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Boston Red Sox Parking: Affordable Parking Options near Fenway Park

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You can feel the power and pride of the Red Sox once you enter the fabled Fenway Park. Boston Red Sox is a historic club, and so is their home ground. Every player who has ever donned the jersey with a Boston Red Sox logo knows the history they represent, and so do the fans. Every home game sees hundreds of thousands filling the stands at Fenway Park. Parking in Downtown Boston is very different from parking near the ballpark, even though both are just four miles apart. So it would be best if you had a plan to avoid the heavy pre-game traffic and find a safe place to park your car.

Boston Red Sox Parking

Boston Red Sox, aka “The Sawx”

The Boston Red Sox is a professional baseball team from the city of Boston. It is an American League East Division member and competes in the top tier of American baseball-the Major League Baseball (MLB).


Some legendary Boston Red Sox players include Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, Roger Clemens, David Ortiz, and more. If you are already a fan or someone who is planning to join the Red Sox fandom, watching the game live is a must. Watching the game at the ballpark offers an exciting experience compared to being at home and watching it on the TV.

Follow the Boston Red Sox news for updates regarding the squad, upcoming games, and everything Red Sox.

Who owns the Boston Red Sox?

Fenway Sports Group is the owner of the Boston Red Sox. The sports empire is valued at around $9.81 billion as of January 2022 and has several other assets. The Fenway Sports Group has stakes in the English Premier League’s Liverpool FC, Roush Fenway Racing, Fenway Sports Management, and NESN.

What is the Boston Red Sox schedule for home games?

The upcoming home games include some clashes against heavyweights. In June, you can catch the home side taking on Oakland Athletics, St. Louis Cardinals, and Detroit Tigers. Next, Tampa Bay Rays will visit in the first half of July, followed by arch-rivals New York Yankees. Finally, during the latter part of July, you can watch Red Sox go head to head against Toronto Blue Jays, Cleveland Guardians, and Milwaukee Brewers.

You can see the complete schedule and buy Boston Red Sox tickets at the official MLB page.

How much are the Boston Red Sox tickets

The tickets you can get include season tickets or single-game tickets. Many home fans who adore the jersey with the Boston Red Sox logo get the season ticket. This requires you to pay a 25% deposit to guarantee some of the best seats and amenities at the home stadium. You can also buy group tickets if you are coming to watch the game with 20 or more people.

Boston Red Sox tickets

Similarly, cheaper single game tickets are available from around $19 to $153 per seat. Also, the best seats like Dugout Box and Pavilion Club are priced high, as high as $495 per ticket. You can buy tickets and compare the features provided by each ticket on the official MLB website.

Where do Boston Red Sox play their home games?

Boston Red Sox Fenway Park
Image Credits: Richard Eriksson on flickr

Located near Kenmore Square, Fenway Park is the ballpark where Boston Red Sox plays their home games. It has been hosting the Red Sox games since 1912 and is located at 4 Jersey Street, Boston. The seating capacity during night games is 37,755, and during day events, the ballpark can hold 37,305 people.

How to get to Fenway Park

The baseball park is located approximately 3.1 miles from Downtown Boston. You can get to the ballpark from Kenmore Square via Lansdowne Street, a 0.2-mile walk that takes around 6 minutes.

If you are driving from Downtown Boston, you can travel via Storrow Drive. This journey is 3.1 miles long, and you can get to the ballpark in 10 minutes. On the other hand, if you are starting from Boston University, take Commonwealth Avenue to reach the stadium within 3 minutes. Keep in mind all the time estimates given above depending on the traffic conditions.

Is there Boston Red Sox parking at Fenway Park?

There are two options to choose from if you are looking for official parking spaces for the Red Sox games. The first garage is the Prudential Center Garage, and the other is the 1000 Clarendon Street Garage. Even though both of these are located close to the stadium, the parking rates will be high for some of you. Similarly, these two parking spaces are only available for night and weekend games. This means you will have to look elsewhere for weekday afternoon games.

Boston Red Sox home ground
Image Credits: Emmanuel Huybrechts on flickr

Even though the ballpark recommends a few nearby lots and garages, most of these places charge extremely high rates for parking. If you want better rates, there are a couple of alternatives. First, never park in the Fenway/ Kenmore Residential Parking District for Red Sox games or other Fenway park events without valid permission from the transportation authority. Such a violation can result in a $100 fine.

How to get street parking for Boston Red Sox games

Depending on the time of the day, you will get both metered and street parking spaces near the ballpark. For the Boston Red Sox games, you can choose from on-street spots at Brookline Avenue, Jersey Street, Boylston Street, Newbury Street, and Beacon Street. All the streets mentioned above are just 10 minutes away from the ballpark.

It would be better if you knew the Boston parking regulations. You can park for a maximum of two hours at most metered parking spaces. After this time, you must move your car to another block to avoid parking tickets. Nobody wants to ruin their trip to watch Boston Red Sox by collecting hefty fines.

What are the cheap parking options for Boston Red Sox home games?

Even though parking in the streets can be cheap, it has risks. The first is the hefty fines and other penalties that include getting your car towed away in case of a parking violation. Most people new to the city tend to end up with parking tickets just because they are unaware of the rules. So you have to get a parking space that is both affordable and safe for your car.

That is where off-site garages and lots enter the fray. For example, you can find many parking lots and garages near Fenway Park during a Boston Red Sox game. These facilities have many premium parking features, including valet parking, covered parking, aisle access, and contactless parking. Similarly, some parking garages and lots have cameras and security personnel to keep your car safe.

Cheap Fenway Park parking

How to get cheap parking near Fenway Park

Since off-site facilities are considered the best for cheap Boston Red Sox parking, you might be wondering how to find them. Online parking services and apps help you find these lots and garages near your location. If you can find them a couple of blocks from the venue, the prices would be lower, and you can also avoid the pre-game traffic.

Using the Way.com website or the Way app, you can locate the nearby parking garages near Fenway Park. Once you start the search, the app will return a list of garages, the features they offer, and parking charges. You can enter the time you need parking for and book parking in no time. You also have chances to get additional discounts or special deals on parking rates by using Way.com.

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