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10 Best Restaurants near O’Hare Airport: Where to Eat near ORD

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  • Renee Martin
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When it’s O’Hare Airport, there’s a pretty decent chance that your wait will be longer than you expect. Luckily, there are quite a few good restaurants near O’Hare Airport that will not disappoint hungry travelers. These restaurants are ideal for folks who want to try some fantastic and unique Chicago cuisine.¬†¬†

We’ve all been there- stomping around the airport corridors, pleading with a flustered gate agent to call your boarding class. And, no matter how hard you try, you find it increasingly difficult to control your rising exasperation. Well, it’s time to face the truth. You’re becoming hangry. And what’s worse, you’ve got only airport food to sate your hunger pangs.¬†¬†

Don’t let the proximity fool you, though. Depending on traffic, the journey from O’Hare to the city might take anything from 20 minutes to two hours. So instead of driving downtown, check out some of the city’s best restaurants near O’Hare Airport. To make sure of no delays to your journey, arrive early and order your food ahead of time. You should also book your ORD parking online to save time and money. ¬†

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Best Restaurants near O’Hare Airport¬†

Although it may not receive the same attention as venues closer to downtown, the Northwest Suburbs have diverse offerings. You’ll find quality Chinese, Korean, and Japanese food bolstered by the area’s large Asian-American population. There are also downtown steakhouses with outposts near O’Hare for travelers with hearty appetites. And finally, there’s classic Chicago fare ‚ÄĒ hot dogs, pizza, and Italian be. Here’s our list of the best restaurants near O’Hare Airport that give a taste of the city’s best food without venturing too far from your terminal.¬†¬†

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria – 1050 E Higgins Rd, Elk Grove Village¬†

We just had to start our list with a restaurant that offers the iconic Chicago deep-dish pizza. There are several restaurants near O’Hare Airport to choose from when looking for deep-dish pizza. But Lou Malnati’s continues to be the most popular choice due to the consistency and high quality of its offerings.¬†¬†

Even though this restaurant in Elk Grove Village is only a little over a quarter of an hour’s drive from the airport, you should order ahead. The famously thick pie takes a long time to bake. Therefore, we recommend calling them in advance or placing your order online.¬†

Johnnie’s Beef – 1935 S Arlington Heights Rd¬†

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Even though it is not as widely known as the city’s pizzas and hot dogs, the Chicago-style Italian beef sandwich is an essential component of the area’s culture. The sandwiches that Johnnie’s serves are among the most delicious in the region.¬†¬†

The restaurant’s two locations feature unpretentious interiors ideal for grabbing a snack on the run. You can have your rib-eye cut very thinly and topped with sweet or spicy pickled peppers; in Chicago, the hot pepper mixture is called giardiniera. A combo will not come with fries. Rather, it will be an Italian sausage topped with shaved beef for an experience that is sure to please.¬†

Chef Ping Р1755 W Algonquin Rd, Rolling Meadows 

The restaurant Chef Ping was formerly an outpost of the Chicago-area company Bakers Square. It is now located in a strip mall typical of the suburbs, which may give the impression of being quite ordinary.  

Do not fall into the trap of evaluating this rather delicious book just based on its cover. Traditional Chinese-American dishes are on the extensive menu alongside Korean-American specialties. This restaurant, which serves everything from noodles to dumplings, is ideal for travelers looking for not-so-bland food. 

Boston Fish Market- Inc. Р1225 Forest Ave, Des Plaines  

At the Boston Fish Market, they pride themselves on serving only the freshest seafood. Although Chef Louis “Louie” Psihogios operates two restaurants, the restaurant in Des Plaines is the one that is closer to O’Hare International Airport.¬†¬†

You may get lobster rolls, New England clam chowder, crabcakes, and rather substantial fish platters. Are you concerned that you won’t be able to enjoy the freshest seafood? Don’t be afraid. The fact that Chicago is a major hub for air travel makes up for the fact that it is not located near any bodies of water.¬†

Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse- 5464 N River Rd, Rosemont  

Gibsons is a well-known brand in the Chicagoland area for its steaks. They have several locations in the city, including its flagship location in the downtown area, a stunning location that overlooks the Chicago River. There’s also a massive three-level restaurant project in collaboration with the great Jos√© Andr√©s.¬†¬†

Although business travelers with corporate accounts may find many steakhouses near O’Hare, this restaurant is an excellent choice for a meal paid for by the employer. Takeout and table service are both available at Gibson’s.¬†

Mitsuwa Marketplace Р100 E Algonquin Rd, Arlington Heights  


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The food court at Mitsuwa Marketplace, a Japanese supermarket located in the western suburbs of Chicago, is on par with the very best in the city itself. Both ramen and yakitori are available to tourists at this establishment.  

A quick and high-quality lunch can also be had in the form of grab-and-go sushi. Delicious scents waft through the air as bowls of udon noodle soup and plates of fried pork tonkatsu with shredded cabbage are passed around the table. 

Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse – 10233 W Higgins Rd, Rosemont¬†

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Harry Caray was a famous baseball announcer who worked on both the North and South sides of town. But he is best known for his work with the Chicago Cubs on the North Side. His original namesake restaurant is a River North Italian steakhouse noted for its massive pork chops.  

This suburban location allows guests to peruse all of the sports memorabilia without having to go too far from the airport. Don’t forget to taste their¬†tender fried calamari.¬†

Mantra by Indian Garden Р9438 W Irving Park Rd, Schiller Park 

Indian Garden is a legendary restaurant franchise with a site in Downtown Chicago. Before that, it was headquartered on Devon Avenue, which is known for being the traditional heart of South Asian-owned enterprises in the city.  

This new suburban Mantra store was created to modernize the brand and draw in a younger clientele. Find all of your traditional Punjabi favorites and some unique takes on some classics at this restaurant near O’Hare Airport.¬†

Shakou Park Ridge Р130 S Prospect Ave, Park Ridge 

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Shakou is a well-known suburban mini-chain that has earned a reputation for the quality of the fish that it serves. Under typical conditions, the dining room is dimly lit and cozy. This makes it an ideal setting for a last-minute date or a get-together with friends before your trip.  

A more mature crowd who have left the city for the suburban family life tends to frequent establishments like this one. These customers adore these establishments because they give them the impression of being hip and youthful. You’ll get sample maki in addition to a selection of Chinese and Korean plates. There are also lunch specials and bento boxes available for hungry travelers.¬†

Superdawg Drive-In Р6363 N Milwaukee Ave  

The only true drive-in restaurant in Chicago, Superdawg, features car shop service and intercoms for diners to place their orders. There’s also a more traditional takeout service is inside the restaurant for those customers who don’t want to eat in their vehicles. This is a pretty perfect option if you’re driving down to the airport. Just make sure to book your O’Hare parking spot ahead, so you don’t have a time crunch. ¬†

Customers can order grilled cheese sandwiches or burgers, but the restaurant’s namesake dish is a customized take on the Chicago-style hot dog. It is served with relish, mustard, and pickled tomato. You can also take pleasure in the nostalgic cardboard container that contains crinkle-cut fries.¬†

TBH, these aren’t the only restaurants near O’Hare Airport. There are just too many to fit into our top 10 list. So let us know if we’ve missed any of your favorite restaurants near O’Hare Airport.¬†¬†

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