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Can You Smoke and Drive? We Have the Answer!

  • Safety Tips
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 6 minutes

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Many love to smoke while driving. So it will be usual for them to light up cigarettes or weed as soon as they get into the car. It is particularly true if they can’t smoke at home or office. However, some states don’t allow smoking in cars in particular circumstances. But the biggest question is can you smoke and drive? 

The answer depends on what you smoke! First, let us clarify that we never encourage you to smoke and drive. We don’t want to judge you, but smoking in the car may be harmful to more than just your health if it affects how you drive. After all, fatal crashes can happen more if you’re driving while smoking, especially marijuana.  

So, can you smoke and drive? Keep reading our blog to know whether driving while smoking is okay! 

can you smoke and drive

Can you smoke and drive? 

It isn’t illegal to smoke while driving. Smoking any cigarette, cigar, or vape pen while driving is legal. However, suppose your smoking habit results in risky driving. In that case, it may result in imprisonment, especially if it results in an accident that causes the death of another person. Swerving while trying to light a cigarette on the road is a classic example.  

In most states, you can smoke while driving as long as no one under 18 is in the car. You may even face a charge. Though vaping is allowed in many states, things can get tricky in some situations. A police officer can accuse you of windshield obstruction if the smoke is so heavy that it blocks your windshield. Though e-cigarettes come under the portable electronic devices category, you can face charges because using such objects is illegal in some states. 

Illegal smoking actions 

  • Throwing the cigarette butt out of your car’s window 
  • Smoking in your car while a minor is there 
  • Distracted driving after smoking or lighting a cigarette  
  • Smoke-related windshield obstruction 

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Can you smoke weed and drive? 


Driving while smoking weed is always illegal. According to CDC, driving under the influence of weed is illegal and risky. Even if it is legal to smoke marijuana in your state, you can’t do it while driving! 

It is because your reflexes and decision-making ability get slowed down by marijuana. It’s also crucial to remember that it’s illegal for a passenger to use weed inside a moving car. Even if it doesn’t affect the driver, it is still banned because it is considered public drug usage. Make sure you know the laws in your state and any potential consequences. 

You should also be aware that smokers are more likely to pay extra for auto insurance. It is because insurers believe smokers are more likely to engage in higher-risk activities. However, DUI laws for weed differ based on the state.

What are the substances that can impair your driving?  

These are a few substances that can impair your driving.  

  • Alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs can make driving difficult since they slow coordination, judgment, and reaction times.  
  • Methamphetamine and cocaine both increase aggression and recklessness in drivers.  
  • Using two or more substances, including alcohol, at the same time can negatively impact a person’s ability to function properly. 
  • Extreme sleepiness, dizziness, and other side effects are possible with some prescription and over-the-counter medications. Before getting behind the wheel, read and note any warnings.  

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Can you smoke weed and drive in PA? 

Pennsylvania has a zero-tolerance policy and has harsh penalties for driving after getting stoned. Potential punishments for a first-time offender include a $5,000 fine, up to six months in jail, and a one-year license suspension. 

Can you drive and smoke weed in DC? 

You can’t! It applies to both weed and alcohol. Though you can legally possess a certain amount of weed, consuming or smoking it in a car or public area is illegal. 

How much weed can you smoke and drive in California? 

First, you can’t drive under the influence of marijuana in California. Possible penalties include a hefty fine, jail time, and license suspension. There is no set legal threshold or upper limit for how much marijuana is ‘too much for driving. A chemical test is just a way to determine whether you are driving under the influence of marijuana or not! 

How can you prevent impaired driving? 


The best way is to refrain from all substances, including marijuana, if you plan to drive. If you intend to use, are consuming, or have used alcohol or drugs, including marijuana, here are some precautions you can take. 

  • The best choice is not to drive. Also, ask your family or friends not to drive after smoking.  
  • Designate a responsible driver who doesn’t drink or take drugs when you’re out partying with friends. 
  • Plan to use a ridesharing service, call a taxi or obtain a ride home from someone who hasn’t been using drugs or alcohol. 

Is driving while drunk or high worse? 

It’s true that driving when high is less risky than driving while drunk. A drunk driver is more likely to cause a deadly accident than a stoned driver. However, ‘less risky’ does not mean it’s safe. It simply means that marijuana has a different impact on drivers than alcohol does. So, we advise you not to drive drunk or stoned! 

Mixing alcohol with marijuana can be very dangerous! Then the motorist becomes very careless, goes too fast, drifts out of their lane, and, worst of all, isn’t aware that they are impaired. So, if you’re driving, drive your car without the influence of alcohol or drugs. But if you’re completely stoned or drunk, hire a Uber, Lyft, or cab to reach your destination safely! 

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