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Blind Spot Monitoring System – Know More about It

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  • Nova Kainen
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It’s not cool to keep looking in your mirrors and all around the car to ensure no vehicles are coming up behind you while changing lanes. A lack of awareness of the nearby vehicles can produce disastrous outcomes. To avoid this, car manufacturers have brought forward a blind spot monitoring system. Continue reading to find out what the blind spot monitoring system is and how it works. 

blind spot monitoring system

What is blind spot monitoring system?

There are blind spots in all vehicles, the regions or zones on either side of a vehicle that the driver cannot see by using the rear-view or side-view mirrors. Before switching lanes, a driver should always look about to make sure there are no vehicles in their blind areas. Vehicles with blind-spot monitoring (BSM) systems help you become more aware of things in your vehicle’s blind spots. 

A blind spot monitoring system helps track the vehicle’s sides and rear portions. They have a special feature called ‘Rear Cross-Traffic Alert,’ which can warn motorists pulling out of a parking spot when oncoming traffic is approaching from the side.  

This system minimizes the risk of accidents by ensuring safe driving and early detection of fast-approaching vehicles in the blind spot.  

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How does the blind spot monitoring system work to ensure safe driving?

The blind spot monitoring system uses ultrasonic or corner radar sensors to cover the blind spot region. You will get a warning sign in the side mirror when a vehicle approaches this region. If you fail to notice this sign and activate the turn signals for changing lanes, the monitoring system will trigger another warning signal. 

In the advanced blind spot detection system, corner radar sensors have a major role. These sensors are hidden in the rear bumper, with one on the left and one on the right. They keep watch over the area alongside and behind the car. 

A complete picture of all the vehicles behind the car is obtained using powerful control software. Using this advanced system, even fast-approaching vehicles can thus be identified early on before a lane change. 

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Which cars have blind spot monitoring systems?

Different automakers have installed blind spot monitoring systems in most of their cars to ensure additional safety. The table below mentions the names of some such automobile manufacturers. 

Acura  Alfa Romeo  Audi 
BMW  Buick  Ford 
Cadillac  Fiat  Chrysler 
Genesis  Chevrolet  Genesis 
GMC  Hyundai  Honda 
Jeep  Infiniti  Lexus 
Kia  Mazda  Lincoln 
Mitsubishi  Mini  Nissan 
Mercedes-Benz  Porsche  Toyota 
Volkswagen  Volvo  Subaru 

What are the benefits of this system?

 The various benefits this monitoring system has for you are: 

  • Helps in safely changing lanes 
  • Detects vehicles in the blind spot and alerts you using warning signals before and after activating the turn signals.  
  • Reduces the risk of accidents caused due to failures in correctly estimating the speed of oncoming traffic.

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What are some drawbacks of this system you should know?

BSM is a useful system, but you should know some of the drawbacks of this system. 

Here are some: 

  • Each BSM system has its maximum speed differential limit, which you may obtain in the owner’s manual or by contacting the manufacturer. This system fails to detect if the approaching vehicles move at speed greater than this limit. 
  • These systems are designed particularly for highway usage; thus, they may not be as beneficial on city streets and backroads. 
  • There are situations where a BSM will fail to spot motorcycles or vehicles of a similar size. 
  • If snow, ice, mud, filth, or dampness build up on the sensors in the rear bumper or on the camera lenses in the side-view mirrors, the system will not function properly. 
  • When making decisions about the safety of a lane shift, BSM can only serve as a guide; it is not a replacement for safe driving.  
  • Though some BSM systems can detect objects up to several car widths away, most can only identify vehicles going directly alongside.

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Bottom line

The blind spot monitoring system is an advanced driving assistance system that can reduce the risk of accidents when you change lanes. But remember that it is just an assist to provide an additional safety net in the event of human error. When changing lanes, you should not forget to use turn signals and check the side-view and rear-view mirrors. Also, double-check the blind spot by looking over your shoulders.  

blind spot monitoring system

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