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Burlington Airport Parking Guide 

  • Cars Explained
  • Gerard Stevens
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Burlington International Airport (BTV) is around an hour’s drive from the Canada-USA border. Nearly 40% of BTV Airport’s passengers are from Quebec, Canada. Nearly 10,000 passengers fly from BTV Airport every week. It will give you a rough idea of how busy the airport parking will be. Considering the closeness to Burlington’s central business district, most of us prefer to drive to the airport. It is sure to make the onsite parking lot even busier! That’s why it’s always good to know about airport parking options when you fly out of Burlington Airport. Don’t worry! Our Burlington Airport parking guide will help you with that! Though the airport has ample parking spots, is it that easy to get one while you fly out? Know more about parking at BTV Airport, BTV parking rates, and more through this Burlington Airport parking guide!

BTV Airport parking options 

Burlington Airport has annual passenger traffic of around 700,000 before the pandemic. BTV Parking is offered via a multi-level covered parking garage offering short-term and long-term parking spots. You will get access to the garage from the airport entrance road. You can locate the garage on the left side after the taxi stand and the terminal on the right side while entering the airport. The parking spots are near the terminal. You can enter the terminal through two ground-level crosswalks and two walkways located at Level 2. The entrance to the short-term parking garage is at the south end of the garage. The airport also features a surface lot where you can park oversized vehicles. You can get free parking at the airport while using the Cell Phone lot. In-terminal kiosks accept cash and credit card payments, whereas all garage exits accept credit card payment mode alone.  

Where to park at Burlington Airport? 

The multi-level parking garage offers long-term and short-term parking at BTV Airport. All the parking spots are located near the terminal. The airport also features Surface Lot A, which provides BTV parking for oversized vehicles. Continue reading this Burlington Airport parking guide to know in detail about onsite Burlington parking and its rates.  

How much is parking at Burlington Airport? 

The BTV parking rates depend on the type of parking you choose and the duration taken for it. Burlington Airport parking starts at $1 for an hour, and it can go up to $12 for a day’s parking.  

How much does long-term parking cost at Burlington Airport? 

The BTV Airport long-term parking spots are fully covered, offering easy access to the terminal. Using a BTV Airport long-term parking spot charges you a daily maximum rate of $12. A covered walking area connects the garage to the terminal. The Surface Lot A also provides long-term parking for oversized vehicles. Using a day’s parking at this lot costs you $12. Both the lots charge the daily maximum rate after four hours of parking. Do you want to have affordable long-term parking at Burlington Airport? Then it is always better to reserve a parking spot at any nearby offsite garages or hotel parking lots. The majority of these offsite lots offer long-term parking at lower prices when compared to the onsite parking lot.  

Lot  Duration  BTV parking rate 
Long-term garage  Per Day  $12 
Surface Lot A  Per Day  $12 
Offsite parking near BTV Airport with shuttle  Per Day  $9 

How much is short-term parking at Burlington Airport? 

You can locate the short-term parking garage to the left side of the terminal. Getting a short-term parking spot costs you $1 for the first 60 minutes. The parking rates increase by $2 per hour for the next three hours. After four hours, you’ll have to pay the daily maximum rate of $12. You can access the short-term parking garage from the Airport main road. The terminal is within walking distance from the garage. Use the Cell Phone lot if you’re parking for less than an hour at the airport. Are you looking for short-term parking at cheaper rates? Then check and book a parking spot at the nearby offsite garages and hotel parking lots. Most of them offer hourly parking at cheaper rates than the onsite lot.  

Lot  Duration  BTV parking rate 
Short-term garage  1 hour  $1 
  2-3 hours  $2
Surface Lot A  1 hour  $1 
  2-4 hours  $2/hour 

About Burlington International Airport  

BTV Airport is a joint-use civil-military airport owned by the City of Burlington. The airport is located around three miles east of Burlington’s central business district. Burlington Airport features a single terminal located at a two-level terminal building consisting of two concourses and 15 gates. The airport sprawls an area of around 942 acres with two runways. American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Delta Connection, JetBlue, Frontier Airlines, and United Airlines are some of the main airlines that operate from BTV Airport. New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Charlotte, and Washington DC are the busiest domestic destinations served from the airport. Do you want to know about getting to the airport and spending your waiting period? This Burlington Airport parking guide has that covered!  

How to get to Burlington Airport 

Driving to the airport is an ideal option as it is just three miles away from Burlington’s central business district. Normally it takes around 10-15 to reach the airport from Burlington. However, be always mindful of the traffic on the road to the airport. It can get congested during rush hours or peak seasons. Also, choose to drive to the airport only if you’re sure about getting a parking spot. The onsite lots don’t have the option of pre-booking. So, with passengers coming from Quebec, the airport parking lot can get filled up quickly. So, either reach early at the airport or try to reserve an offsite parking spot in advance to avoid circling the parking lot at the last minute. What are the other ways by which you can commute to the airport? Read this Burlington Airport parking guide further.  

Get parking at BTV Airport for $9/day

Traveling via bus services 

Using a bus service is the cheapest way to reach BTV Airport from Burlington. The South Burlington Circulator Bus Purple Line #12 by Chittenden County Transportation Authority connects Burlington, South Burlington, and the University of Vermont with the airport. Usually, it takes around 25 minutes to reach the airport. The service operates hourly with a one-way ride costing $2. Vermont Translines also operates a bus service twice a day. The service costs you $1-2.  

Taxi/Rideshare services 

Burlington Taxi, New England Taxi, and Dunwright Taxi are the main taxi services that connect Burlington to BTV Airport. Using a taxi service is the fastest way to reach the airport. Ideally, it takes around 7-10 minutes to reach the airport, with a ride from Burlington costing you $6-8. Hiring a taxi service is the ideal option if you’re traveling with family or have a lot of luggage.  

Lyft and Uber are the two main rideshare services that you can hire to travel to the airport. The fare depends on the ride type and the time of your travel. Hiring a Lyft service costs you between $12-24 for a ride to BTV Airport. Riding to the airport in an Uber costs you around $14-31. Normally, it takes around 8-10 minutes to reach. The fares can surge during peak hours. So, always ensure to check the fares before you book. 

Things to do at Burlington Airport  

There are no lounges at BTV Airport. However, there’s nothing to be worried about! The airport has enough options you keep you equipped before boarding. One option is to use the free Wi-Fi available at the airport. Indulge yourself in a bit of browsing or post your updates from the airport to your social media accounts. What are the other options you can explore at BTV Airport? Continue reading this Burlington Airport parking guide.  

Dining at Burlington Airport 

Do you wish to try out some dishes made out of local food sources? Then head to the Skinny Pancake joint located at the north and south sides of the terminal, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Burgers, crepes, paninis, and snacks are the main items you get in this joint. This restaurant also serves locally made beer. Skinny Pancake opens at 4.30 AM and closes by around 6-7 PM. The airport also has a Chubby Muffin restaurant that operates from 4:30 AM to 7:00 PM. 

Shopping at BTV Airport 

Hudson News Gift Shop is the only shop that is available at the airport. You can locate this gift shop at the main concourse. The shop features an extensive collection of specialty foods, craft items, and gifts. You can also buy drinks, snacks, magazines, books, newspapers, toiletries, and personal items from this shop. Hudson News Gift Shop also operates kiosks in the ticket counter, north and south concourses.  

Other amenities at the airport 

The airport provides private rooms for nursing mothers and medications. Want to stretch out and relax a bit before your flight? Then head to the Evolution Yoga located on the second floor of the airport. Or do you wish to breathe some fresh air and relax? Then ‘Green Roof’ situated above the parking garage is your best option. You can relax on the rooftop, enjoying some scenic views. Use the north skywalk to reach the garage and then head to the stairs or elevator to reach the sixth floor. Green Roof has many benches, a picnic table, and alpine plants.  

Like to travel through the airport’s history? The ‘Airport History Exhibit’ on the second floor on the terminal’s south side showcases the history of BTV Airport through a set of photographs. 

Art at BTV Airport 

Are you an art lover? Then your waiting period at the airport will be so fruitful. The airport features many rotating exhibits on the second floor opposite the yoga studio. Burlington City Arts, which has been crucial in addressing the cultural and artistic needs of the Greater Burlington area for over 30 years, seasonally update the artworks at the airport.  

Where is Burlington Airport? 

The airport is located at 1200 Airport Dr, South Burlington, VT 05403.  

Where to park your car for free at Burlington Airport? 

You can get free parking at the airport while using the Cell Phone lot. Ensure that you never leave your vehicle unattended while parking at this lot. You can wait in the car while the passenger is claiming their luggage. Ask the passenger to call or message you once they are ready to be picked up at the terminal’s curbside.  

Can you sleep at the Burlington Airport? 

The passengers are restricted to the landslide areas once the security checkpoints are closed for the night. There are sofas, benches, loveseats, and easy chairs on the upper level above the ticket counters. There are also some benches located near the baggage claim. But, be mindful that there are no 24-hour restaurants or shops at the airport.  

How can you get cheap long-term parking at BTV Airport?    

Check and reserve a parking spot at any offsite garages or hotel parking lots if you want to have cheap long-term parking at BTV Airport. You can book offsite parking spots for rates starting as low as $9 for a day.  

Is there a shuttle service at BTV Airport?     

The onsite lot doesn’t offer shuttle services. However, most offsite lots provide free shuttle services when you book a parking spot.   

Does Burlington Airport have accessible parking spaces?  

Yes. All levels of the parking garage feature accessible parking spaces and accessible elevators.  You must possess a disabled licensed plate, disabled parking permit, or any other valid permit for parking in these spaces.  

Where to find EV charging stations at BTV Airport? 

You can locate free EV charging stations at the first level of the parking garage.  

Burlington Airport parking map  

Here’s the airport map where you can find the best onsite parking spots, including BTV Airport long-term parking and cheap BTV Airport parking.      

BTV Airport parking map
Image courtesy: https://www.btv.aero/images/uploads/terminal_garage_large2.jpg

Burlington Airport parking guide 

BTV Airport has long-term and short-term parking spots available at the parking garage. Long-term parking at the airport costs you a maximum of $12 for a day. Hourly parking starts at $1 for the first hour and surges by $2 per hour for the next three hours. Oversized vehicles can be parked at Surface Lot A. Do you want to book parking spots near the airport at cheaper rates? This Burlington Airport parking guide can help you with that!    

Burlington Airport parking information, coupons, and discounts    

BTV Airport, being the busiest one in Vermont, getting onsite parking can be quite challenging at times. The airport doesn’t have an option for pre-booking a parking spot. So, the onsite parking spots can fill up quickly during peak hours or seasons. It is always better to make plans about booking a parking spot as soon as you plan your journey. Always use the Way.com app or website to get a great parking spot near BTV Airport for lower rates. Booking a parking spot via Way will get you one for parking rates starting as low as $8 for a day. The parking comes with amenities like free round-trip shuttle service, 24/7 security, and more! So, always book via Way to get cheap Burlington Airport parking 

Burlington Airport parking guide tips 

  • BTV airport is located around three miles east of Burlington’s central business district. It is the largest and busiest airport in Vermont.
  • The parking garage offers short-term and long-term parking BTV parking spots near the terminal.  
  • Use Surface Lot A to park oversized vehicles at the airport.  
  • Cell Phone lot provides free parking at the airport. 
  • Always check the offsite garages and offsite parking lots to book parking spots at lower BTV parking rates.  

BTV Airport parking starts at $9/day

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