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10 Best Restaurants near Nashville Airport: Dining and Drinking near BNA

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  • Renee Martin
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Sometimes, when flying into or out of Music City, you’ll want a bite to eat, but not at the airport. If you want to sample some of the famous Nashville cuisines before or after your trip, you’re in luck. There are several amazing restaurants near Nashville Airport that serve up all kinds of delectable food.  

Nashville International Airport is the fourth fastest-growing airport among the top 50 airports in North America. It was recently ranked the fastest-growing airport of its size in the United States.  

The airport sees more than 12.9 million passengers annually. Therefore, if you’re flying out of Nashville, you must book your BNA Airport parking spot as soon as you buy your tickets. 

An extension project is happening over the next five years. It costs a total of $1.2 billion. Quite a bit of work is being done to improve Nashville’s airport.  The improved number of places to eat is most certainly going to be a part of the improvement, and that’s good news. However, the airport’s existing food options still leave a lot to be desired.  

If you’re not in a rush to reach BNA, it’s probably a good idea to schedule your pre-flight lunch at a restaurant close to the airport. Fortunately, there are a number of selections that are of high quality, ranging from Ethiopian and Vietnamese cuisine to the tried-and-true meat-and-three.  

Take a look at these 10 best restaurants near Nashville International Airport. Did we miss your favorite? Is there a glaring omission that needs to be addressed? Drop us a comment!

Best Restaurants near Nashville Airport

Monell’s at the Manor, 1400 Murfreesboro Pike  

Monell’s is the place to go for one last helping of southern cooking before you leave. Monell’s at the Manor is a magnificent restaurant located minutes from the airport and is unquestionably the most elegant of Monell’s establishments. 

The majority of previous visitors strongly suggest that you sample the flawlessly prepared southern fried chicken, potato casserole, and grilled bacon. A significant number of visitors have said that this establishment serves very delicious cinnamon rolls, banana pudding, and biscuits. This restaurant serves some of the most delectable wines, beers, and cordials in the area. You are not likely to forget the delicious iced tea, fruit tea, or iced lemonade that you can indulge in. 

The efficient service and warm hospitality of the people working there are its two biggest selling points. In addition, customers love their reasonable prices, the enchanting ambiance, and the exquisite decor.

Darfons Restaurant & Lounge, 2810 Elm Hill Pike  

Several people who have eaten at this restaurant have mentioned that they like the ribeye, BBQ ribs, and spicy salmon that were served to them. However, we suggest that you should first enjoy some delicious flija, bread pudding with white chocolate, and crème brûlée.  

Travelers’ opinions indicate that the wait staff provides tasty draught beer, port wine, or liqueur coffee. You will most likely return to Darfons Restaurant & Lounge later to purchase some of their excellent almond coffee, fruit tea, or iced green tea. 

Sindoore, 457 Donelson Pike #101 

Sindoore, which specializes in North Indian cuisine, has a wide selection of classic dishes. This includes paneer, chicken tandoori, and biryani, and a dozen dishes suitable for vegetarians. The restaurant provides traditional, home-style Indian cuisine at Donelson Pike near BNA Airport. All the food is produced entirely from scratch using only the freshest ingredients.  

The vegetarian options in Indian cuisine are where the cuisine truly excels, even though they also serve wonderful chicken, lamb, goat, and seafood dishes. Any dish you choose will be distinctive, tasty, and visually appealing, thanks to the variety of spices vital to Indian cooking. 

Honduras Restaurant, 1057 Murfreesboro Pike 

  Source: https://www.facebook.com/Honduras-Restaurant-115918178430470

Nashville’s abundance of cuisine from various nations is one of the things that makes it such a fascinating location to live or visit. The Honduras Restaurant is a family-owned restaurant that can be found nestled away in an unremarkable strip mall.  

They provide genuine Honduran cuisine and are only a few minutes from the airport.  The restaurant serves delicious steaks, omelets, and tortillas, which travelers highly recommend.  

Blackwood, 733 Briley Parkway 

Blackwood is a bustling restaurant and bar located just outside of the downtown area of Nashville. They provide classic comfort foods with a modern twist. In the mornings, visitors can place orders for coffee and hearty breakfast items, and in the evenings, they can get local beverages and a comprehensive supper menu.  

Travelers can relax and recharge in the pleasant lounge seating while taking in live music. They can also watch music performances in front of a dramatic new backdrop that features art from the series Legends by John Langford. Blackwood provides an authentic experience of Music City through its imaginative cocktails and food selections influenced by the city. 

Tennfold Brewing, 2408 Lebanon Pike 

TennFold Brewing is well known for its pizza and offers a variety of beers brewed locally. They put the needs of their customers first. And that’s just one of the reasons this restaurant has grown so popular in the area. Looking for beer? On the menu, you’ll find a selection of ales and lagers, and if you’re having trouble deciding which one to choose, you can always ask the wait staff for a suggestion that considers the current time of year. 

Even if pizza is perhaps the most well-known dish on the menu, you should not be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone and try something completely different. The fried chicken sandwich has swiftly attained the status of something of a local institution. The fries are cooked to the point of total, uncompromising crispiness. 

In addition to being spacious and inviting, the patio is ideal for outdoor gatherings with friends or a quiet romantic night in the fresh air. If for some reason, you aren’t in the mood for beer, you can order from the TennFold Brewing cocktail menu instead. All this made Tennfold a shoo-in on our list of best restaurants near Nashville Airport. 

Homegrown Taproom & Kitchen, 2720 Old Lebanon Rd    

Homegrown is a super casual taphouse that serves locally produced Southern comfort meals and 24 largely local beers on tap. The majority of the beers served are from the area. The beers on offer range from local favorites in Tennessee to regional picks to well-known beers from other parts of the country.  

The menu features dishes such as buttery bacon popcorn, gooey macaroni and cheese, homemade peanut butter and jelly sandwich on brioche. There’s also the down-home meatloaf with garlic rosemary mashed potatoes.  Pay a visit to the marketplace, where you can find all of your preferred beers for sale. 

Longhorn Steakhouse, 1175 Murfreesboro Pike  


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One thing that sets this restaurant apart from others is the delicious barbecue steaks, grilled salads, and sweet potato mash that it serves. You might want to satisfy your cravings with some delicious chocolate bananas, grilled pineapple, and ginger ice cream.  

When you go to LongHorn Steakhouse, you have to get one of their wonderful Moscow mules, long island drinks, or caesar cocktails. Smoothies made with orange and mango, fruit tea, or iced green tea are all wonderful ways to start a meal. 

Nadeen’s Hermitage Haven, 3410 Lebanon Pike Hermitage  

Since its opening in 2017, Nadine’s Hermitage Haven has swiftly established itself as one of the dining highlights in the suburban community of Hermitage. Known for its elevated diner fare, which includes a variety of dishes ranging from Nashville hot chicken and waffles to Philly cheesesteaks, the restaurant has quickly become one of the most popular restaurants near Nashville Airport.  

Zulema’s Kitchen, 555 Marriott Dr 


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This family-owned restaurant is very popular among BNA travelers. Our cuisine is influenced by a lot of different parts of Mexico. But Chihuahua, which is where Zulema was born, has the most impact on it. 

The atmosphere is laid back and pleasant, the paninis are wonderful, and the burritos are even more delectable. In addition, the soft drink variety is fantastic. 


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