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What’s the best type of car wash for a new car?

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Imagine you bought that pristine car just days ago, and now it’s all messy. And you are searching all over the internet to find the perfect car wash method to get that glossy shine back on your car.  There a different type of car washes available now. However, this does not imply that all methods of washing are equally beneficial. Each one has advantages and disadvantages of its own. That’s why we’re here to go over each washing method, so you can decide on which is the best type of car wash for a new car. 

car wash for a new car

Hand washing 

Handwashing can be done in various ways, from the traditional two-bucket method to high-tech, pressurized foam cannons. Still, no matter which method you use, you (or your car care professional) will need water, soap, and wash the vehicle with a soft mitt in hand. 

So, how to do it effectively? Our best bet is to visit a nearby car wash facility. They will have a pre-wash routine that includes applying snow foam to the vehicle and then rinsing it thoroughly. It aids in the cleaning process. After that, they will apply another layer of soap and scrub the vehicle gently with wash mitts to remove the dirt. The foam helps to break down contaminants, and the wash mitts aid in releasing them. After that, a final rinse and drying wrap up the entire process. 

This kind of cleaning takes a lot of effort, a wide range of tools, and experience. However, it’s the most effective type of car wash because of how gentle it is on the finish and how thorough it is in removing heavy contamination. 

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Waterless car wash  

A spray-bottle product and a few microfiber towels are all that’s needed for a waterless wash. You only need to use a waterless wash product and a microfiber towel to clean the surface. People use waterless washes most of the time because they don’t have access to running water for handwashing. It’s basically a last resort. 

Waterless washes, on the other hand, aren’t very effective at getting rid of tough stains. Dust is no problem for them; however, if you’ve just returned from an off-roading excursion on a muddy trail, your chances of success are slim. The fact that they’re prone to scratching is a further drawback.  

As heavily lubricating as waterless wash products are, they fall short of a foamy handwash when it comes to friction. The likelihood is high that while doing so, your hand will come into contact with some fine dust or other particulate matter and scratch your finish. It’s more delicate and needs professional help. 

Rinseless car wash 

Washing without rinsing is not the same as washing without water. It’s a cross between a handwash and a waterless wash. It is important that you thoroughly mix the rinseless wash product with the bucket of water before using it. You don’t have to rinse because it won’t make any suds. Once you’ve washed the area, all you have to do is wipe it down to dry it. 

If you want to avoid using water, you can use wash mitts or microfiber towels to do the washing. To dry, wring out one microfiber towel and place it aside. After that, use a pre-wash spray on a panel and a microfiber towel soaked in water to begin cleaning. You can dry the panel with your wrung-out drying towel, then switch to a fresh, dry microfiber to finish drying it. You should keep doing this until your car is spotless. 

If you have water restrictions or limited space, prefer a rinseless wash method. If you’re looking for something that still leaves behind some scuff marks, this isn’t it. Also, this won’t be as effective as using a handwash for removing tough stains. 

Automatic car wash 

When you go through an automatic wash (also known as a “tunnel” wash), your car is placed on a conveyer belt and passes through various brushes and blowers. Because of the abrasive grime on the bristles of these coarse brushes, they can severely damage your finish. The harsh cleaning chemicals they use can also damage your paint, causing cracking, fading, and even stripping waxes/coatings. 

The reason is simple: they’re cheap and quick, so they’re the most popular kind of wash by far. All you need is to find the best car wash that takes care of your car. And make sure they use less abrasive tools and high-tech technology. You can visit websites like Way.com to find them easily.  

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Brushless car wash 

Brushes aren’t used in a “brushless” wash; instead, the machine uses strips of a soft cloth. That seems like a good solution to the problem of abrasive bristles tearing up the surface of your car, but even dirty cloth can leave scratches on your finish. Drift marks left by thousands of cars before you can and will detract from your final result. In addition, harsh chemicals are still used in these washes. 

Touchless car wash 

With a “touchless” automatic wash, no brushes or bristles are used to clean your car. Pressurized air and high-pressure water are used instead of harsh chemicals to clean the cars. It seems to be a game-changer for auto washes in general. No, that’s not quite right. For starters, you’ll still have to deal with harsh chemicals. If you don’t want your paint to dry out or risk having your wax/coating stripped, make sure you ask what kind of chemicals they’ll be using beforehand. 

Also, remember that brushless and touchless washing are two distinct things. The word “brushless” has led some people to believe that it means “touchless.” This is incorrect. Make sure you’re getting the best type of car wash for your new car by doing your research ahead of time. 


We’ve seen people use everything from paper towels to whatnot to clean their cars. So, no matter how clever of a lifehack you devise, it will almost certainly tarnish your final outcome. And it’s simply not worth it in this case. Even though handwashing is considered the safest, it still needs some professionals’ attention. Your new car deserves the best care. So, it’s best to find a top-rated car wash near your neighborhood and drive to it. Use trusted websites and apps like Way.com to book the best car washes near you. With Way.com, the best car wash is just one scan away. To book the best car wash near you, follow the steps given below: 

  1. Download the Way.com car wash app or open the website.
  2. Type in your location and choose a car wash near you from the list. 
  3. Schedule your car wash and enjoy touch-free payment.

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