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What Is the Best Year for a Toyota Tacoma?

  • Things To Know
  • Barrett Mohrmann
  • 6 minutes

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The Toyota Tacoma has a fanbase of its own. In 1995, Toyota unveiled the Tacoma pickup vehicle, which went on to enjoy both critical and commercial success. What began as a compact pickup in its first generation evolved into a midsize pickup in its second and third. It‚Äôs a well-liked truck among heavy utility drivers. It’s not just stylish; it’s also tough and rugged. Toyota Tacoma is an absolute powerhouse and all-rounder in all departments.¬†

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The Toyota Tacoma, equipped with a powerhouse engine and a six-speed manual transmission, will meet all your requirements for an off-road adventure. Rarely is the Toyota Tacoma’s driving prowess focused upon. It’s a Toyota pickup truck made to be used as a workhorse. Additionally, it is a true rock-crawling machine, especially in the specifically designed TRD-tuned variants. But it’s also a dear little pickup truck. For many people, purchasing a used Toyota Tacoma pickup truck is more advantageous financially.¬†

First generation Toyota Tacoma: 1995-2004

The Toyota Tacoma was intended to be the revamp of the Hilux. But the result was a utilitarian, comfortable, and safe truck. The first generation Tacoma was built using this design, which was produced from 1995 to 2004. The first generation’s design is unquestionably old. But that was popular at the time. The design had a manual transmission that had either four or five speeds.¬†

Looking at the ratings, we can observe that the models from 2000, 2001, 2003, and 2004 all have perfect reliability scores. According to customer reports, many drivers also rely on the earlier models of 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999. 

Second generation Toyota Tacoma: 2005-2015

In 2005, the Toyota Tacoma’s second generation was launched. There were no significant internal modifications from the previous generation. But the aesthetics significantly improved. The front grille’s trapezoidal shape remained maintained. Headlights were modernized. The truck looked more modern thanks to the updated headlights. The second-generation Tacoma offered three different cab configurations: a regular cab, an access cab, and a double cab. Major upgrades were made to the engine. There were two options- s smaller 2.7L engine and a 4L variant.¬†

A select number from the second generation stands out if you’re looking for one of the greatest. The reliability ratings for 2005, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 are all perfect.¬†

With a nearly flawless rating, the 2005 Tacoma has the best Consumer Reports satisfaction rating of any generation. And that’s why its is our pick for the best Toyota Tacoma year.¬†

Third-generation Toyota Tacoma – current

This is the newest generation of Tacoma as of 2016. The third-generation Tacoma has undergone significant design changes and now resembles a contemporary truck. This differed from most pickup trucks, which frequently feature a tough and imposing design. It has a more streamlined appearance. It enters the modern age with style thanks to its slender headlights and precise contours. From 4L to 3.5L, the engine’s size somewhat decreased. There is still an increase in power even though the engine is smaller. It gains 278 hp, up from 236 hp. The 2016 and 2017 models came with a 5-speed manual transmission. Later models came with a 6-speed manual and automatic transmission.¬†These trucks hold their value and are still expensive, but almost everyone prefers their earlier generations. ¬†

The 2019 Toyota Tacoma is the most popularly driven vehicle in the present generation. The model received a near-perfect score for owner satisfaction and reliability. This may be the way to go if you want a newer one.  

The 2020 model Toyota Tacoma would be the safest overall because it has almost zero complaints. It is also modern, packed with new features as well.  

How much will a Toyota Tacoma cost? 

If you are looking for a new Toyota Tacoma.  

The Toyota Tacoma comes with both a crew cab and an extended cab, with options for either a short or long cargo bed. A 2.7-liter 4-cylinder engine with 159 horsepower is standard at the base of the lineup, but it may be upgraded for extra power and towing capacity. Both manual and automatic transmissions are available, and 4-wheel drive is an extra. It has a 6,800-pound towing capacity and a 1,400-pound hauling capacity. Five Tacoma versions are available: SR, SR5, TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, Limited, and TRD Pro. 

The base Tacoma SR model for 2021 costs $26,150, with prices varying by model and trim. The Limited base model will cost $38,900 in 2021, while the most expensive TRD Pro, which comes with the Toyota off-roading premium package, will cost $44,000. 

If you are looking for a used Toyota Tacoma 

Considering purchasing a Tacoma on the used market makes sense because Toyotas are built to last. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can frequently find an older, higher-end Tacoma model with little mileage and excellent condition for much less money.¬†

The good news is that there are many used Toyota Tacomas available if you want to purchase one. The bad news is that they continue to sell well and have a high resale value, making them more expensive than comparable previously bought compact vehicles. It has a good resale value, so it’s a reliable option.  

What are the average maintenance costs for a Toyota Tacoma? 

Tacoma’s average annual repair cost is $478, while the average annual repair cost for other midsize trucks in its class is $548, and the average annual repair cost for all other vehicles is $652.¬†

The Tacoma has a 17% chance of serious repair issues, compared to a midsize truck average of 13% and a vehicle model average of 12%. Major repairs are unusual for the Tacoma, even though repairs frequently need to be more extensive than usual due to a small number of problems. 


Protecting Your Toyota Tacoma 

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