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Bozeman Airport Parking Guide 

  • Airport Parking Tips
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 12 minutes

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Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN) has been the busiest airport in Montana since 2013. While flying out, most Bozeman residents prefer to drive to the airport due to the proximity to downtown Bozeman. This can make onsite parking scarce during peak travel times! You will always want to avoid driving around the parking lots looking for perfect parking just minutes before the flight. So, how to avoid this parking woe at Bozeman Airport? Don’t worry. Our Bozeman Airport parking guide will solve that for you! There are ample parking options at the airport, but you need to know about the onsite lots to get a secure parking spot. Where can you find BZN Airport parking? Is BZN long-term parking affordable? Find all about parking at Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, BZN Airport parking rates, and parking near the airport via our Bozeman Airport parking guide.  

BZN Airport parking options 

The airport has annual passenger traffic of around 1.5 million yearly. Whether you’re looking for hourly, daily, or weekly parking, onsite lots at BZN Airport offer you all parking options. BZN parking has short-term, long-term, and covered parking spots available in the parking garage and lots near the terminal. The Premium, Economy, and Premium Covered Parking offer the three main parking areas at Bozeman Airport. The Premium lot is suitable for short-term parking, and the Economy lot offers the best spots for long-term parking. All these lots operate 24/7. You can locate the Premium and Economy lots near the terminal. BZN parking also features a Cell Phone lot where you can park for free while at the airport to pick up someone. Premium and Economy lots accept payments via cash and credit card. In contrast, Premium Covered Parking lot only accepts credit card payments.  

How much is parking at Bozeman Airport? 

The BZN Airport parking rates differ depending on the lot you choose for parking and its duration. Short-term, long-term, and weekly parking are the three parking options available at BZN Airport. The Premium and Economy lots offer free parking for the first 60 minutes. Parking at BZN Airport starts at $3 for 30 minutes and can go up to $20 for a day’s parking. The parking rate for weekly parking ranges between $60-105. Continue reading this Bozeman Airport parking guide to know in detail about long-term and short-term parking at BZN Airport and the parking rates!  

How much is long-term parking at Bozeman Airport? 

All onsite lots – Premium, Economy, and Premium Covered Parking offer BZN long-term parking. The parking rates vary based on the lot you choose for parking. The Economy lot is the ideal choice for long-term parking among the onsite lots. Getting a long-term parking spot at this lot costs you $10 for a day. Parking at the Premium lot charges you a daily maximum rate of $15. The Premium Covered parking lot charges the most expensive long-term parking rate at Bozeman Airport. Parking in this lot charges you a daily maximum rate of $20. Are you looking for cheap long-term parking at Bozeman Airport? Then check out the offsite garages or hotel parking lots and book a secure parking spot. Most of the lots offer cheaper long-term parking rates while compared to the onsite parking rates.  

Lot  Duration  BZN parking rate 
Economy  Per Day  $10 
Premium  Per Day  $15 
Premium Covered Parking  Per Day  $20 
Offsite parking near BZN Airport with shuttle  Per Day  $8 

Short-term BZN parking rates 

The short-term parking rates differ based on the onsite lot you choose for parking. The Premium and Economy lots offer complimentary parking for the first 60 minutes. The Premium lot offers short-term parking spots near the terminal. Using a parking spot here costs you $3 for every 30 minutes after the first 60 minutes. Parking at the Economy lot costs you $2 for every 30 minutes after the free parking period. Getting a parking spot at the Premium Covered Parking charges you $3 for every 30 minutes. The short-term parking rate in all the lots surges every 30 minutes until it reaches the daily maximum rate. Use the Premium and Economy lots if you’re parking for under one hour. Do you want to have affordable BZN short-term parking? Then check out the nearby offsite garages and lots where you can find cheaper hourly parking rates! 

Lot  Duration  BZN parking rate 
Premium  First 60 minutes  Free  
  Every additional 30 minutes  $3 
Economy  First 60 minutes  Free 
  Every additional 30 minutes  $2 
Premium Covered Parking  Every 30 minutes  $3 

About Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport  

The airport is located in Belgrade, around eight miles northwest of Bozeman. Originally known as Gallatin Field, the airport was renamed Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport in 2011 to connect it with Yellowstone National Park. Bozeman Airport sprawls over 2,481 acres, having a single terminal with two levels and three runways. Allegiant Air, Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines are major carriers operating from BZN Airport. Denver, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Salt Lake City are the busiest domestic routes from this airport. Do you like to know how to get to the airport and spend your waiting period? Our Bozeman Airport parking guide has that covered! 

How to get to Bozeman Airport 

The airport is within driving distance from Bozeman city, Yellowstone National Park, Big Sky Resort, and Montana State University. Most passengers prefer to drive to the airport as Bozeman city is just a few miles away. Driving from Bozeman city is the most economical way to reach the airport. It normally takes around 10-20 minutes to reach the airport. However, always be aware of the traffic ahead. The driving time can increase if there’s heavy traffic or you’re traveling during peak hours or holidays. So, it is always wise to drive if you’ve already reserved an airport parking spot. What are the other ways to reach BZN Airport? Continue reading this Bozeman Airport parking guide. 

BZN Airport parking from $8/day

Using taxi services 

Hiring a taxi service is the quickest way by which you can reach the airport from Bozeman city. Ideally, a taxi takes around 10-20 minutes to get to the airport from Bozeman city. Taxi service providers like Montana Yellow Cab and Greater Valley connect you to the airport from the city. Using a taxi service can cost you between $45-60 while traveling to the airport. 

Tip: Many local buses, charters, and shuttles have continuous service to and from the airport.  

Rideshare services 

Lyft and Uber are the two main rideshare services that operate to and from BZN Airport. The fare varies based on the ride type you choose and the time of booking. The rideshare services normally take around 15-20 minutes to reach the airport from Bozeman city. Hiring a Lyft service can cost you between $30 and $42. Using an Uber service can cost you between $28 and $38. Be mindful that the fares can surge during peak hours or seasons. So, always ensure to check the fares before you book any rideshare service.  

Things to do at Bozeman Airport 

BZN Airport doesn’t have any lounges. But, there’s nothing to worry about! There are enough options at the airport that will keep you engaged before boarding. One option is to make use of the free Wi-Fi available at the terminal. Do you want to know about other ways to spend your time at BZN Airport effectively? Read this Bozeman Airport parking guide further. 

Dining at Bozeman Airport 

Copper Horse Restaurant and Bistro, Taco Jet, and Ross Peak Grill are the main food joints that serve you delicious cuisines at the airport. Copper Horse Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the week. Head to this restaurant on the main level if you crave a sandwich, soup, or burrito. The restaurant has a bar, and the menu also includes main dishes, appetizers, and desserts. Visit the Taco Jet if you’re a taco addict. This joint has some mouthwatering tacos and burritos prepared by adding local Montana ingredients. You can dine some fine stone-fired pizza and energizing drinks with scenic mountain views while you visit Ross Peak Grill. Don’t have time to dine out? Many ‘Grab & Go’ kiosks offer sandwiches, bagels, hummus, pretzels, and even coffee. Grab your food and head to your flight!  

Shopping at BZN Airport 

Do you want to buy some souvenirs or get some gifts for your loved ones? The airport even has options for quick shopping. Copper Horse Market is one shop that provides a solution to your family’s snacking needs. Staples, bread, food items, soda, water, beer, and milk are some items you can buy from this store. Head to the Yellowstone Forever shop if you want to buy maps, guides, or educational books. Want to collect some products that remind you of Montana? Then visit the Montana Gift Corral shop. Here you can buy souvenirs and gifts like home décor items, bath and body items, and huckleberry products. There are also a variety of gums and candies that you can shop. All these shops operate throughout the week. 

Other amenities at Bozeman Airport 

Do you wish to have a taste of history or geology? The ‘Museum of the Rockies’ is sure to enthuse you if you’re a history lover. This world-class museum features a huge collection of fossils, including the full skeleton of a T. Rex. The ‘Airport History Gallery’ has a curated photo gallery that showcases the growth of BZN Airport to the busiest one in Montana. The ‘Gem and Rock Gallery’ features a display of many rocks that are native to Montana. The airport terminal and grounds have various artworks on display that Montana-based artists did. BZN Airport also has a mother’s room located at Concourse B that offers a clean and convenient room for traveling mothers to nurse. Concourse N also has a service animal relief area.  

Where is Bozeman Airport?  

Bozeman International Airport is located at 850 Gallatin Field Rd, Belgrade, MT 59714. 

Is there free parking at BZN Airport?    

You can get free parking for the first 60 minutes while parking at Premium and Economy lots. Also, BZN Airport has a Cell Phone that lets you park for free for a maximum of 60 minutes. Use the Cell Phone lot to park till the passenger is ready to be picked up at the Arrivals curb. Ensure that you never leave the vehicle unattended while using this lot.  

Is there weekly parking at Bozeman Airport?

Yes. The Premium and Economy lots offer weekly parking at the airport. Economy lot offers weekly parking for $60. Parking at the Premium lot charges you $105 for weekly parking.

How far is Big Sky from Bozeman Airport? 

Big Sky is around 46 miles away from the airport. It normally takes an hour to reach Big Sky from the airport if you’re driving.  

How far is Bozeman Airport from Yellowstone National Park? 

The airport is around 140 miles away from Yellowstone National Park. Ideally, it takes around three hours to reach the park if you’re driving.  

How early to arrive at Bozeman Airport? 

It is always better that you reach the airport 90 minutes before check-in.  

How can you get cheap long-term parking at BZN Airport?   

It is always wise to reserve a parking spot at the offsite garages or lots if you want cheap BZN long-term parking. Most of the offsite lots near the airport offer long-term parking starting as little as $8 per day.   

Is there a shuttle service at BZN Airport?    

The onsite lots don’t have shuttle services. But, most of the offsite lots provide free shuttle services or on-demand when you book a parking spot.  

Bozeman Airport parking map  

Here’s the airport map where you can find the best onsite parking spots, including BZN Airport long-term parking and cheap BZN Airport parking.     

BZN Airport parking map
Image courtesy: https://bozemanairport.com/parking

Bozeman Airport parking guide    

The Premium and Economy lots offer complimentary parking for the first 60 minutes. Both these parking lots are located near the terminal. Economy lot is the best option for long-term parking at BZN Airport with a daily maximum rate of $10. Use the Premium Covered Parking if you want to have short-term or long-term covered parking. The hourly parking rate surges in all the onsite lots till it reaches the daily maximum limit. Make sure to reach early at the airport as the odds are high that you may miss out on a parking spot at the busiest airport in Montana.  

Do you want to book cheaper parking spots near the airport? This Bozeman Airport parking guide can help you with that!   

Bozeman Airport parking information, coupons, and discounts     

Getting a parking spot can be tough at this airport most of the time. So, it is always good to have a backup plan when you book the flight ticket. Since an onsite parking spot is never guaranteed, always have a check on the offsite garages and lots when you book your flight. Use the Way.com app or website to get a great parking spot near BZN Airport for cheaper rates. Reserving a parking spot via Way gets you a parking spot for rates starting as low as $8 for a day. The parking comes with amenities like free round-trip shuttle service, camera surveillance, and 24/7 security. So, always book via Way to get cheap Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport parking! 

Bozeman Airport parking guide tips 

  • BZN Airport is located in Belgrade, around eight miles northwest of Bozeman. 
  • Premium, Economy, and Premium Covered Parking lots offer short-term and long-term parking at the airport. 
  • Economy lot provides the most economical long-term parking spots. 
  • Premium Covered Parking lot accepts only credit card payments.  
  • Premium and Economy lots offer free parking for the first 60 minutes.  
  • Park at the Cell Phone lot if you want to get free parking while waiting to pick up a passenger. 
  • Ensure to check out the offsite garages and lots if you want to have cheap parking near BZN Airport.  

Parking at BZN Airport starts at $8/day

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