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Birmingham Airport Parking Guide 

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Are you planning to fly out of Birmingham? After you’ve booked a flight from Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport (BHM), you’ll need to consider how to get there. Driving down is always an option. However, with BHM Airport being the largest and busiest airport in Alabama by passenger traffic, getting onsite parking can always be tricky. So, it is always better to plan about getting a parking spot before booking your flight ticket. For that, you need to be aware of Birmingham Airport parking, and that’s where our Birmingham Airport parking guide will help you! Is it difficult to get onsite parking at Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport? Where can you find BHM parking? Are BHM parking rates affordable? Or where to find cheap parking at BHM Airport? Know all about these in detail via our Birmingham Airport parking guide!

BHM Airport parking options  

Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport had annual passenger traffic of more than 2.8 million passengers before the pandemic. The airport offers ample parking spaces for all the passengers based on your travel needs. BHM parking features a parking deck located near the terminal, offering hourly and daily onsite parking. The Economy Lot is the other parking area that offers onsite parking with complimentary shuttle services. There are around 5,000 parking spots at the parking deck for hourly and daily parking. The Economy Lot features more than 700 parking spots. Do you wish to have hassle-free parking at the airport? Then head to the departing flight ramp at the airport, where you can get a Valet parking service. BHM Airport also has a Cell Phone Lot that lets you park for free for a short interval. Read this Birmingham Airport parking guide to know more about onsite parking and its rates! 

Where to park at Birmingham Airport? 

The Parking Deck, which offers hourly and daily parking, can be located near the terminal. The Economy Lot can be located on Airline Drive adjacent to the terminal area. The Hourly Parking area is at Level 3 of the deck. You can locate the Daily Parking area at Level 2 and levels 4-7 of the deck.  

How much is parking at BHM Airport? 

The BHM parking rates vary based on the lot you opt for parking and its duration. Hourly, Daily and Economy parking are the three parking options that the airport offers. Using onsite BHM Airport parking can cost you $1 for an hour, and it can go up to a maximum of $24 while using daily parking.  

How much is long-term parking at BHM Airport? 

The rates for BHM Airport long-term parking depend on the lot you choose for parking. You can get long-term parking at the parking deck and Economy Lot. The Economy Lot offers you the most affordable long-term parking spots at the airport with complimentary shuttle services. Parking in the Economy Lot charges you a maximum of $10 per day. You can get long-term parking at the Daily and Hourly parking spots in the parking deck. Getting one at the Daily Parking lot charges you $12 for a day. The long-term parking rate at the Hourly Parking lot is $24 for a day. Do you want to have affordable BHM Airport long-term parking? Then check and reserve a parking spot at the offsite garages or hotel parking lots. Most of them offer cheap parking rates while compared to the onsite parking rates. 

Lot Duration BHM parking rate 
Economy Per Day $10 
Daily Per Day $12 
Hourly Per Day $24 
Valet Per Day $19.95 
Offsite parking near BHM Airport with shuttle Per Day $4 

Short-term BHM Airport parking 

All the onsite lots at the airport offer short-term parking. Go for parking at the Hourly Parking area if you’re using the parking for under four hours. You can park at the Daily Parking area or Economy Lot if you’re planning to park for more than four hours. Using short-term parking at all these lots charge you $1 per hour. The parking rate increases by $1 every additional hour till the BHM parking rates reach the daily maximum limit. If you’re looking for a short-term parking spot near the terminal, always opt for parking your car at the parking deck. The Economy Lot offers complimentary shuttle services to the terminal.  

Lot Duration BHM parking rate 
Hourly Per hour $1 
Daily Per hour $1 
Economy Per hour $1 

About Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport  

The Birmingham International Airport is located around five miles northeast of Downtown Birmingham. This civil-military airport primarily serves Birmingham and the nearby metropolitan area that includes Tuscaloosa. BHM Airport has one main terminal with three concourses – A, B, and C. BHM Airport is the busiest in Alabama, operating around 136 flights to 43 airports in 40 cities. American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, United Express, American Eagle, and Delta Connection are the main airlines that operate from the airport. Atlanta, Charlotte, and Dallas are the top domestic destinations from BHM Airport. Would you like to know how to get to the airport and spend time there? Continue reading our Birmingham Airport parking guide! 

How to get to Birmingham Airport 

Driving to the airport can be the ideal option as the airport is just a few miles away from the city center. It usually takes around 10-20 minutes to reach the airport. However, the driving time can increase during peak hours or seasons. Always be aware that getting an onsite parking spot can be a headache during rush hours. So, plan to drive if you’re leaving the city for a few days, traveling with family, or have a lot of luggage. Ensure to get a parking spot if you’re driving to the airport. It avoids the hassle of circling the parking lots looking for a secure parking spot at the last minute.  

Which are the other ways by which you can reach the airport? This Birmingham Airport parking guide has that covered for you! 

BHM Airport parking starts at $4/day

Using a bus service 

Using a bus service is the ideal and cheapest way to reach the airport from the city center. Line 20 bus connects to BHM Airport. Ideally, it takes around 20 minutes to reach the airport. A one-way ride costs you $2.  

Taxi services 

Hiring a taxi service is the quickest way to reach BHM Airport from the city center. Yellow Cab, American Cab, Birmingham Cab Company, Award Cab Company, and Hill Cab Company are the main taxi companies that offer services to the airport. Ideally, it takes around 7-15 minutes to reach the airport. A taxi ride to Birmingham Airport can cost you between $16-20.  

Tip: Many companies also offer private limousine and shuttle services to the airport. These operate only on a prior reservation basis.  

Rideshare services 

Uber and Lyft are the two rideshare services that you can opt for while traveling to the airport. Normally, these services take around 10-20 minutes to reach the airport from Downtown. However, the time can increase if the road to the airport is congested or you’re traveling at peak hours or on holidays. Hiring an Uber service costs you between $13-20 while riding to the airport from the city center. At the same time, a ride via Lyft can cost you anything between $15 and $25. The rideshare fares depend on the ride types you choose. So, always ensure to check the fare before you book a ride to BHM Airport! Also, be mindful that the fares can surge heavily during rush hours or peak seasons.   

Things to do at Birmingham Airport 

Are you confused about how to spend your time at the airport before boarding? Of course, one option is to make use of the free Wi-Fi at the airport. Connect to the free Wi-Fi service and indulge in a bit of internet browsing or post your updates on social media. What are the other options that can engage you at the airport? Read this Birmingham Airport parking guide further! 

Dining at BHM Airport 

The waiting period at the airport can be worth it if you’re a foodie. The airport features many cafes and restaurants that offer local cuisines and other varieties. Head to the Red Mountain Grill located at concourse B if you want to have some mouth-watering BBQs, burgers, and sandwiches with beverage service. Do you want to taste locally crafted beers? Birmingham Brewhouse at Concourse A is the best option for that! Chick-Fil-A and The Great American Bagel are the other joints you could try out for having some tasty salads, sandwiches, and bagels. There are also Starbucks outlets located at concourses and the pre-security area. Try out The Local Rustic Market if you prefer the grab-and-go dining option. The Talladega Grille at Concourse C offers tailgate-style foods and bar services. The concourses also have common food courts.  

Shopping at BHM Airport 

The airport not only has some good food joints, but it also features a variety of gift shops from where you can pick up a perfect souvenir. All the gift shops in Birmingham Airport carry a local or national theme. The CNN Newsstand and Hudson news – Alabama Theatre are two Concourse A shops that sell travel accessories, souvenirs, gifts, and snacks. You can buy collegiate merchandise from the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame located at the Concourse B/C intersection. You can locate Hudson News – Vulcan and Ebony Newsstand at concourses B and C, respectively. The pre-security area has a Barber Motorsports outlet to buy travel accessories, gifts, merchandise from Barber Motorsports. 

Art at Birmingham Airport 

The artworks at the airport reflect the diverse values and cultures that make Alabama special. You can see the art installations throughout the terminal. The ‘Earth Wind and Water: The Landscape of Alabama’ installation can be seen at Concourse B. The other art installation locations are Birmingham Beacons House, Birmingham Museum of Art Exhibit, and Barber Motorsports Exhibits.  

Other services offered at Birmingham airport 

Do you wish to fly out with a peaceful mind? Then try out the meditation room at BHM Airport, which will help you escape the hustle and bustle of airport travel. There is an animal relief area to keep your furry friend engaged before the travel. Nursing rooms, kid zone play areas, and family bathrooms are located in the terminal. There is also a sensory room for passengers with autism snd special needs. This room has comfy bean bag chairs, soft lighting, touchable activity panels, and other amenities to keep them relaxed before the flight.  

Is there free parking at BHM Airport?   

No. The onsite lots don’t have free parking. However, you can get free airport parking while using the Cell Phone Lot. You can locate this lot at Airline Drive. The lot features around 40 parking spots, and there is no time limit for parking. Ensure that you never leave the vehicle unattended. Park at this lot while you’re waiting to pick up a passenger. You can drive to the terminal curbside when the passenger is ready for pick up.  

How can you get cheap long-term parking at Birmingham Airport?  

Check out the offsite garages and lots if you want to have cheap BHM Airport long-term parking. Most of the offsite lots offer long-term parking starting as low as $4 per day.  

Is there a shuttle service at Birmingham Airport?   

Yes. The Economy Lot offers complimentary shuttle services to the terminal while you park at the lot. Also, most of the offsite lots provide free shuttle services or on-demand.  

How much is Valet parking at BHM Airport? 

Using the Valet parking service at the airport charges you $19.95 for a day. You can find the service on the departing flight ramp.  

Where to find parking for oversized vehicles? 

You can find parking for oversized vehicles on Level 1 of the parking deck. The parking spaces are designated exclusively for trucks and larger SUVs. Vehicles under the height of 8’2 can be pared at these spaces.  

Where to find EV charging stations at Birmingham Airport? 

There are nine EV charging stations at the parking deck. You can locate three charging stations at Level 3 and six at Level 6.  

Where is BHM Airport? 

Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport is located at 5900 Messer Airport Hwy, Birmingham, AL 35212.  

Birmingham Airport parking map  

Here’s the airport map where you can find the best onsite parking spots, including BHM Airport long-term parking and cheap BHM Airport parking.    

BHM Airport parking map
Image courtesy: https://www.flybirmingham.com/flying-in/cell-phone-lot/

Birmingham Airport parking guide   

Use the Hourly Parking area at the parking deck if you’re using the parking only for under four hours. The Economy Lot and Daily Parking are the best options if you want to use long-term onsite parking. Short-term parking at the airport starts at $1 per hour and increases by $1 every additional hour till it reaches the daily maximum limit. Long-term parking at the Economy Lot offers the most affordable daily parking spot at $10/day. Though the airport features ample parking spots, try to reach early to ensure a parking spot.  

Still, are you looking for cheaper parking spots near the airport? This Birmingham Airport parking guide can help you with that!  

Birmingham International Airport parking information, coupons, and discounts    

It is never easy to get a parking spot in any of the busiest airports with pre-booking. Driving around the lots looking for a parking spot just minutes before the flight will be one thing you want to avoid. So, better you check out the offsite garages and lots while booking your flight ticket. The Way.com app or website can surely help you in finding a secure parking spot near the airport. Booking via Way ensures you a great parking spot for rates starting as low as $4 per day. The parking includes amenities like free round-trip shuttle services, camera surveillance, 24-hour security, and more! So, always bok via Way to get affordable Birmingham Airport parking.  

Birmingham Airport parking guide tips 

  • BHM Airport is located around five miles northeast of Downtown Birmingham. 
  • There are around 5,700 parking spots at the airport offered via parking deck and the Economy Lot.  
  • Economy Lot offers free shuttle services to the terminal. 
  • Use the Cell Phone Lot if you want to park for free while at the airport to pick up a passenger. 
  • Always check out the offsite garages and lots if you want to have affordable parking near the airport.  

Book parking at BHM Airport for $4/day

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