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Best Things to Do near US Bank Stadium Minneapolis

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  • Celine Jerly
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Home of the Minnesota Vikings, the US Bank Stadium proudly stands on the eastern side of downtown Minneapolis. Predominantly a business district until recently, Minneapolis’ East Town is rapidly transforming into a vibrant neighborhood with multiple entertainment options, great eateries, and even a weekend farmers market! The Vikings Stadium is at the center of all the buzz. Even when there are no big games or concerts to draw in the crowds, the iconic downtown landmark is surrounded by some of the best experiences you can enjoy in Minneapolis.   

If you are in the Midwest city of lakes to explore its unique attractions, here are some of the best things to do near US Bank Stadium. 

armory near US Bank Stadium

Catch a Show at the Minneapolis Armory 

The Armory on South 6th Street was once home to the Minneapolis Lakers, but its rich history goes back further to a time when it was one of the most expensive buildings in Minnesota. From the 1930s to the 70s, it became a venue for grand events like concerts and political conventions. Later it also served as the location for Prince’s ‘1999’ music video. Most recently, the venue is on the way back to its roots, exploring its true potential as a host for spectacular events.   

Covid-19 might have put the events on hold, but not for long. If you can’t make it to a show at the Armory, drive over to have a look at the building. Leave your car at the Reef parking garage nearby at 550 South 5th Street and explore the rest of East Town on foot. This is a great parking spot if you are attending a game at the US Bank Stadium too – it’s just a short walk away.   

Experience Viking Spirit at Medtronic Plaza, US Bank Stadium

Medtronic Plaza, a three-acre gateway to the US Bank Stadium, is a popular gathering spot for football fans before or after games. A 160-foot-long Legacy ship, modeled after ancient sailing vessels, is a major attraction here. The Viking ship’s 55-foot-tall sail is a 2000 square foot curved LED screen. A spiral sculpture resembling the Vikings’ Gjallarhorn, called The Horn, is also displayed at the plaza.   

us bank stadium

The plaza is just outside the stadium’s famous glass pivoting doors near the west entrance. It also hosts events independently and opens out into The Commons public park.

Relax at Minneapolis’ Downtown East Parks 

You have quite a few options if you are looking to spend your time outdoors in East Town. The Gold Medal Park near the famed Guthrie Theatre is great for a picnic with views of the Mississippi. The Commons, right in front of the US Bank Stadium, is the place to go for public events like the weekly Mill City Farmers Market. West River Parkway has bike and walking trails with stunning views of the Stone Arch Bridge.   

stone arch bridge

There is plenty of parking space between the US Bank Stadium and Hennepin Avenue. You can easily find a safe and affordable parking spot at a downtown Minneapolis parking garage on Way.com. The IDS Centre at South Marquette Avenue offers premium covered parking at affordable hourly rates. Operated by Reef Parking, this downtown Minneapolis parking lot has up-to-date facilities such as COVID-19 compliant services, contactless parking, aisle access, and more.   


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