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Can the Car Battery Die While I’m Driving? FAQ Answered

  • Car Services
  • Natasha Young
  • 6 minutes

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When your car starts acting up on the road, it can wreak havoc on your day. A dead car battery is, second only to a flat tire, the worst thing that can happen to you on the road. Unfortunately, it can often happen with no notice. And this scenario can leave you wondering, can the car battery die while I’m driving? In short, yes! Read to know more. 

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While driving, your car’s battery can die. When the car’s battery dies while the engine is still running, it’s usually a symptom of serious trouble in the vehicle’s electrical system. It’s safe to pull over to the roadside if your battery warning light turns on and stays on while you’re behind the wheel. Your car’s engine will eventually shut off if the battery fails; this means nothing but trouble when you are in the middle of the road. 

What to do if your car battery dies while you’re driving 

When faced with an emergency, such as a dead battery, the driving situation must always be handled with care. It’s not just for your safety but the safety of other drivers on the road. If you follow these instructions, you should be able to avoid any potential problems. 

Safely pull over your car to the side of the road 

It’s essential to pull over to the shoulder of the road as soon as possible. You can still stop the vehicle if the brakes and steering failed. Still, there’s no need to freak out, as challenging as it may be. You can stop the vehicle in a secure location by applying the emergency brake. Take precautions to provide adequate space so that your vehicle will not obstruct the path of other motorists. 

Try to restart your car 

Attempt a restart once the car cools down. To get started, pull the key out of the ignition. After giving the automobile time to rest, try to start it again. You’re lucky if you can get your automobile started at all. Also, remember that you’ll need to check out the damage at a repair shop. Then, you won’t have to worry about those problems occurring when you’re behind the wheel. 

Turn your emergency lights on 

For further protection, the emergency lights should be activated. Drivers will see that you are in a bind and cannot restart your vehicle. As soon as you turn on the lights, you’ll be given clearance to move around. 

Request roadside assistance 

Driving with a dead battery is dangerous. Don’t lose your cool, and always proceed with caution. A technician from a repair business is always available to help you out. Expert advice on automobile maintenance is sometimes available. However, be aware that you must find a solution to the problem without delay. 


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Why’s your car battery dying while you’re driving 

Your car is out of gas 

When your car’s battery runs out of fuel, it’s one of the main causes of sudden engine failure. Fill up your car’s fuel tank to turn the engine back on. Make this an everyday practice to avoid any future challenges. 

It’s important to pay attention to the faint buzzing noise while turning the key in your car’s ignition to avoid this. However, a professional inspection of the fuel gauge is recommended because it may provide an inaccurate reading. 

Faulty alternator 

When the car’s alternator malfunctions, the battery can still power the vehicle. Keep in mind that when the engine is operating, the alternator charges the battery and provides additional electric power. It’s crucial for your car’s electrical systems. A brand-new battery still has to be charged by the alternator. 

Your automobile won’t move until the battery and alternator are communicating with one another. If the red battery indicator flashes on the dashboard, the alternator transmits a distress signal. You must immediately pull over and take your vehicle to a service center for repairs. 

You are having issues with the ignition switch 

Problems of different kinds might arise from a faulty ignition switch. You won’t be able to restart your car or use the radio or other electronics. In this case, the problem is a worn-out ignition switch that prevents electricity from reaching the engine. If the automobile loses power, it might perish in the middle of the road. 

Malfunctioning fuel pump 

Issues with the gasoline pump are another common cause of unexpected vehicle breakdowns. This means you must be extra cautious while filling your gas tank. It’s possible to run into trouble if you accidentally put gas in a diesel vehicle or diesel in a gasoline vehicle.  

It will cause unexpected breakdowns in vehicles. The gasoline pump or filter might be clogged, for example. So getting your automobile towed to the nearest repair shop is always a good idea. Sometimes, when you initially turn the key, there will be a faint buzzing noise. 

Your car’s sensors are not working properly 

It’s important to remember that the sensors may pick up on alterations to the car’s chemistry and structure. However, there are situations when the sensors fail and report erroneous data.  

This can have severe consequences for the vehicle’s functionality. Remember that today’s automobiles typically have onboard computers. It’s one of the ways it may spread erroneous data. 

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Dead battery 

We know the car won’t turn over if the battery is dead. No difficulty with starting is expected, even with a defective or poor battery. It might suddenly die while you’re driving, though. The alternator’s role in keeping the engine system operational is a contributing factor.  

Stalling can occur if the alternator is not under sufficient stress. It’s important to remember that even the best batteries only have a two-year lifespan at the very most. Therefore, changing the battery is essential to avoid stalling when driving. 

When should I replace my car’s battery? 

 Knowing whether a car battery needs to be replaced is a must. Don’t wait till the battery doesn’t charge anymore. If your car’s battery dies, you may buy a new one.  

When your car battery is way too old

There is a standard lifespan for all auto batteries. However, it’s possible for there to be variations between individual units. To determine the age of a battery, read the etched code or look at the label. The date it was shipped from the factory may also be the date the code was generated.  

When your car battery’s strength is going downhill

The battery’s charge may be checked at any auto parts store or garage. It just takes a few minutes and rarely costs anything to check the voltage of a battery. If your car’s battery voltage is low, you should get a new one. 

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Bottom line  

The next time your car battery dies, try to quickly and accurately diagnose the causes and stay safe. If your car battery dies, try everything we’ve suggested, and if it doesn’t work, consider getting a new battery. But, again, always remember to prioritize safety over everything. 

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