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Best Winter Vacation Spots in THE US: 4 Destinations to Try Now!

  • Holiday Travel
  • Celine Jerly
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Best winter vacation spots in the US on your mind? We think you’ll love these four! Easy to reach and safe too. While the pandemic is still lurking around, it’s best to keep your travel plans within the country. Make it a road trip with family or friends!

Sunny shores in the south or a white Christmas in the city – where do you want to spend your winter vacation in the US?   

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Best white winter vacation spots in the US  

It’s hard to beat snow-decked holiday memories. The twinkling lights, cozy clothes, festive feasts, and warm drinks paint the perfect family vacation for most people. Lucky for those who love the chill – finding a destination for the best vacation in winter in the US isn’t too hard. Here’s just two cities – one popular and the other affordable – to keep in mind for your next winter vacation idea.   

Boston: Holiday lights and winter wonderlands  

Boston might not come to mind when you think of the holidays. But if affordability is on your radar, it’s one of the best places to vacation in winter in the US. By the end of November, the city is ready to switch on the holiday lights. Christopher Columbus Park Trellis Lighting kicks off this year’s events on November 22nd, 2021. 50K blue lights will illuminate the park’s 260 feet of trellis on the historic Boston waterfront. On November 29th, the Boston Parks and Recreation Department will host the annual Copley Square Tree Lighting. A short drive away in Stoneham, the Zoolights at Stone Zoo is also set to go live around the same time. You can take a stroll through the Zoo’s lit-up tree-lined paths to soak in all that holiday spirit with your family. The Boston Common Tree Lighting is on December 2nd, 2021 – the city’s official holiday tree lighting event will close with fireworks after the public garden and Common lights up by 8 pm.   

Boston Common in Winter

If holiday lights put you in a great mood, Boston’s got a lot more to offer; you’ll not run out of the sparkling sights. You can’t miss the Snowport Holiday Wonderland & Outdoor Game Center. This year, the winter wonderland will also feature an open-air market, along with outdoor winter games, an ice rink, a tree market, and electric sleigh shuttles. By the new year, temps start to freeze, but you can still explore the museum and other indoor attractions.   

New York: Holiday shopping and strolling  

Nothing like a New York Christmas, right? For those who don’t mind the cold, winters in New York are magical. There’s so much to do if you love the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. Holiday markets, Broadway, food tours, bar hopping, ice skating, and more. You can even do nothing but stroll down the city streets, admiring the festive window displays and lights all around you.   

What not to miss in New York during the holidays:   

Best winter vacation spots in the US - New York

For a quieter winter vacation in New York, visit after the New Year settles in – fewer tourists and cheaper rates are good for those who want to escape the holiday rush. You can take your time exploring New York City indoor attractions like the museums. 

Best warm winter vacation spots in the US  

Sick of the snow? If you need a break from winter, these sunny shores might just be the best winter vacation spot in the US for you. Florida and California are synonymous with summer, but try them in winter for the milder weather and a whole lot of fun without the tourist rush.   

Orange County: Surf cities and theme parks  

A road trip to Orange County will save you from the harsh winters up north without taking away the spirit of the season. The milder weather is still not great for a dip in the sea, but the beach views are all yours to enjoy. Splurge on an oceanfront hotel room or rental for that holiday with a view. Bringing your car along is useful for day trips to nearby cities like Huntington Beach. But that’s not all; Orange County has its share of winter events too!   

Now, when it comes to California, you can’t ignore Disneyland. The Anaheim theme park will be busy during this season, especially the holiday weekends. But the crowds thin out in January and February. If you plan to go after New Year, there’s plenty of time to make it affordable. Road trippers can check out affordable Disneyland parking tips right here.   

Disneyland Anaheim California Ferriswheel

Miami: Sunshine, hikes, art, and fests  

Even during peak winters, Miami’s sunny shores could be a great escape for vacationers. The balmy winter weather keeps most tourists away from the beaches. But, on most days, the weather is warm enough to find your spot on the beach, relax and maybe, even go swimming. Stepping away from the beach, you can stroll around South Beach, exploring the galleries, restaurants, and stores. Go on day trips to the Everglades or Biscayne national parks nearby. Snorkeling or kayaking in the Florida Keys is another option.    

Hitting the road for your winter vacations? Keep these winter driving tips in mind and stay safe. Don’t forget to book your parking too! Especially in cities like NYC, where the holiday season is a nightmare for anyone behind the wheel. You might want to drive over, leave your car at a safe and affordable NYC garage, and explore the festivities on foot like a local. 

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