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BMW iX: All You Want to Know about This Stunning EV

  • Electric Cars
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 7 minutes

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All major carmakers are coming up with EVs with better range and performance. BMW became a pioneer in the EV industry by launching the i3 some years back. Despite its strange appearance, the EV became instantly popular. However, the company didn’t launch another EV for a decade until it recently launched the BMW iX SUV.  

Among the electric SUVs, BMW iX is a giant that looks stylish and fast. It is impossible not to adore the SUV. It is massive and stylish and offers the smooth driving experience that other BMW cars offer. With all these said, more than 1,000 units of the car got recalled in the country for having a defective airbag control unit. 

But, with EV cars being the future, there will be many buyers for this German marvel. How much does a BMW iX cost? What are its features? Here’s all the info you need! 

How big is the BMW iX? 

The dimensions of this electric SUV are relatively comparable to that of the BMW X5. The BMW iX has a length of 195 inches, a width of 77 inches, and is 67 inches high. Whereas BMW X5 is 194 inches long, has a width of 79 inches, and is 69 inches high. Both BMW SUVs have the same amount of horsepower. 

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What is the range of the BMW iX? 

There are two models – BMW iX xDrive50 and iX xDrive40. The xDrive50 claims to offer a range up to around 380 miles. At the same time, xDrive40 claims to be around 257 miles.  

How fast is the BMW iX? 

The iX models can attain a top speed of 124 mph.  

The xDrive50 accelerates from 0-62 mph in around 4.6 seconds. This model has 523 horsepower and 765 Nm torque. The xDrive50 battery has a net capacity of 105 kWh. It has a DC fast charge capability of up to 200 kW, charging from 10-80% in 35 minutes or less.  

The xDrive40 can accelerate from 0-62 mph in around 6.1 seconds. Both xDrive40 and xDrive40 Sport models have two motors that provide a combined 322 horsepower and torque of 630 Nm. The battery’s capacity comes to around 71 kWh in this model. It can DC rapid charge at up to 150 kW utilizing a CCS connector, charging from 10-80% in around 31 minutes. 

How much is the BMW iX? 

Well, you can’t expect an EV from BMW to be affordable. The company focuses on providing you with a luxury SUV more than affordability. The fact is that the EV is more expensive than most of the company’s other SUV models. The iX model has a starting cost of around $83,200 (trim level of iX). The car may even get an electric vehicle tax credit of $7,500, bringing the price down to around $75,700. However, still, the car costs you $15,000 more than the X5 model.  

Some features of BMW iX

The front grille received much criticism from most car enthusiasts. The iX doesn’t feature the typical grille that a BMW car sports. But does that reduce the popularity of this giant EV from BMW? No! The car sports some features that will make you fall in love with it! 

Pristine interior 

Interior of BMW iX
Image courtesy: https://www.bmwusa.com/

The naturally lighted cabin softens the criticism received for the grille. The car features a hexagonal steering wheel providing an improved view of the curved display behind it. The four-zone automatic climate control system has a nanofiber filter that helps in reducing microbiological particles and allergies. It is the first car from the company to have a panoramic glass roof. It uses Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal technology to give electrochromic shading without using a roof liner. 

Regenerative braking 

There are four modes of regenerative braking in this car. The regenerative braking in the car uses adaptive recuperation. The level of regen is computer regulated to be linear and adaptive to your surroundings. The adaptive regen differs in response to approaching junctions or tight corners that the iX predicts based on navigation data. You can use the options of a high, medium, or low regenerative braking when you change driving mode. The high option practically allows one-pedal driving because all braking happens regeneratively. The low braking option allows for energy recovery to simulate traditional coasting. 

Safety, security, and driving supports 

The iX includes an anti-theft alarm, front collision warning, rear-view camera,cross-traffic alert, speed limit information, and standard lane departure warning. If opening a door poses a collision risk, the standard Active Driving Assistant provides blind-spot detection and the Safe Exit door-opening alert. An Active Protection System warns you if it detects that the driver is tired or distracted. If it judges that an accident is impending, it tightens the seat belts, closes the windows, and engages post-crash braking. In an emergency, the BMW Assist eCall feature includes an SOS button and Automatic Collision Notification. 

The optional Active Driving Assistant Pro adds adaptive cruise control for $1,700. Meanwhile, the enhanced lane-keeping aid uses front, side, and radar sensors to keep you in the center of the lane. The Evasion Aid helps when people, cars, or other obstacles emerge unexpectedly in front of the iX. 

Topnotch handling 

Handling is another factor that will encourage you to buy the iX. Many have praised the iX’s handling, claiming it’s better and feels sharper to drive than a Jaguar I-PACE or Tesla Model X. Shocks with a high level of hydraulic dampening and a self-leveling air suspension are among the technologies underlying the handling. There’s also an adaptive all-wheel-drive system that distributes torque to the front and rear motors in a variable manner to maximize efficiency. Integral Active Steering for rear-axle directionality based on speed is available as an option for $1,600 through BMW’s build-your-own tool.  

The iDrive 8 infotainment system 

The iX SUV and i4 sedan are BMW’s first electric vehicles to have the new iDrive 8 infotainment system, one of the first automotive systems to offer a 5G connection. A 12.3-inch information display in front of the steering wheel and a 14.9-inch central infotainment area are combined into one long, curving display on the dash, having a resolution of 200 pixels per inch. There is also an enhanced AI assistant, and you can give your assistant any name you like.  

With your thumbs, you can customize onscreen choices, navigate the displays, and flip between menus, layout kinds, and widgets using function keys on the steering wheel. BMW Maps can predict your driving patterns and recommend charging stations and parking locations. The software OS is fully compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and you can update it over the air. 

Is the 2022 BMW iX worth buying? 

Many companies offer cars at lower price ranges if you’re looking for an affordable EV. The iX isn’t designed as an affordable EV. With a starting price of more than $83K, you will need to admire the iX from a distance. Its speed and power aren’t as impressive as those of competitors, but its interior and basic technology will wow you. So, but the iX if you need a showstopper EV! 

Finding the best insurance for BMW iX

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