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Big Ears 2023: The Guide to Schedule, Lineup, and Parking Info

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Big Ears is not just a music festival. The mission of Big Ears is to bring the community together in a celebration of music and joy by breaking the boundaries created by man. The Big Ears 2023 is set to hit the city streets of Knoxville, and you can be part of the fun too. The passes for all days of the Big Ears 2023 dates are on sale now through the official website.  

Big Ears festival parking

Big Ears 2023 

Big Ears is a non-profit organization that first hosted the music festival in 2009. Every year the festival attracts thousands of visitors to Knoxville, Tennessee. Also, the lineup will include more than 100 performances in the course of four days. The highlight is that every genre of music will be on offer. Apart from the music, there are installations, artist collaborations, discussions, and workshops. 

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Where is the Big Ears 2023 festival taking place? 

Every year the Big Ears festival takes place at multiple venues in Knoxville, Tennessee. The venues include historical museums, theatres, cathedrals, and even refurbished industrial spaces. Apart from musical performances, there are exhibitions, talks, book readings, film screenings, and other special events. 

What are the Big Ears 2023 dates? 

In 2023, you can catch the festival at Knoxville from Thursday, March 30, through to Sunday, April 2. During these days of the Big Ears 2023 schedule, you can experience multiple genres, from classical music to jazz, rock, ambient, pop, and much more. In addition, some legendary composers and artists blend different genres along with other performers at the festival. 

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Who will be performing at the festival this year? 

The Big Ears 2023 lineup of musical performers is already out. It includes some of the finest composers, singers, and producers from all parts of the country. In addition, all genres of music are available for the attendees of the Big Ears 2023 festival. Some of the performers are given below. 

  • Liturgy¬†
  • Gregory Tardy¬†
  • Phill Niblock¬†
  • Trio Imagination¬†
  • 700 Bliss¬†
  • Justin Adams & Mauro Durante¬†
  • Adia Victoria¬†
  • Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul¬†
  • Ichiko Aoba¬†
  • Algiers¬†
  • Devendra Banhart¬†
  • Caterina Barbieri¬†
  • Rafiq Bhatia¬†
  • Andrew Bird¬†
  • Calexico¬†
  • Caroline¬†
  • Combo Chimbita¬†
  • Theon Cross¬†
  • Wendy Eisenberg¬†
  • Sierra Ferrell¬†
  • Lesley Flanigan¬†
  • Josephine Foster¬†
  • Sierra Hull¬†
  • Ibeyi¬†

Visit the website for the complete list of artists at the Big Ears 2023 festival.  You can also filter the schedule for each day. 

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Which are the venues for the music festival? 

There are numerous venues for the Big Ears 2023 festival. All of these spaces are within walking distance from each other and downtown. Some of these are listed below. 

  • Bijou Theatre¬†
  • East Tennessee History Center¬†
  • Boyd’s Jig and Reel¬†
  • Historic Southern Railway Station¬†
  • Jackson Terminal¬†
  • Knoxville Museum of Art¬†
  • Knoxville Visitor’s Center¬†
  • Knoxville Civic Auditorium¬†
  • The Mill & Mine ¬†

There are more than 12 venues where the festival takes place. Each of these has a capacity between 80 and 2,500. For the complete list of venues as per the Big Ears 2023 schedule, visit the official website. 

How to get tickets for Big Ears 2023? 

A few different types of Big Ears 2023 tickets are available for grabs now. This includes single-day passes and 4-day weekend passes. The best way to enjoy the entire festival performances and exhibitions, including any special events, is to get the 4-day pass. 

The 4-day passes are available in three options, with General Admission being the cheapest of the lot. GA tickets are available in two tiers with prices between $350 and $400 each. In addition, the 4-day premier passes are sold for $550 each, but as of now, these are sold out. In addition, the third option is a 4-day Sonic Explorer VIP pass which costs more than $850.  

Similarly, single-day tickets have different prices for each day from Thursday to Sunday. These are also available in two tiers. For Thursday, single-day GA tickets range from $115 to $125, excluding the service fee. On both Friday and Saturday, the cost will range between $135 and $150. On the final day, i.e., Sunday, you can get a single-day pass for $125 or $135 (Tier 1 and Tier 2).  

Is there on-site parking for the music festival? 

The event organizers are suggesting the downtown garages for parking. There are a few of them available. But considering the expected attendance, these spaces may not be enough. Similarly, the nearby garage will be in huge demand when a major artist performs at a venue. 

What are the cheap parking options for the Big Ears music festival? 

There are some metered parking spaces in the downtown Knoxville region. The charges are cheap, but they have a limit of two hours, after which you have to move your vehicle to another spot. But since this is a busy area, you can expect these to be busy throughout the day. Especially during the Big Ears 2023 event days, you will find difficulty in finding a street parking space. 

But off-site garages near the Big Ears 2023 venues will help you out. You can easily find them conveniently located near the multiple venues for the festival. 

Parking Lots near Downtown Knoxville

Lot NameParking Charge
5505 Merchants Center Blvd Parking$2/hour
5460 Central Avenue Pike Parking$2/hour

Why should I get an off-site garage for festival parking? 

Apart from having affordable rates, these off-site garages are safer than leaving your drive on the streets. Off-site garages have features like 24-hour security personnel and camera surveillance. These will ensure the safety of your car while you enjoy Big Ears 2023 performances. 

In addition, there are features like valet parking, accessible spaces, covered parking, and contactless parking. You can get all these features at no extra charge. Also, by booking an off-site garage, you can stay away from the heavy traffic at the event venues. Need help finding a good off-site garage near Knoxville? Read ahead! 

How to find off-site garages near the festival venue? 

You can find the nearest off-site garages using the Way.com website or the Way mobile app. Once you are on the website or the app, enter the location and time for which you want parking spaces. After a thorough and fast search, the site will return a list of available garages, along with hourly charges and features. 

Choose a garage and pay the corresponding charges to complete the booking process. Thus in a few minutes, you have searched and booked an ideal parking garage near the Big Ears 2023 festival. Booking through Way, com can get you special deals and discounts on charges at these private garages. 

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