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Can You Take a Bath during a Thunderstorm?

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Our basic knowledge of science might remind you that water is a conductor of electricity every time there is a thunderstorm and you are in the shower. Therefore, taking a bath during a thunderstorm seems risky. Is it true, or is it something that we’ve come to accept without question? So, can you take a bath during a thunderstorm? We wash it down for you.

What causes lightning? 

In simplest terms, the buildup and discharge of electrical energy within the atmosphere is what causes lightning. When warm, moist air rises and cools, water vapor clouds form thunderstorms. These clouds have a positive and negative electrical charge, with the negative charge usually at the bottom of the clouds.

As the storm gets worse, a sudden electrical discharge happens in the cloud or between the cloud and the ground. As a result, lightning bolts can heat the air around them to temperatures hotter than the sun, causing rapid air expansion and thunder. Lightning strikes most often in warm, moist areas with frequent thunderstorms. 

Can lightning cause injury? 

Apart from direct strikes, which can be fatal, lightning can cause skin lesions, burns, or brain, muscle, and eye injuries. A heart attack is what causes death when lightning strikes you.

In addition, lighting can also affect the brain and nervous system, consequently leading to loss of consciousness or seizures. 

Can you take a bath during a thunderstorm? 

No, and no. If you can hear a thunderstorm, then there is a probability that the lightning can reach you. Therefore, if you are taking a bath during a thunderstorm, the water can act as a path for the electric current. Similarly, metal in your house can also act as a conductor. In addition, washing dishes, or your hands is also not safe. To sum up, pipes, shower heads, and, obviously, water can be a risky affair during thunderstorms. 

How does lightning enter your house? 

  • Plumbing system. 
  • Electrical systems, radio, and television reception systems. 
  • Metal pipes. 
  • Concrete walls

How to stay safe during a thunderstorm? 

  • Plan ahead and stay indoors during stormy weather. 
  • Avoid standing near windows and doors. 
  • Protect your electronics from power surges by unplugging them. 
  • Do not take baths during thunderstorms. 
  • Avoid doing chores like cleaning and washing.  
  • Do not pursue any outdoor activity.  
  • Wait for at least 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder before going outside. 
  • Make sure to avoid tall structures during a thunderstorm. 

Common misconceptions about thunderstorms you should unlearn right now! 

  • Only tall objects fall prey to lightning: Even though the probability is higher for tall objects, lightning can hit objects closer to the ground as well. 
  • Taking a bath during a thunderstorm is safe: Your fourth-grade science lesson should help you here; water is a good conductor of electricity.  
  • Thunder is harmless: Yes, thunder might seem like a pawn, but it sure means lightning is nearby, and you should keep safe.  

Which is a safe place to be during a thunderstorm? 

The safest place to be during a thunderstorm is inside a sturdy building or a moving vehicle. Avoid outside structures, and if you are inside a building, do not use electronics, and remember that it is not safe to take a bath during a thunderstorm.

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