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Can You Get a DUI on a Skateboard? Here’s What You Should Know!

  • Insurance
  • Natasha Young
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Showing off your skills on a skateboard is uber cool. But when you are drunk or high? Uber minus cool. Cause that’s a definite bummer. Speaking of booze and boards, have you ever wondered about getting a DUI on a skateboard? We bet you did! And this article is for all those curious minds who wanna know about it. 

Do not drink and drive or skate! We repeat, do not drink and drive or skate! It’s a BIG NO when you are drunk or high! 

can you get a dui on a skateboardIs a skateboard considered a vehicle? 

In short, NO. 

According to the Vehicle Code, a vehicle is anything but a device that can move, move, or can be driven on the road. But the definition gets more precise when we get into the nitty-gritty of it. They are not vehicles if they can be moved by hand, has no engine, and can only move on rails or tracks. 

So clearly, skateboards are not considered to be a vehicle. Unless, of course, the skateboard got a motor or runs on electricity. That’s more like an electric scooter, which is a vehicle. Know that a skateboard might get away from a DUI, but the person on it? Definitely not! 

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Why should you not drink and skate? 

Accidents caused by drunk driving don’t always involve cars. Getting into an accident on your bike or skateboard is possible if you’ve been drinking. You are more likely to fall because you won’t have proper balance. And if you fall in front of a car, you could get seriously hurt. It’s far more dangerous when you don’t have a helmet, let alone half conscious. 


If you do get into an accident on your skateboard, you could be charged with being drunk in public and possibly hurting someone else. Instead, call an Uber, or ask a friend to call one for you. Better plan to have one of your friends be the sober driver. Consequences of you on a skateboard while drunk are much worse than a $20 Uber receipt. 

Can you possibly get a DUI on a skateboard? 

No, but you might have to face some other charges. 

The Vehicle Code has a clause that an officer could use against you. If you are caught riding a skateboard while you are intoxicated, the officers may charge you with a misdemeanor.  

You could get a $250-$300 penalty in some states. If you get caught skating drunk, you could get the same jail time as someone who drives a car while drunk in many states. Technically, you won’t be charged with DUI, but you may get the same punishment. That means possibly 30 days in jail for the first offense and up to 120 days for the second. Some states are more lenient about drunk skating, while others are too strict about this public misconduct. 


Officers may stop you for inquiry on the spot if you are caught riding in a restricted area, but you can’t get a DUI. If the officer doesn’t suspect anything and doesn’t want to do a breathalyzer test, you are in the clear. 

What if you get caught skating while drunk in a restricted area? You could get in a lot of trouble with the police or other law enforcement officers. If you break the law about disorderly behavior, you can be arrested and given a ticket. That’s not a good spot to be in. And that’s not something a responsible citizen would do. 

Skateboard laws and regulations 

Most state and local governments have safety laws and rules for skateboards. Helmets are required, and knee pads and other protective gears are a requirement. 

When someone is drunk, they might grab their board and forget their helmet and other safety gear. Usually, the police can give someone a ticket if they skateboard without the required safety gear. Cities and towns often have rules about where you can and can’t use a skateboard. Any violation comes with charges and penalties. 


Even if you believe you could get away from a DUI, know there are exceptions. In Oregon, police charged a guy who was on a skateboard with DUI. Jacob Becker was going down the street on his skateboard when he hit a moving van. He was also charged with underage drinking. 

Bottom line 

Even if you’re not driving a car, you could still be arrested for DUI. Even when you are on a skateboard. Depending on the state laws, you could get into a lot of trouble if you are caught riding your skateboard while you are high or drunk. 

Always play it safe and wait until you are sober before getting on your board. Call a taxi or ask a friend to drive you around if you’ve been drinking. It’s not worth the chance of getting hurt or getting caught and jailed. Most importantly, stay safe! Remember that skateboarding is fun, but only when you a sober. 

can you get a dui on a skateboard

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