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Can a Fake Driver’s License Get You in Trouble? Find Out

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In a word, yes, it will. Fake drivers’ licenses are against the law and can result in large fines and even prison time if used for illegal purposes. It is normal to run your ID on the database to check its authenticity. The government has initiated many anti-forgery countermeasures, which means a fake driver’s license will not show any results when scanned in a DMV database.   

Numerous drivers’ license websites claim to offer fake drivers’ licenses. It is wise to avoid them as it would only bring you trouble. First, they would send you anything after pocketing your money, which would put you at risk. Even if the site straight away gives you a decent fake, it will have a statement that the cards are produced for novelty purposes and not for legal use. It’s not just illegal to use a fake ID; it’s also illegal to have one, sell one, produce one, or even alter details on an existing government document.   


How to spot a fake driver’s license

A fake ID is more likely to be made from poor quality plastic, show signs of tampering or “splitting,” and bend or fold more easily than a genuine ID. Also, look for the holographic image on the id card. For example, state-issued driver’s licenses carry an image that flashes in the light. Fake licenses may reproduce this by printing a dim image in the background of bright color. 

 What are the precautionary measures taken by DMV? 

The DMV has started taking extra measures to counter the fake drivers’ licenses. They have hi-tech holographic stickers with unique serial codes to prevent anyone from counterfeiting them. Police departments across the country use and maintain an online database of all drivers’ license issued by DMV. They also use digital solutions such as id scanners to verify the drivers’ licenses.   

What are the consequences of using a fake driver’s license?  

The penalties for using a fake ID can range from jail time to heavy fines. In most cases, when someone uses a fake ID, the crime is charged as a misdemeanor. However, false IDs can also result in felony charges, depending on the circumstances and the state, such as if you use a fake ID to purchase a firearm or own a fake driver’s license. A misdemeanor crime of fake identification can result in a maximum jail sentence of 12 months. On the other hand, the maximum sentence for a felony fake ID crime, like using or possessing a fake driver’s license, is ten years in prison.  

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How to get your driver’s license?  

You need a driver’s license to operate a motor vehicle in the United States legally. If you are new to driving, start with a learner’s permit, take your time and practice, and schedule your appointment for your driver’s test when you’re ready. Driver’s license regulations vary from state to state. You must pass a driving, vision, and written test before obtaining your driver’s license.  

Is it worth it? 

Using a fake driver’s license to get away with certain things might seem exciting, but it’s not worth it. Do fake driver’s licenses work? They don’t. The DMV issues countermeasures against forgeries and the police do more than you think. Is it worth it? We don’t think so.

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