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Can You Drain Your Car Door? Things to Know 

  • Car Care Tips
  • Melanie Barrett
  • 4 minutes

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 Can you drain your car door? Yes, you can. Your car doors can get water logged because of the weather or a badly-done car wash. But don’t worry, it’s quite easy to drain the water out. Take your time draining the water out because there are chances of debris accumulating inside the door the later you are. Hence, understand which car parts to check, and act immediately. 

If you don’t drain your car door on time, it can affect the internal parts of the door. Most importantly, it can affect the electronic parts of the door. Also, make sure to know the after-effects, use the right ways, and resolve the issue soon. 

Can You Drain Your Car Door? Things to Know 

How can you drain your car door easily? Tips to follow 

How can you drain your car door easily? Some quick tips may seem useful while you remove the water. Here’s what you need to do. 

Check for drainage holes

Most drainage holes have covers that strain the debris yet keep them accumulating inside.  You can easily find them under the door panel. These are small holes that let out water that clogs inside. If the water clogs inside these holes, it may harm the interiors, making them dirty and rusty. Hence, make sure to drain your car door without any delay.  

Clean the blocked holes 

Most drainage holes have covers that strain the debris yet keep them accumulating inside. Hence, what you should do first, is to remove the covers of the blocked holes and take all the water out. Make sure to do this regularly. 

Spray water 

Can you drain your car door effortlessly? Yes! One of the easiest ways to drain the door is by spraying water onto your car doors. You can use a hose pipe with high-pressure water or a gardening pipe and spray it into the car door holes.  Also, check for leakages in your car doors by sending your car for a professional car wash. 

Recheck for blocks 

You can recheck the blocks by trying to drive your car again in the rain. If water enters your car and seeps through the car door, it means that you need to drain your car door again.  

Remove the rubber covers

Try removing the rubber covers or frames of your car door. This way, you can drain your car door since the frame is one place where the water accumulates. Try to pull the rubber covers off carefully, let the water out, and replace the covers once dry. 

Can You Drain Your Car Door? Things to Know 


Parts of the door to check for leakage.

You can drain your car door by checking the following parts for leakage: 

Door Membrane 

Most cars these days come with a door membrane. The benefit of this membrane is that it keeps the water out, allowing water to drain out of the car completely. However, make sure to maintain the door membrane in good condition. Any damage to the membrane can cause leakage in the car door. 

Door Weather Stripping 

The weather strips are thin strips that surround your car windows. These strips prevent water from seeping through your car doors to a limit. Make sure to wash the door weather stripping with some water often. Also, see to it that the stripping is in good condition. If not, you must go for a better-quality door weather stripping. 

Door Seal 

The seal at the corners of your car doors contains rubber. These corners get damaged easily and in a short period. Also, the door seals stay in place when it contains a good-quality adhesive. Check if your door seals are in place or are coming off? If they are coming loose, then you better go for a replacement. 

Can You Drain Your Car Door? Things to Know 

How to Prevent Water Leaks through Car Doors? Step-by-step guide

  • Create a mild soap solution and water. Use this solution to wash your car doors.  
  • Use a sponge to drain your car doors. Do not be rough while drying the car doors. 
  • Go for a second car wash using an all-purpose cloth or sponge. 
  • Leave the car doors open for some time after you dry them. 
  • Close the doors once fully dry, o you don’t let in any moisture. 
  • Use sprays with a silicone base, which prevents water leaks through car doors. 
  • While wiping water from the car doors, use a generous amount of conditioning product to dry the doors. Apply the conditioning product using a clean, dry cloth. 
  • Make sure to apply the product on the entire car door to prevent leaks. 
  • Do a regular check. You never know when the leaks can happen again. 

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