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Can You Drive Someone Else’s Car?

  • Insurance
  • Sara Sam
  • 4 minutes

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 Is your car under repair? Are you someone who frequently borrows other’s cars? Is your daily commute a question because you don’t have a car?  Borrowing or hitchhiking, it might seem simple to drive around when you are just a call away from your friends or family. However, the question is can you drive someone else’s car without legal consequences? Do you need insurance to do so? We got it covered for all the drivers but non-car owners out there.  

Find cheap insurance if you are driving someone else's car

Is it legal to drive someone else’s car? 

Yes, driving someone else’s car is legal as long as it is insured. In other words, if you are driving your friend’s car and then an accident occurs, the expenses of the damage will be covered by your friend’s policy.  However, if it is a speeding ticket or a DUI charge while driving charge, it will appear on your driving record.  

What kind of borrower are you? Here are the coverages you require! 

If you are an occasional borrower, non-owner car insurance is not necessary. Your car insurance and the car owner’s insurance will contribute in case the expenses exceed the owner’s policy limits.  

However, if you are a regular borrower, there are two options you can consider. Firstly, the owner can add you to their policy. Secondly, you can opt for non-owner insurance if the owner is not interested in adding you to the existing policy. Your car insurance policy can kick in to cover any excess expenses.  

If you plan on renting, then non-owner car insurance can be cheaper than long-term rental. However, you can also use the company’s rental car insurance or tweak your coverage to suit the coverage needs of the rental car. 

Non-Owner Car Insurance 

Several risks come with driving a car that isn’t your own. Knowing what you need when operating someone else’s vehicle will certainly help you keep on top of the car insurance requirements.  

However, you should understand that non-owner insurance is secondary coverage, effective only after the first policy has been paid. In other words, when the primary policy’s liability limits are exhausted, the non-owner policy can pay up to the limit. 

Can you drive someone else’s car if it is uninsured? 

Every car you own requires a certain level of minimum liability insurance coverage or some other form of financial accountability. So, if caught driving someone else’s uninsured car, you will have to pay the penalties.  

However, the liability requirements and laws vary with each state. If you are caught driving an uninsured car that is not even your own, you will have to either pay fines, lose your license, or might even need to serve even jail time.   

Are you planning for a car lease takeover?

When should I not drive a car that is not my own? 

  • If you are a young driver, not over 21.  
  • If you don’t own a license.  
  • In case it is a luxury car. High-end cars tend to have higher insurance rates.  
  • If your coverage is not sufficient enough for a luxury car.  
  • If you are uninsured.  
  • If the car you have borrowed is not insured.  
  • If you are borrowing a car that is rented. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I drive someone else’s car for Uber? 

Uber mandates the driver’s name on the insurance documents. In other words, if you opt to drive a car you do not own, you must be identified as an insured driver on its insurance policy. Therefore, you can drive another person’s car for Uber if you are covered under the acceptable policy.  

What happens if someone else is driving my car and gets in an accident? 

If you let someone else drive your car and get in an accident, your auto insurance will cover any claims. If the person you lend your car to is found to be at fault in an accident, other people could file a claim against your insurance. This can also increase your insurance rates in the future.  

Can I let someone borrow my car long-term? 

If you are lending your car long-term, it is safe to add the driver to your policy. This might increase your insurance premium but can protect you in the event of an accident. Meanwhile, the driver can also opt for non-owner insurance.  

Can I lend my car to a family member? 

Family members, spouses, and children are considered permissive use drivers under the “omnibus clause.” People residing in the same house may use the car with the insured’s consent unless the insured specifically specifies them as “non-permissive usage” drivers. However, it is advisable to check it with your insurance provider.  


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