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BMW 5 Series Revealed and It’s Electric!

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BMW has revealed their eighth generation of the BMW 5 series, and the details are electrifying. The new launch is the first of the five series to sport a fully electric trim. BMW has given a distinct nameplate of i5 to their new BEV to distinguish it from the internal combustion engine (ICE) variant. The latest entry to the BMW sedan line-up will hit the showrooms by October 2023.

One of the most exciting aspects of the latest reveal is how similar the ICE and EV variants look. Unless you open the hood, there is little visual difference between the two. The surprise, however, has to be the number of variants on offer. The i5 will be available in two different options – eDrive40 and M60 xDrive. The ICE version is a mild hybrid with twin turbo-inline four-cylinder and six-cylinder options.

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What’s Different from the 2023 BMW 5 Series?

Image Source: BMW Group Press Club. https://www.press.bmwgroup.com

Aesthetically, a lot has stayed the same as BMW transitions from the 2023 5 Series to the latest iteration. However, in terms of technical aspects, there are a lot of drastic changes. On top of the fully electric powertrain on the i5, the new 5 series also come with adaptive LED lights, a 14.9-inch infotainment system, and semi-autonomous parking assist, among others. The car has grown from the 2023 BMW 5 series in length, width, and height. The wheelbase now comes at 2995 millimeters, an increase of around 20mm from the previous generation of the 5-series. 

There are also a lot of visual changes, like a contour lighting grill that illuminates the kidney grill of the Bimmer 5 series. The addition of black side skirts and flush-mounted door openers offers a new dimension to the overall look of the new 5 series. You also have the option of further improving the look by going for the M Sport Package and the M Sport Pro Package.  

What are the Technical Specifications of the New 5 Series?

Both the electric variants and ICE counterparts of the new 5 series come loaded with various features. The new reveal also highlights a definite upgrade in technical aspects and performance. With that said, let’s look at some of the key technical specifications of the new BMW 5 series across all the different variants: 

BMW i5 eDrive40

BMW i5 eDrive40 Image Source: BMW Group PressClub. https://www.press.bmwgroup.com/

The BMW i5 eDrive40 will be the entry-level 5-series BEV that promises to churn out 250 kW at 450Nm of torque. The expected range of the new i5 eDrive40 based on the WLTP test cycle came between 308 – 361 miles. A Combined Charging Unit (CCU) with an integrated 3.5-kW voltage converter will be the charging unit of this latest BEV from BMW. The eDrive40 will offer a rear-drive setup with just one electric motor powering the car. Even with the lower BEV trim, the BMW i5 eDrive40 will still get the ‘Boost’ shift paddle that triggers the maximum acceleration and noise change. 

BMW i5 M60 xDrive

Image Courtesy: BMW Group PressClub. https://www.press.bmwgroup.com/

The i5 M60 xDrive is the flagship trim for the new BMW 5 series fully electric variant. The i5 M60 xDrive is capable of delivering a peak power of 261 kW at 365Nm of torque. Powered by fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology, the BMW i5 M60 xDrive comes with automatic transmission and a top speed of 143mph. WLTP test cycle ranges clocked in between 282 – 320 miles. The eDrive40 and M60 xDrive both come with driving stability systems like ABS, Dynamic Traction Control, Hill Start Control, and Active Roll Stabilization. 

BMW 530i

BMW 5 Series 2024 Image Source: BMW Group PressClub. https://www.press.bmwgroup.com

Powered by the classic BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology, the 530i is perfect for gasoline aficionados. The ICE 5 series will come as a mild-hybrid four-cylinder mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. The 2024 BMW 5 Series will also come fully loaded with BMW efficient dynamics features like brake energy regeneration, auto start-stop function, and many more features. The mild-hybrid engine can deliver a max output of 208 bhp and 153 kWh at 330 Nm of torque. You can expect a responsive acceleration from 0-60mph in around 5.9 seconds flat. 

BMW 530i xDrive

The BMW 530i xDrive, the performance variant of 530i, comes with a 2.0L turbo inline four-cylinder engine that delivers 255hp. As all BMW xDrive cars come with power transmission to four wheels instead of two wheels, they have a quicker 0-60 mph than the 530i. Safety features are standard and carried over to the 530i xDrive as well. Lane change with eye activation, driving assistant professional, and highway assistant. 

How Much Will the New BMW 5 Series Cost?

Image Source: BMW Group PressClub. https://www.press.bmwgroup.com/

The 5 Series has grown from its original size in terms of performance, features, and dimensions. The pricing has also slightly increased from what it used to be. It is interesting to see BMW’s competitive pricing for the first-ever BEV 5 series. Therefore, the ICE version of the 5 series is now your cheapest option. Here is a detailed breakdown of the MSRP for the new BMW 5 Series: 

  1. BMW 530i – MSRP $57,900  
  2. BMW 530i xDrive – MSRP $60,200  
  3. BMW i5 eDrive40 – MSRP $66,800  
  4. BMW i5 M60 xDrive – MSRP $84,100  

Will There Be More Variants for the 2024 BMW 5 Series?

BMW has confirmed that there will be plug-in hybrids (PHEV) of the 2024 5 Series in addition to the BEV and mild-hybrid ICE line-up that has already been revealed. The PHEV is expected to be launched around the Spring of 2024 in the US market, with other countries expected to receive the same before the end of the year. Production for future models, including the 530e and 550e plug-in hybrids, is set to start by November 2023. For enthusiasts that want a bigger engine in their BMW, expect an inline six-cylinder 3.0L on board a 540i and 540i xDrive to be introduced around 2024. 

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