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Exploring the BMW Driver Assistance Package: Everything You Need to Know

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  • Sara Sam
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Whether you’re navigating crowded city streets or on a long-distance adventure, the BMW Driver Assistance Package stands as a reliable companion. Here, we delve into the world of BMW’s Driver Assistance Package, exploring its features and benefits and how it integrates technology and automotive excellence.  

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What is the BMW Driver Assistance Package? 

The common roadblocks like a rollback on a hill, lane changes, or the need for emergency brakes on the road make driving stressful for some and challenging for many. The BMW Driver Assistant Package offers features to overcome these difficulties to create a better driving experience.  

In other words, it uses technology to navigate tricky situations while driving. For example, if you halt in between, you will likely roll back on a slope. Unlike the usual reaction, the Hill Start Assist included in the BMW Driver Assistant Package will prevent the car from rolling back the slope.  

Active Driving Assistant comes standard on higher-end BMWs like the 5 Series and X5. It includes forward-collision warning with pedestrian detection, automatic emergency braking at low speeds, lane-departure warning, blind-spot warning, and back cross-traffic warning. 

Therefore, it acts as an assistant included with the car. It uses sensors, GPS and navigation systems data, and audio signals or visual displays that give prompt warnings.  

Key Features of the BMW Driver Assistance Package 

Hill start assist 

This prevents the rollback that can happen while driving on steep slopes. When the driver lets go of the brake, the assistant makes sure the rear axle holds the car in place for a short time.

Road sign recognition 

With the help of a camera system that reads road signs and shows the processed data on the screen, road sign recognition can help you avoid the usual clutter of actions one faces on a busy road. Consequently, the road signs are shown on your screen. 

Emergency brake assist 

Emergency brake assist warns the driver about the chance of a crash and, if necessary, brings the car to a full stop before it hits something, a person, or another car. Sensors measure the speed and distance to the car in front of you or a fixed obstacle. 

Steering and lane guidance assist 

A steering and lane guidance assistant can help you maintain your vehicle’s lane position, even at high speeds, and simplify steering. For instance, lane markings are detected by cameras, which then direct the driver assistance system to the lane boundaries. 

Cruise control 

As the name suggests, cruise control lets you choose your cruising speed. In other words, cruise control automatically adjusts speed and engine power. 

Distance control 

It is also known as Adaptive Cruise Control. With a speed limit already set, this driver assistance system looks at the car ahead. Consequently, it automatically slows down or speeds up based on how far away it is. 

Speed limit assist 

With this assistant’s help, you can set the vehicle’s top speed to a certain limit. It works in coordination with the data from the navigation system and adds to the results of cruise control and the distance controller. 

Lane-change warning & lane-change assist 

The lane-change warning can assist you in safely changing lanes and improving your rear-view and over-shoulder visibility. Sensors cover the blind region beside and behind your car. Consequently, the driver assistant cautions against changing lanes if another car approaches in the blind spot or is dangerously close and unnoticed by the driver. 

Parking assist      

Parking assistants utilize ultrasound and camera sensor information. Consequently, it aids in parking and protects against parking-related damage. Therefore, it includes systems with a warning function. For instance, the systems that display the surrounding area or perform the parking process automatically.  

Which BMW models are compatible with the Driver Assistance Package? 

Driving Assistant Professional is an upgraded driving assistance package available on all newer BMW models. This includes the all-new 2022 iX and X5. The BMW Active Driving Assistant is standard on BMW vehicles such as the 5 Series sedan and X5 SUV, and it is an option on the other BMW models.  

Can the BMW Driver Assistance Package be customized, and are any additional options available? 

If it is not already included with the car, BMW owners have the option of purchasing the Driving Assistance Package. It is also known as the Active Driving Assistant, for an additional $700 to $1000. However, to increase the level of safety, owners of BMWs equipped with this package can upgrade to BMW Driving Assistance Professional Package. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is an extended traffic jam assistant? 

This works at places where there is heavy traffic. At lower speeds, the car can turn without the driver having to use their hands. In other words, it is more like high-level autonomous driving. 

Is the package worth it? 

The Driving Assistance Package is worth it if you’re buying a BMW that isn’t already equipped with it as a standard option. While this can be done for not more than $1000, those BMW cars which already come with the driver assistance package can be upgraded to the Driving Assistance Professional Package at an extra cost of $1700. 

Can I add the parking assistant after I purchase my BMW?  

You can download the BMW Parking Assistant installation guide from your account 72 hours after the product has been shipped. Similarly, you can upgrade your car with the package at an extra cost. 

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