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10 Best Restaurants Near Pittsburgh Airport

  • Air Travel
  • Renee Martin
  • 9 minutes

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Hungry and jet-lagged – a combo no one wants to be! That’s why you might want to grab a bite before or after a long flight to or from PIT Airport.  What you’ll want is a good restaurant near Pittsburgh Airport that’s easy on your wallet. To help you with your quest, we’ve rounded up a list of the 10 best restaurants near Pittsburgh Airport.

Pierogies and french-fry-on-a-sandwich combos dominated the talk about Pittsburgh food for a long time. While these are still widely available in the city, trendy cafés, unique pizza joints, and expensive bistros appear to be sprouting up all around and near Pittsburgh Airport.

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Top restaurants near Pittsburgh Airport

Before we get to the list, keep in mind that this list will evolve as we try new restaurants near Pittsburgh Airport. So if your top pick is missing, it’s because we haven’t been there or gotten around to writing our thoughts.

Hyeholde Restaurant

1516 Coraopolis Heights Rd, Coraopolis

This magnificent European manor-style restaurant near Pittsburgh Airport is adorned with dazzling white towers, and it serves its visitors meals fit for kings and queens. The interior is reminiscent of a traditional great hall, thanks to the inclusion of vintage furnishings and materials.


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The menu has a variety of exquisite dishes, such as sherry bisque, wild boar ribs, and a rack of lamb. But you absolutely must space for the dessert course. Indulge in the decadently rich chocolate mousse cake or choose the butter-almond financier, which has a topping of fresh white strawberries, buttermilk mousseline, and strawberry sauce. Both options are delicious. Tea is provided in the afternoon, Monday through Friday, and reservations are necessary.

Central Diner and Grille

6408 Steubenville Pike

With a menu that includes Greek and American standards like moussaka, an eggplant dish, and burgers, this diner is among the best breakfast restaurants near Pittsburgh Airport. The restaurant has several televisions so you can eat while watching your show of choice. You may also just grab a drink from the full-service bar and hang out with your pals.


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When it comes to breakfast at this restaurant near Pittsburgh Airport, nothing beats their Swiss Burger. Every bite of the juicy meat on the brioche bread is like butter. The meal becomes exquisite when topped with Swiss cheese.

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Bravo! Italian Kitchen

4976 McKnight Rd

Because of its convenient location, this restaurant near Pittsburgh Airport is accessible by any means of travel. The greatness here would not be possible without the lovely people working here. You should visit this establishment if you’re looking for friendly service. Visitors have reported that they think the costs are reasonable. Visitors are impressed by the pleasant atmosphere.

People who enjoy Italian food should check out this bar’s menu. You can get delicious seafood dishes like shrimp scampi and salmon at Bravo! Italian Kitchen. Delicious cheesecakes, gelato, and tiramisu are waiting for you here. You may have a tasty margarita, beer, or marsala at this bar. The wait staff serves excellent coffee, bread drinks, and iced tea according to the diners’ preferences.

The Yard Gastropub Robinson

670 Chauvet Dr

The Yard serves up a wide variety of one-of-a-kind dishes, a delectable selection of sweets, and a top-notch bar for those who aren’t as keen on grilled cheese sandwiches. The Yard’s bar has 42 taps that are always rotating, serving various domestic and international brews.


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Try Poppin’ My Collar, topped with provolone cheese, sautĂ©ed shrimp, mushrooms, jalapenos, and chipotle mayo, served with a side of their zesty tomato sauce. A handmade doughnut, white chocolate crème brulee, chocolate ganache, coffee rum sauce, and powdered sugar come together in Flawless Victory, a dessert grilled cheese (no cheese required).


300 McHolme Dr

If unusual yet delicious burgers and alcoholic milkshakes (we kid you not!) are what floats your boat, head over to Buragatory. On the way to or from Pittsburgh Airport, indulging in a visit to this mouthwatering burger joint, which is nearby, is a great way to satisfy your craving for a little bit of naughty fun.


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The selections for pre-constructed burgers are all satisfying, and the ability to build your own is always a welcome addition to the menu. The chips that come with burgers are excellent, salty, and crispy, but if you want to substitute them for some delicious fries, you may do so instead. The fries are equally delicious. Dry-aged Wagyu Beef, Gruyere, roasted tomatoes, field greens, and truffled shallot aioli come together in the must-try Meat Your Maker. You can’t get much closer to the American classic than this burger.


227 Summit Park Dr

Choolaah is a fantastic choice if you need a quick meal but want higher-quality options than typical fast food restaurants. At this Indian Restaurant near Pittsburgh Airport, guests can choose from a wide range of dishes. All of their food is meticulously prepared to preserve its original flavors and textures.


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A post shared by Choolaah (@choolaahyum)

The menu’s customizable alternatives easily accommodate dietary limitations. A perfect balance dish is available, and it includes paneer, samosas, naan, and cardamom ice cream. The samosas, which consisted of three little pouches filled with veggies and potatoes, were a must-try. A delightful crunch accompanies every mouthful because of the dough’s flakiness and the pastry’s buttery, flaky texture. The cardamom in Indian ice cream makes it somewhat sweet and fragrant.

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Lowkey Taco

690 Chauvet Dr

They provide a varied and fascinating menu and a decent range of draft beers. The quality of the service is also pretty decent. They have a farm-to-table concept with all ingredients being locally sourced.


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A post shared by LowKey Taco (@lowkeytaco.pgh)

The smoked brisket pirogies as an appetizer, the shepherd’s pie, and the fresh ahi tuna tacos as the dinner special are all highly recommended. Superb duck prosciutto that they create in-house and delightfully creamy goat cheese are the shining stars of the charcuterie platter that is also available. The brussels sprouts appetizer is delicious and comes in a satisfyingly large serving. You should also taste the pheasant, smoked to perfection and served with side dishes that have flavors appropriate for the season. Guests also highly recommend their mouthwatering waffles. Finally, come to this restaurant for some tasty margaritas, draft beer, or stout, all of which are on the menu. Not keen on alcohol? Then have some delicious lime juice.

Industry Public House

140 Andrew Dr

The Industry Public House brews its own beer and serves a wide selection of other beers, including those made locally. There’s a wide variety of whiskeys and unique cocktails to choose from, in addition to the beer. The process of making their trademark drink, which entails smoking your preferred bourbon over an open fire and finishing it with maple syrup and bitters, is an event in and of itself.

Salads and veggie alternatives like the portobello burger are available on the menu at Industry Public House. Still, the real draws are the oversized versions of burgers, sandwiches, mac & cheese, fish and chips, and baby back ribs. Did we mention the pillowy brioche bread with a slab of wild boar bacon that complements the melt-in-your-mouth beef patty? Because there’s that too!

Four Twelve Project

988 Brodhead Rd, Coraopolis

At this farm-to-table restaurant near Pittsburgh Airport, you can taste some of the best American classics, such as steak, fries, wine, and cocktails. When you come here, you will take a ton of photos because your surroundings are definitely Instagram-worthy. Those vibrant paintings, the cool lights hanging from the ceiling – perfect photo material!


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A post shared by April Jean (@fourtwelveproject)

The Backyard Burger is an incredible treat. The beef patty on that fluffy brioche bread will make your taste buds do a happy dance. Add some lettuce, tomato, pickles, and cheddar cheese, and you’ve got a delicious meal.

Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizza

1810 Settlers Ridge Center Dr

Delicious coal-fired pizzas and other Italian favorites, along with wine, drinks, and beer, can be found at this lively restaurant, which is among the best in Robinson. The restaurant has a comfortable, familiar atmosphere that you will enjoy. Indulge in delectable dishes as you catch the action from your favorite game on one of the many flat screens. The helpful personnel here will go above and beyond your expectations to ensure you have a wonderful meal, just like you would at your own house. At Robinson, the Eggplant Marino is the finest option for lunch.

This dish is amazing even without any additions; the combination of the eggplant’s tiny slices and the Italian plum tomato sauce atop the bread is sublime. The dish becomes unforgettable when finished with a generous helping of Romano cheese and fresh basil, both of which are hand-grated. That delectable bread topped with layers of chopped eggplant and Italian plum tomato sauce is fantastic. Romano cheese, grated by hand, is sprinkled on top.

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