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Best Used Electric Cars for Your Money

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  • Xavier Sabastian
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With nearly 10% of the car market already being electric, the trend is only heating up. This indicates that the used electric vehicles market is still expanding. The sales of EVs increased by 201% between 2020 and 2021.

The demand for used electric cars is surging gas prices, job cuts, and new car shortages. Buying a used electric car can help you save money. Even though some used EVs can cost as much as or even more than new models, there are other instances where the savings are significant. 

Regarding brand-new electric cars in the US, Tesla may be unbeatable thanks to the Model 3 sedan, but the electric-car manufacturer confronts fierce competition in the used car market.

EV Cars Insurance

Top 5 non-Tesla used electric cars for 2022

Are you looking for a used electric vehicle that is not a Tesla? According to our list of mainstream electric vehicles, the Chevrolet Bolt and Nissan Leaf are the best-used EVs. Additionally, compared to new versions, they are very affordable on the used market. The BMW i3 luxury EV should also be considered by shoppers looking for a special deal.

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is a fantastic option for used EV purchasers, largely because of its low cost. The first-generation Leaf’s final model year was 2017, and all 2017 models had a 30-kWh battery pack with 107 miles of range. As a result, a 2017 Leaf should be available for around half as much as the current model.

The Leaf is a fantastic entry-level option if you want to check out owning an electric vehicle. Nissan Leaf is a great option for commuters because it is large, comfortable, and easy to drive despite its average performance and unfancy interior.¬†It’s a little underpowered for highway driving, and competitors offer better safety ratings and more sophisticated driver-assistance features.

Nissan Leaf

Before the arrival of the Tesla Model 3, this four-door hatchback held the record for the longest period of consecutive EV sales on the road. 

Its typical driving range is around 150 miles, while the Plus variant can go up to 226 miles.

Average market price: $16555

Chevrolet Bolt EV

The Bolt is a desirable used electric car for someone trying to get into EVs. This is because it loses roughly half its resale value after the first three years. So keep this in mind if you’re looking to buy a Bolt:¬†Soon, used might be your only choice.¬†

Due to its remarkable range and affordable price, the Bolt is a great choice for used electric vehicle buyers. It is also spacious, useful, secure, and enjoyable to drive.

Chevrolet Bolt EV used electric vehicle

The 2017 Bolt has a 10.2-inch touch screen, a Wi-Fi hotspot, smartphone connectivity, and several driver assistance systems. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come standard with DC fast-charging, which is unusual among long-range EVs and isn’t available with all-wheel drive. Thus charging for lengthy drives will take hours rather than minutes.¬†

Average market price: $16320

Volkswagen E-Golf

Volkswagen focused its EV efforts on newer models and stopped producing this particular type of the small hatchback commuter car a few years ago. Nevertheless, the e-Golf accounted for 6.3% of used-EV sales from 2019 to 2020.

Volkswagen E-Golf used electric vehicle

Average market price: $17841


The BMW i3 is pricey, has a limited range, and is possibly divisive because of its distinctive look. However, on the used market, it is reasonably priced, and for various reasons, it is worth taking into account.

The BMWi3 is a practical vehicle that falls between a car and an SUV. Its spacious and elegant cabin can accommodate four persons. Despite only having the rear-wheel drive, the i3 offers quick acceleration, agile handling, and a comfortable ride.

BMWi3 used electric vehicle

After being driven off the lot, this model quickly loses value. However, it might be worth a look if you can find a barely used one. It’s probably best used for city driving because its range only goes up to 153 miles.

Average market price: $18555

Hyundai Kona EV

The Kona EV is a good choice for anyone searching for a sporty crossover, but its interior space isn’t as generous as that of most electric cars.¬†This Hyundai crossover has a strong engine, good handling, an estimated range of 258 miles, and supportive front seats. Additionally, buying used is a no-brainer because the 2019 and 2021 models are practically identical.

A user-friendly touch screen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and several cutting-edge driver-assistance systems are all standard equipment on the 2019 Kona Electric. However, all-wheel drive is not an option.

Average market price: $33,140

Why should you opt for a used electric vehicle?

The value of used electric vehicles cannot be overstated. Over a new model, you’ll typically save a sizable sum of money. Additionally, most EVs haven’t undergone significant modification in recent years. Thus they offer comparable range and functionality to the newest electric vehicles.

Lifespan and Mileage of a used electric vehicle

Compared to a traditional gas-powered cars, electric vehicles last longer. In addition, there is less possibility of something breaking or needing repair because they require less upkeep and have fewer moving components.

EV batteries deteriorate over time, although the car will probably be close to the end of its useful life by the time the battery needs to be replaced. 

If not, it might still be covered by warranty. A battery pack typically lasts 200,000 kilometers.¬†But often, purchasing a used car with higher kilometers equals bigger savings. So it would be good to look for a used electric car between 50,000 and 75,000 miles if you’re genuinely worried about battery deterioration but want the best deal.


Do your research if you’re looking for a used electric car. While many models haven’t seen a significant change in recent years and might resemble new models, some brands have increased their range and added features. Make sure the used EV you’re thinking about has the required features and sufficient range to handle your driving requirements.

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