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Best Ways to Find Cheap Boston Parking  

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  • Renee Martin
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Best Ways to Find Cheap Boston Parking  

When it comes to driving around Boston’s numerous attractions like the historic Freedom Trail, or Faneuil Hall Marketplace, it is important that you have access to cheap Boston Parking. Most of the hotspots in Boston are located miles apart from one another, and finding affordable parking can be a game-changer in saving money and time. Ideally, you would want to park as close as possible to the attraction you plan to visit first. For that reason, it’s important you have Boston parking garages reserved in advance through websites like Way.com. You can always consider drive-in parking as well, but don’t say we didn’t warn you. Finding Boston parking garages that don’t charge superficial rates for drive-in parking are hard to find vacant across the city. If you are still unsure about finding the best deals for cheap Boston parking, here are some packing hacks to consider. 


Parking Garages are Not Always Expensive  

It is a common misconception that parking in Boston garages is always expensive. Yes, they will cost you more than parking at a street parking space in Boston, for sure. However, there are plenty of parking garages available online that let you park comfortably for rates that are just $1 or $2 per hour more than street parking spaces. Boston parking garages also mostly let you pre-book parking in advance with the help of parking apps like the Way App. You can be assured that a parking space is guaranteed and ready for you when it’s time.   

Park Away from High Demand Zones 

Boston Parking

If you plan to attend a sold-out event in popular Boston attractions like Fenway Park, you need to consider planning your Boston parking in advance. Most of the major attractions in Boston are all high-demand zones. Getting access to street parking, on-site parking, or even parking garages across such locations is always challenging. However, there are always plenty of alternatives available if you spend enough time researching parking in the area. You would be surprised at how many low-demand parking locations are in the area.   

Make Use of Boston Metered Parking Spaces  

Boston is a historical city with more than 40,000 street parking spaces spread out across the city. Metered parking in Boston is active from Monday through Saturday and in effect between 8 AM to 8 PM. It costs between $1.25 to $2 per hour for Boston parking across the many street parking spaces. Metered parking on Sundays is accessible across the city, and if you have plans to head out to the city on Sunday, the cheapest option you have is to make use of these street parking spaces. If you fail to find any vacant street parking spaces, you can always trust Way.com to help you get the best Boston parking spaces at the click of a button. 

Do Your Research and Compare Boston Parking Lots   

Boston is a big city with lots of great spots to explore and experience. Being a busy city, several companies offering parking garages with different parking rates and services. If you spend some time researching and comparing how different parking garages operate, it can be easy to make sure that you get the cheapest Boston parking. If you are having difficulties finding more info like services offered or rates provided at a particular parking garage, you can always go for parking apps like the Way App. Having access to the Way App lets you read reviews, compare prices, check parking availability, and pre-book parking ahead of time.   

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