Using a Solvent  

A solvent is a ready-made method to remove the adhesive remains from the car surface. Since these solvents are exclusively made for the car’s surface, you need not worry about any damage while using them. ¬†

WD-40 Pen and Goo Gone 

Both are hassle-free methods to remove duct tape residue off the car. You can rub the surface with a WD-40 pen until it comes off, then clean it with a fresh cloth. However, if you use Goo Gone, pour a few drops on the surface to clean it. 

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Giving Credit to the Card

Yes, you heard that right. A credit card can be used since its edges are not as sharp as a blade or any other sharp objects you might be tempted to use. The addition of a degreaser can make your work with the card easier.  

Take the Shots 

Another solvent that can come to the rescue is alcohol. This can be a successful solution that will not leave any traces on the surface of your car. However, you must make sure that you are patient with this, as vigorous rubbing can leave marks on the surface.  

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Keep it Warm 

Warm water or hot air from a heating device can help remove the adhesive remains from the surface of your car. For example, a hair dryer can come in handy if you plan to work without using any liquid on the surface.  

Turn on the dryer and use it on the affected area for fifty to sixty seconds, then scrape it off with a credit card. However, if the adhesive is thicker, use the dryer twice or thrice on the surface and try scraping.  

Using Acetone 

Nail polish remover is also popular for removing duct tape residue from the car surface. Even though using acetone seems questionable, make sure you use it only on glass surfaces and not on the car’s body.¬†

Apply the remover on the surface and leave it for at least fifteen minutes. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe it clean.  

Raid your Kitchen for Vinegar and Oil  

A mixture of hot water, soap, and vinegar can be used on the surface with the adhesive. The acidic nature of vinegar can give quicker results. However, if this is used on the painted surface, then make sure the resting time is reduced, increasing the elbow grease.  

Cooking oil can be another medium used to soften the adhesive on the car’s surface. In addition to remaining a handy solution, it won’t cause any damage to the paint. Firstly, spread a towel on the affected surface and pour the oil. Let it rest for ten minutes. Wipe it off with the same cloth. However, a complete removal is ensured if you have already treated it with alcohol or a hair dryer. ¬†

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Stepwise guide to removing duct tape residue off a car 

  • Soak the residue in water.¬†
  • Wet wash the residue with a clean cloth.¬†
  • Use the solvent of choice, like warm water, vinegar, oil, alcohol, or vinegar. ¬†
  • Use acetone and WD-40 only on glass surfaces with duct tape residue¬†
  • Scape off the residue using a mild-edged object like a credit card¬†
  • If the residue remains, apply a degreaser and wipe it off. ¬†

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Things to keep in mind while removing adhesive residue from car 

  • Be gentle.¬†
  • Do not use sponges or rough clothes.¬†
  • Use clean cloths¬†
  • Do not use acetone on painted surfaces. ¬†
  • Avoid acetone and WD-40 on painted surfaces.
  • Do not use razors or other sharp objects to scrape off the residue.

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