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Boston Celtics: Get Your Ticket Info and Easy Parking Here!

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The upcoming season looks very promising if you are a Boston Celtics faithful. With stars like Jayson Tatum and Malcolm Brogdon in the lineup, you can expect some stellar performances this season. However, after the final defeat against the Golden State Warriors last year around, they need to prove that they still have the character to bounce back. 

The Celtics are one of the most successful franchises in the NBA. In a total of 22 final appearances, they have won 17, which is a winning record rivaling the Lakers, who also have 17 wins but from 32 finals.

Boston Celtics Parking 

Every Boston Celtics rumor and signing makes waves in the NBA fandom. The Boston franchise always had a surplus of talent, but for a period, they had a barren run in the league in terms of title wins. On the contrary, the recent season has lifted the spirits of both the team and fans. 

Below, you can read more about the franchise from Boston, their current squad, staff, and even parking information for the Boston Celtics stadium. 

Why is Boston called the Celtics? 

Boston Celtics schedule
Image Credits: Christine on Flickr

The rich Irish heritage of the Boston area was definitely an influence in formulating the name. But according to some of the owners Howie McHugh who was of Irish descent, and Walter Brown decided to name the franchise ‘Celtics,’ which is pronounced with a /s/ sound rather than the American /k/ sound. 

Who owns the Boston Celtics? 

An investment group, Boston Basketball Partners LLC, is the owners and operators of the Boston Celtics. The group led by Wyc acquired the Boston Celtics franchise for more than $350 million way back in 2002.  

The group executive committee has four members. These include the majority owner Wycliffe aka Wyc Grousbeck, representatives of Abbey Group, Stephen Pagliuca, and Irving Grousbeck. 

Who is the coach of the Boston Celtics? 

Ime Sunday Udoka, or Ime Udoka, is the current Boston Celtics coach. He is a former player and an experienced coach who was part of some top franchises in the NBA. During his playing career, he wore the jerseys of the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, San Antonio Spurs, and Sacramento Kings. 

Boston Celtics players
Image Credits: Alex Kehr on Flickr

He started his coaching career in 2012 when he was the assistant coach of the Spurs. After seven years in San Antonio, he moved to the Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets. He joined as head coach of the Celtics in 2021 and had a successful first season. It was under his guidance the team reached the NBA finals after an 11-year break. 

Other members of the staff are listed below. 

  • Aaron Miles- Assistant Coach 
  • Ben Sullivan- Assistant Coach 
  • Damon Stoudamire- Assistant Coach 
  • Joe Mazzulla- Assistant Coach 
  • Tony Dobbins- Assistant Coach 
  • DJ MacLeay- Player Enhancement Staff 
  • Evan Bradds- Player Enhancement Staff 
  • Garrett Jackson- Player Enhancement Staff 
  • Matt Reynolds- Special Assistant to Head Coach 
  • Steve Tchiengang- Player Enhancement Staff 

Who are the greatest Boston Celtics players of all time? 

According to many, the most influential players in the history of the Celtics are Bill Russell, Larry Bird, John Havlicek, Kevin McHale, and Dave Cowens. 

Bill Russell- Yup, the same guy the NBA Finals MVP trophy is named after, and for a good reason. Standing at 6’9, Russell would tower over the rest of his contemporaries. Even though he was not a scoring machine, the defensive work, he put in game after game was unbelievable. He was a 12-time member of the NBA All-Star team and finished his time with the Celtics with 11 NBA titles and 5 MVP trophies. 


Larry Bird was one of the most popular basketball players of all time. A generation of American basketball fans celebrated the great Larry Bird and Magic Johnson rivalry. Bird guided the Celtics to three NBA trophies and won himself three MVPs and two NBA Final MVP accolades. 

Boston Celtics retired the respective jersey numbers of all the players mentioned above. However, since the team was at its strongest during the golden era in the 60s, you can expect many players from that time to be on the list of many fans. 

How many championships have the Boston Celtics won? 

Only two sides have won more than ten titles in NBA history- Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers. Both of them have a record of 17 title wins, and the Celtics also hold the record for most consecutive wins. The Boston franchise also has the most wins, including regular season and playoffs, in the history of the NBA. 

Which Celtic players have the most NBA rings? 


The top seven players with the most championship rings are from the Boston Celtics. Bill Russell comes first with 11, closely followed by Sam Jones with ten rings. Finally, there are four players with eight rings each, and all of them are from the Celtics- Tom Heinsohn, KC Jones, Satch Sanders, and John Havlicek. 

What are the upcoming games for the Celtics? 

Preseason games in the Boston Celtics schedule include two games each against the Charlotte Hornets and the Toronto Raptors. The final game during this period will be on Friday, 14 October. 

The season opener for the Celtics will be against the Philadelphia 76ers. Then, during the coming weeks, they will face off against teams like Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Washington Wizards. Per the schedule, the final regular season game for the Celtics will be on Sunday, 9 April, when they will face the Atlanta Hawks. 

For the complete Boston Celtics schedule, visit the official team website

How to get Boston Celtics tickets 

Different kinds of tickets are available for Celtics fans for home games at TD Garden. Apart from individual game tickets, you can get season packages, suites, and other premium seating at TD Garden. 

Individual games, including those for preseason games, can be purchased through the official team website. For the remaining preseason games against the Hornets and Raptors, the individual ticket rate ranges between $13 and $155. Individual game tickets for the regular season can go as high as $1000. All individual game tickets can be bought through the popular ticket marketplace Ticketmaster. 

Season tickets are always in high demand, and you can expect these to get sold out fast. After this, you can join a waiting list so that when seats become available, you can have them depending on priority. 

Apart from these, group tickets and premium seats are sold. The latter and suites have added privileges, including food and drink options. You can visit the official Celtics website for more information about the tickets and costs. 

What is the current Boston Celtics roster? 

Here are the options that Boston Celtics have on their squad for the 2022-23 season. 

  • Danilo Gallinari- Forward 
  • Denzel Valentine- Guard 
  • Jake Layman- Forward 
  • Justin Jackson- Forward 
  • Noah Vonleh- Forward 
  • Bruno Caboclo- Forward 
  • Mfiondu Kabengele- Center 
  • Sam Hauser- Forward 
  • Luke Kornet- Center-Forward 
  • JD Davison- Guard 
  • Grant Williams- Forward  
  • Robert Williams III- Center-Forward  
  • Marcus Smart- Guard  
  • Derrick White- Guard  
  • Jayson Tatum- Forward-Guard  
  • Payton Pritchard- Guard  
  • Jaylen Brown- Forward-Guard  
  • Al Horford- Center-Forward  
  • Malcolm Brogdon- Guard 

You can see the complete roster of players and coaching staff from the official website of the Celtics. 

Where to buy Boston Celtics jerseys and other merch? 

All merch, including jerseys, hats, sweatshirts, bags, blankets, and even flashlights for men, women, and kids, are available in the online team store.

Apart from this, you can find a Boston ProShop near Causeway Street with the same products. The working hours on gamedays span from 12 pm to 1 hour after the game concludes. On other days, the store will close at 6 pm after starting at 12 pm. They also have an online store where you can get discounts and fast delivery. 

Where do the Celtics play their home games? 

TD Garden, formerly known as FleetCenter, is the home of the Celtics. Located at 100 Legends Way, this multi-purpose venue is also home to NHL’s Boston Bruins. It is just a mile off downtown Boston, and you will have many options for transportation to get here, including public transit. 

More than 19,000 seats are available for basketball games at the TD Garden. Most games are sold out, and you can hear a loud roar whenever the Boston Celtics score a point. 

Image Credits: Erik Cleves Kristensen on Flickr

But the OG home of the Celtics will always be Boston Garden which was the predecessor of TD Garden. This arena was opened in 1928 and was originally named Boston Madison Square Garden. It was here when Boston won the NBA eight times in a row under coach Arnold ‘Red’ Auerbach. But unfortunately, it was demolished in 1998 after 70 years of memorable events. 

How to get to TD Garden 

The Boston Celtics home arena is located a mile from Downtown Boston. You can easily locate the stadium near the North Station and Thomas P O’Neill Jr. Federal Building. As mentioned above, multiple public transit systems could get you to the arena on game days. 

There is the Downeaster passenger train operated by Amtrak, which has stops near the arena. Apart from this, a handful of services operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority can get you to the Celtics’ home games.  


This includes four commuter rail lines- Fitchburg Line, Haverhill Line, Lowell Line, and Newburyport/Rockport Line.  Additionally, you can also board the Orange Line subway train or the tram Green Line service. 

If you plan to drive from Logan Airport, take the Sumner Tunnel and take the Storrow Dr/Cambridge ramp. Once there, you can easily find directions to the North Station and the arena. 

Similarly, you can take Berkeley Street from Back Bay. Once you reach the end of Berkeley street, take a right to Storrow Drive East and then to Martha Road/Nashua Street. Make a left turn to Causeway Street, and you can find the stadium nearby.  

Is there on-site parking at TD Garden? 

Yes. North Station Garage is the closest on-site parking facility to reach the stadium. It is located directly beneath the stadium, and during basketball days, it will open three hours before the game starts. 

At this garage, a flat rate of $54 will be charged for each space. Due to high demand, most of these parking spaces will be pre-booked. Even if you get a space, you must arrive early to avoid getting stuck in a long line of cars going to the official parking garage. 

Boston Celtics coach
Image Credits: Erik Cleves Kristensen on Flickr

Parking rates at the North Station Garage will vary depending on each event. Also, rates will be low on days when there are no events at TD Garden. However, over 3.5 million people are estimated to visit the arena for various sporting and entertainment events. So, it is better to find a convenient alternative to official parking.   

TD Garden Seating Chart

You can find a virtual seating chart here. A screenshot of the virtual seating map is given below.

TD Garden Seating chart virtual venue screenshot
Image Credits: celtics.io-media.com

Is tailgating allowed at the Boston Celtics stadium? 

No. Tailgating is strictly prohibited in all parking lots at TD Garden. Most fans either visit local eateries or bars before attending the game. Also, the arena has concession stands and food and beverage options.  

Can I park in the streets near TD Garden? 

Yes. Depending on the time of the day, many street parking spots are located near the stadium. Some of these include Beverly Street, Canal Street, Merrimac Street, Portland Street, North Washington Street, and Staniford Street. These streets have both free and metered spaces, which can have time limits. 

All the locations mentioned above are within 10 miles of walking distance from the Boston Celtics stadium. But the availability of these street parking spaces is not guaranteed. The stadium is located in a busy neighborhood near the downtown area, so you can expect most of these spaces to be already occupied. 

On game days, you will have to drive miles away from the arena to find a vacant on-street parking space. If you choose these, there is a chance of parking violations, and local authorities do not let things slide easily. You can end up paying huge fines on parking tickets or even getting your car towed. 

What are the cheap parking options near Boston Celtics stadium? 

Now you know that on-site parking garages can be expensive and street parking, on the other hand, is not safe. But the third choice is both affordable and safe- off-site parking garages near TD Garden. The parking rates would be much lower than on-site parking facilities, and you can get extra discounts too. 

Boston Celtics tickets
Image Credits: Erik Cleves Kristensen on Flickr

For discounted rates, you can get premium features at these parking lots and garages. These off-site facilities offer valet parking, accessible parking, paved parking spaces, and contactless parking. You can also get camera surveillance, lot attendants, and even 24-hour security personnel at some of these facilities. 

You can avoid heavy traffic before and after the game by booking a space at an off-site garage a couple of blocks from the stadium. Similarly, there is no risk of getting booked for parking violations if you opt for a garage.  

How to find cheap parking garages near TD Garden? 

Once you have decided to get an off-site parking garage near TD Garden, the finding is child’s play. Online parking services like Way.com will help you find facilities within a mile of the stadium. Using Way.com and the Way parking app, you can locate all nearby parking garages along with their rates and features. 

After choosing a garage, you can input the entry and exit times and pay the corresponding fee to guarantee a spot on a Celtics game day. Besides, using Way.com can get you special deals and extra discounts that you cannot get from any other garage.

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