Burbank Bob Hope (BUR) Airport Parking Guide

Rates and Options for Parking at Burbank Airport

There is a lot of traffic flowing towards the airport, but this isn’t a problem. That’s because there are a lot of options available for people when it comes to parking. The Burbank Bob Hope Airport has an extensive range of parking options with rates and prices ranging from $23 for a day to $161 for a week.

The rates for bur parking depend on numerous options including the location of the parking spot that you’re going for, and the security and other features that they are offering. It stands to reason that a garage, which is located near the terminal and has a lot of security adjustments, is going to charge more to park for a day than another lot that is located somewhere distant but don’t have the same level of security.

So, if you’re thinking about parking car for more than a day, you should think about giving the long-term parking garages a visit. These garages have additional amenities to offer as well. You can go through the different options available and check out the guide to understand the many different ways that you can go about parking your car at the airport.

To help make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the various short term and long-term parking options that are available for travelers that are coming to the Burbank Bob Hope Airport. If you want up-to-the-minute information about available parking spaces, you should call (818) 729-2245.

Short-Term Burbank Airport Parking Rates

The Burbank Bob Hope Airport provides visitors with an extensive range of short-term parking options to accommodate the needs of everyone searching for a parking spot. The short-term visitors have access to a four-story parking lot that is situated straight from the entry road at the entrance of the main terminal. The short-term visitors can pick up or drop off passengers quickly at the parking spaces that are allotted to them, while the rates for their parking come with the City of Burbank Parking Tax.

Short Term Burbank Airport Parking Rates

Garage Time Rate
Burbank Economy Lot A: 0-1 Hours $3
1-2 Hours $5
Burbank Economy Lot C: 0-1 Hours $3
1-2 Hours $5
Burbank Covered Lot G: 0 –  30 minutes $5
½ – 1 hour $7
1 – 1 ½ hours $13
1 ½ – 2 hours $16
Short-Term Parking Structure: 0 – 30 minutes $3
½ – 1 hour $5
1 – 1 ½ hours $7
1 ½ – 2 hours $13
2 – 2 ½ hours $19
Valet Parking: 0 – 30 minutes $3
30 – 45 minutes $7
¾ – 1 hour $13

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Long-Term Burbank Airport Parking Rates

Long-term parking means that you will be parking your car at the airport for more than a day. This would apply to people who are looking to travel for a short vacation or business trip. They can leave their car at the airport and pick it up on the way back. There are 4 parking options when it comes to long-term parking at the Burbank Airport. These options include:

  •         Economy Lot A
  •         Economy Lot C
  •         Economy Lot E
  •         Covered Lot G

Apart from these long-term parking options at the airport, there are a lot of offsite parking options that end up charging people roughly $16 a day. The best thing about parking at the Economy Parking Lots is that the rates are more affordable and there is also a free shuttle bus that will pick up parkers from their space and take them to the terminal.

The Economy Parking Lot is located at the north side of the terminal, while economy Lot C is towards the southeast side of the terminal. Both the parking lots have a free shuttle bus service that will pick up parkers and take them to the terminal. The Economy Lot E is situated right next to the terminal, so parkers can walk towards the terminal and not risk missing their flights.

The Covered Parking Lot G is towards the south of the Economy Parking Lot E and is a short distance away from the short-term parking lot as well.

Long Term Burbank Airport Parking Rates

Garage Time Rate
Burbank Economy Lot A Per Day $10
Burbank Economy Lot C Per Day $12
Burbank Economy Lot E Per Day $24
Burbank Covered Lot G Per Day $23
Burbank Short-Term Parking Structure Per Day $32
Parking Valet Per Day $24

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About Burbank Bob Hope (BUR) Airport Parking

Serving the region of greater Los Angeles, California, the Burbank Bob Hope Airport is located about 3 miles towards the northwest of downtown Burbank. It is renowned for being one of the busiest airports in the region as it serves more than 2 million passengers every year through 7 different airlines. The airport is closer to Hollywood and Griffith Park than Los Angeles International Airport. It is also the only airport in that area that has a rail connection with downtown Los Angeles.

The busy nature of the airport means that drivers need to find different parking spots for their cars and fortunately they have plenty of options to choose from. There are 6 different on-airport parking options, where they can park their cars without worrying about missing their flight. There are also 3 off-site lots and garages that are near the airport, but drivers don’t need to worry. There is a shuttle service that runs from these lots and drops them at the terminals.

This parking guide is designed to help all drivers at the Burbank Bob Hope Airport to properly park their cars and find the best parking options at the airport. If you have been searching for a comprehensive guide for parking at the Bob Hope Airport, then you have come to the right place. We have shared a lot of information here including parking rates, details about short and long-term options, along with links to other resources.

Information About Burbank Bob Hope Airport

All travelers going to the airport should understand that there are plenty of things to do and enjoy at the Burbank Bob Hope Airport. It doesn’t matter if you’re coming to the airport to pick up guests, see off someone or boarding your own flight, you should have knowledge about what to expect from your visit. This guide includes basic information about the Bob Hope Airport so that all visitors can have a pleasant experience when they visit. Here is what you can expect at the Bob Hope Airport:

Retail Shops and Food Services:

If you’re hungry and looking for food, you will find plenty of great options at the Bob Hope Airport, as there are several dining options available to you. There are some located near the security checkpoints, and you can have breakfast at the Lunch Box Bar and Grill, which is located in the lobby of Terminal A before you flight. If you enjoy sports and want to catch a game, then you can head on over to the bar at Terminal B where you can enjoy a nice cocktail.

There is a Fresco located at Terminal A, where visitors can sit down and enjoy delicious food. Here, you can chow down on pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven, enjoy a wide variety of sushi and build your own burrito. If you want to enjoy a burger on your way, then you can check out Guy’s Burger Joint at Terminal A. The Joint is  owned by Guy Fieri. You can also try out sandwiches and salads at “Wolfgang Puck’s To Go” at Terminal B and Guy’s Sammich Joint at Terminal A.

If you want to get some shopping done before your flight, you can check out the Hudson retail shops where there are a lot of different magazines. Here you will also manage to find the latest accessories for all your electronic devices, along with a host of locally made products. Grab some snacks as well as your favorite candy. Terminal A has got a makeup counter where there is a kiosk of Benefit Cosmetics. There is also a UNIQLO kiosk for anyone who wants outerwear. There is also something for pets at the airport! You can purchase travel accessories for your pet at the Up-Pup N’ Away kiosk. Terminal A also has a Google Kiosk for people who want to get information on anything.

Lost & Found, Police, and Skycaps

There are instances where you will require the assistance and expert help of the police at the airport. For such times, Skycaps can be found near the front of Terminal A. There is also a Police Department substation located at the entrance of Terminal A. You can ask questions from the community-friendly police officers and Skycaps anytime that you want.

Things do get lost at the airport, and for that reason there is an Airport Lost & Found at the entrance of Terminal B, which is open from 8am to 4pm, Monday till Friday. You can also call the Lost & Found at 818 – 729 – 2231. If you’re thinking about calling them over the weekend, you should leave a message and the call will be returned on the next business day.


Every major airport should have a good internet connection. You’ll be glad to know that the Burbank Bob Hope Airport is one which does. There is free Wi-Fi internet access offered throughout the terminals, and customers of Verizon and AT&T can also access their accounts on their mobile devices and laptops.

Where is Burbank Airport Located?

Burbank Airport is located at 2627 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505. Burbank Airport can also be contacted by calling (818)840-8840.

Burbank Airport Parking Maps

With the information regarding the parking rates mentioned above, you will not have any problems figuring out the many different parking options that are offered to you at the Burbank Bob Hope Airport. The interactive map shown above will help you figure out the different parking at Burbank airport and is designed to help you save time when identifying the different locations around the place.

Main Burbank Airport Parking Map

BUR Airport Parking Map

Burbank Airport Parking Information, Discounts, and Coupons

The parking rates shown above will give you a good idea about the various parking rates and how expensive it can be to park at the Burbank Bob Hope Airport. The rates tend to go up from time to time, and you should keep an eye on them. Also, if you are planning to park your car for an extended period, you should know that the rates are going to be expensive.

The high cost of BUR airport parking shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your trip. This is why we have found some ways that you can save up on those costs through special promotions, and discount offers that can be found through various portals. Here are some of the different resources that may help you find affordable parking rates at the Burbank Bob Hope Airport:


The official Airport page has a lot of information related to the parking options available at any time. The information includes several promotions that help bring down the cost of parking. There is also a web page that updates travelers with boarding times and flight information. The official page of the Burbank Bob Hope Airport can be used to find out ongoing parking promotions by travelers before they arrive at the airport. They can also scan pages for a while and check out if there are any promotions that people may have missed out on. If you’re lucky, there are chances that you can spot a promotion offer or a discount offer as well.


Way.com sells extra inventory from several parking operators that are near Burbank Bob Hope Airport and sells them at discounted rates. They also sell LA parking in downtown and other neighborhoods that are popular in that area. They have a website as well as an app that can be downloaded for iPhone or Android phones as well.

Final Word on Burbank Airport

There is a car wash option at the Burbank Bob Hope Airport with the valet parking service, but it doesn’t have the best reviews. Apparently, few people have had negative experiences with the car wash services at Burbank Airport, so you should consider getting your car washed and cleaned from somewhere else.

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