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10 Best Restaurants near DFW Airport: Where to Drink and Dine  

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There can be several reasons why you’d want to go to a restaurant near DFW Airport. For example, you may be driving a guest to the airport and wanting to grab a quick meal. Or maybe you’ve just landed at Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport and want to get non-airline food in some fresh air. Whatever your reason, you’re in luck. There are quite a few restaurants near DFW Airport, and many are rather good. So here’s our list of the 10 best restaurants near DFW Airport.  

You know how Texas is a little extra in everything? When it comes to food in Dallas, it certainly is. Contrary to popular perception, Dallas doesn’t just dish out barbecue and tacos. Nowhere else is this more obvious than near Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. You can dine like a gourmet, thanks to the availability of some very varied cuisine options in the area. You can easily grab a bite to eat near DFW Airport and still make your flight.  Here is our list of ten good restaurants near DFW Airport that will tickle your taste buds before or after your journey.  

Trivia: Over 189,000 travelers pass through Dallas Fort Worth airport each day. So make sure to book your DFW Airport parking spot ahead of your journey.  

Best restaurants near DFW Airport  

Empa Mundo, 3977 N. Belt Line Road, Irving, 15 minutes from DFW Airport 

Can you think of anything more comforting than an empanada after a tiring flight? Empa Mundo is one of the warmest and most welcoming mom-and-pop restaurants in Irving, and it serves nothing but mouthwatering meat-filled beauties.  

Empa Mundo is perfect for travelers because you only need to phone ahead and get it ready for you. The empanadas come in handy in little plastic sacks, which are ideal. You can easily squeeze 12 of them into a messenger bag.  

Or you could maybe grab yourself a cheesesteak before or after your trip, preferably the chorizo version, which is loaded with peppers and cheese. Another good choice is the brisket-packed option; you can’t go wrong. 

Mama’s Daughters’ Diner, 2412 W Shady Grove Rd, Irving, 15 minutes from the airport 

Dig into classic Dallas diner fare at this Mama’s Daughter’s flagship outlet in Irving. Everything about this restaurant screams diner. And true to the great American diner tradition, there’s always hot coffee, and it’s always served with a smile.  

Travelers shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to taste some good old-fashioned comfort food at Mama’s Daughters’ Diner. Mama’s specials, which include fried chicken or meatloaf, are invariably accompanied by Mama’s homemade cornbread.  

If you stop by, there is no question that you will be seated in a booth within a short amount of time and given the option to purchase a slice of pecan pie or peach cobbler and a steaming cup of coffee. 

Tom’s Burgers and Grill, 1530 N Cooper St, Arlington, 20 minutes from DFW Airport 

One of the best dishes ever to come out of Texas also happens to be one of the easiest to get wrong. If you have a layover in Texas, there is no way that you can pass up the opportunity to eat chicken-fried steak.  

They don’t play around at Tom’s Burgers, which the Observer once arrogantly referred to as the “Greatest Diner of All Time.” Tom’s Burgers is known for serving high-quality food at reasonable prices. When you try to cut through the chicken-fried steak’s protective shell of ruffled potato chips, you will hear a satisfying crunching sound.  

When it comes to tender, fried steak, dipping it in gravy brings out its full flavor, so take a deep breath of the white stuff and dig in. Their onion rings battered in beer are always a favorite with travelers. 

Everest Indian, 3310 W. Rochelle Road, Irving, 16 minutes from DFW Airport 

Do you know what will hit the spot before your flight out of DFW? Cold beer and spicy fried dumplings are a classic combination. Everest Indian offers flavorful goat dumplings priced at $4.99, fried thoroughly to enclose those delicious juices and a welcoming BYOB policy. 

Everest Irving
        Source: https://everestrestaurantdallas.com/

The menu features various types of food, from Szechwan chicken (which can only be classified as Indo-Chinese) to Nepali snacks. The goat momo is a meal deserving of any traffic you might have to suffer through on the way from the airport to the restaurant. If that ain’t fiery enough for you, they also offer a chili sauce dip as an additional option. 

Additionally, they offer thalis, which are similar to a sampler plate and consist of rice and curries. These thalis can be made in an Indian or Nepalese style and come in variants that include vegetarian, goat, chicken, and lamb options. 

Dona Lencha Taqueria, 1900 N Story Rd, 10 minutes from DFW Airport 

Dona Lencha Taqueria in Irving is widely regarded as one of the best Mexican restaurants near DFW Airport. On this restaurant’s menu, there is something that will appeal to each customer, even the most finicky eater. They also provide a takeout service for travelers who are in a rush. 

Here you can tuck into first-rate tacos, tamales, enchiladas, and other Mexican dishes. Pastor tacos, carnitas, and their handmade corn tortillas are other items that are not to be missed.  

Slow Bone, 2234 Irving Blvd, Dallas, 25 minutes from DFW Airport 

The best lunch in Dallas can be found at Slow Bone, and it’s served on a cafeteria tray. At the barbecue joint owned by Jack Perkins, inhibitions and pretentiousness are not tolerated.  


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The bold flavor of smoky and vinegary sauces is always a hit with customers. It must be a miracle that the vegetables and side dishes, such as cauliflower gratin and mustard greens, are as delicious as the meats. Do not overlook ordering the fried chicken. If you do, you will kick yourself later. 

Please take note that the hours of operation for Slow Bone are from 11 am to 3 pm. Even though it’s a little further than some of the other alternatives in DFW, a trip out to enjoy some authentic Texas barbecue is well worth the time and effort. 

Taj Chaat House, 1057 W Rochelle Rd, Irving, 15 minutes from DFW Airport 

The Chaat house is known for its lightning-fast service, enormous flavor, and low prices. In India and throughout most of South Asia, ‘savory snacks’ are referred to as ‘chaat. They are frequently sold from food carts. You can end your search for Indian food right near the airport now. Dosas the size of the moon (the masala version is a safe bet) and potato curry are both essential ingredients.  

Additionally, you can enjoy paneer (cottage cheese) that has been whacked with pickles and tangy, spicy chutneys that can be found at the condiment bar. So you’ll have a delicious snack before you can even finish saying ‘Indian Food near DFW Airport.’  

Babe’s Chicken Dinner, 1006 West Main Street, Carrollton, 20 minutes from DFW Airport 

If you’re at Babe’s, everything is going to turn out OK. You have nothing to worry about while you are in this spot. Along with green beans and gravy, the chicken-fried steak will be as big as a screen door. Additionally, there will be gravy. The sound of a fork being poked into a chicken-fried steak at Babe’s should be designated as the state sound of Texas.  

This restaurant sparks jot in the hearts of legions of foodies who drool at the sheer sight of it! And it satisfies every craving completely. So go ahead, get yourself some melt-in-your-mouth biscuits and a homemade pie. 

Cuban Dulceria International Bakery, 2662 N Josey Ln #228, Carrollton, 20 minutes from DFW Airport 

The Cuban sandwich is widely regarded as one of the best in the world, and Carrollton’s Dulceria is home to one outstanding example. The bread, made on the premises using actual lard, manages to achieve an impossible level of airiness. This loaf of bread is not even as heavy as a breeze during a storm.  

This straightforward Cuban sandwich, which consists of roasted and shredded pork, smoky and soft ham, a swipe of yellow mustard, and thin pickles, combined with a double shot of espresso, will concentrate your thoughts like a beam of light from a laser.  

Let’s just say it’s beyond delicious. It may just be enough to make you want to cancel your ticket and stay in Dallas for the rest of your life. 

Bachman Lake Tacos, 3311 W. Northwest Hwy Dallas, 20 minutes from DFW Airport 

There’s a taqueria in the middle of a Chevron called Bachman Lake Tacos. Once you bite into a mouthful of their fiery trompo, as red as the setting sun, your life will never be the same again.  

A vertical grill is used to cook stacked layers of pork for several hours until the meat develops a seared and crisp exterior.  

When a customer orders a taco, the kitchen staff will saw off a part of the tortilla and then hiss as they place it on the griddle to cook. After that, it is packed hastily onto tortillas, which are then stacked in a double layer on a styrofoam dish and served piping hot. You won’t have to wait long before you admit that these tacos are wonderful, and once you do, you can get back on the road. 

Indian restaurants near DFW Airport  

  1. Ahaa Kitchen 
  2. Taj Chaat House 
  3. Tikka Taco 
  4. Hyderabad House 
  5. O’Desi Aroma 

Mexican restaurants near DFW Airport  

  1. Pappasito’s Cantina 
  2. La Hacienda Ranch 
  3. Los Amigos 
  4. Tommy Tamale Market & Cafe 
  5. Mi Dia from scratch 

Breakfast restaurants near DFW Airport 

  1. Jam + Toast 
  2. Old West Cafe 
  3. Hemingway Brunch 
  4. Siena Cafe 
  5. Eggsquisite Cafe 

Does this make you feel hungry? It is best not to wait too much. Park your vehicle at a safe DFW parking spot, and enjoy your food!

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