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Can I Lease a Tesla: Know This Before You Decide

  • Things To Know
  • Melanie Barrett
  • 5 minutes

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Planning to go for a Tesla lease is one of the most economical decisions you can make in 2022. Tesla lease is an evolving thought these days simply because a lease is better than buying. Especially now that fuel prices are soaring high, you need to think twice before buying. 

Also, reports from the last year make it evident that while only 7% of Teslas were delivered, 25% of users decided to choose the Tesla lease. The reason for choosing to lease is that Tesla comes with the most demanding features. Aspects like hands-free driving, key card access for better operations, and a dog mode to have your pets around make the car sought-after.  

Tesla Lease by Models

If you are planning a Tesla lease, the following are some models that may come in handy: 

Tesla Model 3

If you look at affordability as you are planning for a Tesla lease, the Model 3 should seem feasible. The reason behind this is that this model always turns out to be the best seller in the market. Also, the road test score of Model 3 is 83/100, which stands out as the best according to the industry standards. The leasing period for model 3 that firms usually provide is 36 months. 

¬†In addition, the acceleration of this model comes up to 0-60mph in 3.1 seconds. Isn’t that amazing? All the more, there is no such difficulty in handling the vehicle since it is has got complete automation. And the best part of this model is that it is the easiest to operate, providing all the comforts you expect.¬†

Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is a taller version of model 3. Between model 3 and model Y, this model offers you good acceleration. The acceleration of this model is‚ÄĮ0-100km/h in‚ÄĮ6.9-seconds. Model Y is a good-to-go choice if you plan to go for a feasible lease. ¬†

But if you are sure to go with this option, then make sure to have a credit score between 650 to 700. Similarly, having a down payment should help you effortlessly get ahead with the lease. 

 Another important aspect of this model has a down payment to get the Tesla lease. The mileage also comes up to 10000 to 15000, which will keep up your expectations. 

Tesla Model S 

If you are planning for a Tesla lease for the best acceleration, go for the model S. This is one parameter that creates competitiveness with the other models of cars. Even when all models of Tesla have the feature of self-driving, this is one of the best versions.  

 Another essential feature of the S Model is that it comes with a 100 kWh battery. You will need a credit score of 720+ to lease the Model S. This model also offers you the best mileage of 30000 to 50000. The acceleration of this model is 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds. Opting for this model of Tesla lease will be one of the best economic decisions you make. 

 Tesla Model X 

 Opting for this model lease, you get to travel in the vehicle with the best performance. This model offers you a stupefying performance of 1020 hp. The vast seating option is another exciting feature here, and it has a seating capacity of 5-7. The seating arrangement makes your travel all the more relaxing. 

 Also, the luggage capacity of this model comes up to 2180 liters approximately. The mileage that model x provides is 360.4 miles. Whether the trips are short or long, a one-time charge suffices for the complete drive. Also, opting for a Tesla lease with model x offers you the best luxury travel.  

Benefits of  taking a Tesla on lease 

Some of the most notable benefits of going for a Tesla lease are: 

Less ownership cost 

Owning a Tesla may you about $39000. On the other hand, you may go for a¬† lease at a much better rate if you give it a second thought. The Tesla lease amount for 72 months and the down payment add up to $4500+549. Isn’t that an exciting deal? In addition, the cost-effectiveness gets reflected in the longer run. In other words, this saves you from the hefty car price and saves a lot on the delivery rates.¬†



Better depreciation rates 

Did you know that vehicles like Nissan lose their value for five years? Yes, that’s true. This loss of value makes you look out for another car sooner, with all the procedures following. Instead, it is better to buy one. However, Tesla stands out in this aspect. Tesla’s value depreciates at a slower pace. In other words, over three years, its value falls by 10%, offers 50000 miles, and the capacity drops by only 5%.¬†¬†

Good range and performance 

One of the best perks of opting for a Tesla lease is that it offers a continuous drive of 405 miles at a single charge. The S model offers the highest acceleration of 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds. This top-end acceleration is the best and most influential technology so far. It also gives the drivers complete access to autopilot features. 

Tesla lease is always a good option since it is way more affordable than buying one. It is always best to confirm your decision to lease after considering the pros and cons. 

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