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A Guide to the Best Stores & Shops at Atlanta Airport

  • Tips & Trips
  • Renee Martin
  • 7 minutes

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The bustling Atlanta Airport may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of shopping. But we think it should be! Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is an exciting place to shop and explore, with plenty of stores and shops offering something special for travelers.  Our guide has info on the top-rated Atlanta Airport stores and shops!

Flying through Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport can be a daunting experience for even the most seasoned traveler. But what if we told you that beyond the security checkpoints and crowded gates lies a veritable shopping mecca? You heard that right; this airport is not just a place to pass through on your travels. It’s also a place to shop until you drop or until your flight is called, whichever happens first!

With over 300 stores and shops, Atlanta airport is a retail extravaganza that will make your layover feel like a shopping spree. Atlanta Airport shops and stores have something for everyone, from luxury brands to kitschy souvenirs. May we recommend that you put on your most comfy shoes and explore the retail wonderland of Atlanta airport? After all, who knows whether you’ll even need a vacation when you have an airport with this much shopping!

10 Best Shops in Atlanta Airport

Atlanta airport shops

ATL Shop by Hudson – F Centerpoint

We suggest you schedule some extra time if you want to shop until you drop at ATL Shops by Hudson. It will be time well spent. Concourse F has a convenience store to buy chips, cold sandwiches, beverages, and other refreshments. There’s also a candy store with enough new and old goodies to make Willy Wonka blush and a bookstore loaded with all the newest bestsellers, fascinating presents, and vinyl records (yes, you read it right) to help you remember your trip.

Sean John – Gate B28

Diddy, the rapper and record producer, has a contemporary menswear line that is rather stylish. T-shirts, bomber jackets, shorts, and jeans are some of the more casual items that can be found in the ATL shop. The store also carries more formal options such as suits, shirts, and ties.

Michael Kors – Gate E12

The Michael Kors store in the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is a chic and stylish retail destination for travelers. The store offers a variety of Michael Kors products, including handbags, watches, clothing, and accessories. The store’s modern and luxurious decor creates an inviting atmosphere for customers to browse and shop. With friendly and knowledgeable staff available to assist customers, the Michael Kors store in Atlanta Airport is the perfect place to find a fashionable travel accessory or a stylish gift for a loved one.

Johnston & Murphy – D Centerpoint

The Johnston & Murphy shop in Atlanta Airport is worth visiting if you’re searching for fashionable shoes. This shop sells a variety of men’s and women’s high-quality footwear and is centrally located. Whether you’re in the market for a pair of dress shoes, a pair of casual sneakers, or something in between, you’re sure to find something that works for you.

Beauty Lounge – B Centerpoint

The Beauty Lounge shop is a must-visit if you need self-care while passing through Atlanta International Airport. If you want to look and feel your best on the go, you can get everything you need here. They stock everything you need, from cosmetics to skincare to hair care. Whether on a work trip or a vacation, you deserve some pampering. So stop by the Beauty Lounge and give yourself a little bit of a break.

InMotion – Atrium NW, A Centerpoint & A23, B10 & B27, D27, E Centerpoint & E11 & F6 & F Centerpoint

If you’re passing through Atlanta International Airport and are in the market for some electronic gear, you need to look no further than the InMotion shops. They stock various electrical devices, including cutting-edge cellphones, portable battery packs, and noise-canceling headphones. Moreover, they frequently have promotions and sales, so you will likely get a discount. If you need a technological upgrade or simply want to browse the newest devices, the InMotion outlets at Atlanta International Airport are a must-visit.

Tumi – A Centerpoint, Gate E12, F Centerpoint

Don’t miss the Tumi outlets at Atlanta International Airport if you want high-quality baggage and travel accessories. Bags, suitcases, and backpacks for travel are available in abundance, and they’re all fashionable and well-made. In addition, they provide a wide variety of useful extras to complement your trip, such as packing cubes and pillows. Not only that, but they also sell high-quality laptop bags and briefcases, perfect for keeping your belongings safe and secure while you’re on the move. So whether you are an experienced traveler or need a new bag for your next trip, you should visit the Tumi stores at Atlanta Airport.

Patricia Nash – Gate T5

The Patricia Nash store at Atlanta Airport has a fantastic selection of leather handbags, wallets, and other accessories that are both fashionable and functional. Also, they only use premium materials in their production, so you know their goods will last for years to come. And with a choice of styles and colors, you’re sure to discover something that matches your taste. In such a case, why settle for an ordinary handbag when you can flaunt your sense of style with a Patricia Nash creation?

Heritage Booksellers – E Centerpoint

Visit the Heritage Booksellers shop if you need some reading material for your flight out of Atlanta. From mysteries to romances to biographies and beyond, they have an excellent collection of literature. And if you are a bibliophile interested in rare and antique books, you should check out their first editions and autographed copies collection. Also, the shop is really comfortable, making it a great place to read a book.

Duty Free Americas – E Centerpoint & F Centerpoint

Swing by Duty Free Americas in Atlanta Airport and see what deals you can score. They sell everything from designer perfumes and colognes to fine wines and spirits to exquisite timepieces. And with duty-free pricing, you can save a ton of money on your go-to labels. In addition, their team is always eager to assist you in finding the item that best meets your needs, whether you’re shopping for a loved one or intending to reward yourself. Indulge in some high-end pampering before you jet off into the sunset.

Atlanta airport duty free shop

Is there a Verizon store in Atlanta Airport?

We didn’t spot a Verizon store at Atlanta Airport.

What stores are there in Atlanta Airport?

Atlanta Airport has duty free shops, high-end luxury brands, bookstores, electronics stores, and travel goods stores.

What time do stores open at Atlanta Airport?

Most Atlanta Airport stores open by 6 am or 7 am.

Does Atlanta Airport have shopping?

Atlanta Airport offers plenty of shopping for all budgets and needs.

Does Atlanta Airport have clothing stores?

Atlanta Airport has several clothing stores, including Tommy Hilfiger, Brooks Brothers, Michael Kors, and Sean John.

So there you have it, folks – the wonderful world of shopping at Atlanta airport! From luxury brands to quirky souvenirs, there’s something for everyone in these stores and shops. And let’s not forget the ever-important snacks and beverages to fuel you through your travels. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time flyer, take some time to check them out and indulge in a little retail therapy before takeoff. Who knows, you may just find that perfect item to make your journey a little more memorable or at least make your friends jealous when you get home.

ATL Shopping Hot Tip

Prebooking ATL parking is essential if you plan to shop at Atlanta Airport, as it guarantees a parking spot in a convenient location and saves you time and stress. With pre-booked parking, you can shop for as long as you want without worrying about finding a parking spot or rushing back to your car before your time runs out. Booking airport parking on Way.com can save you money, as many parking providers offer discounted rates for advanced reservations. Less money for parking = more money for shopping!

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