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Can You Use Bluetooth on a Plane? Here’s What You Must Know!

  • Air Travel
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 7 minutes

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Most of us depend on movies or music to pass the time while flying, especially if it’s a long-haul flight. If you have been on a flight before, you know that you must turn off all mobile electronic devices before the flight takes off. So, while packing your luggage for the next trip, you must still feel perplexed about whether to take your Bluetooth headphones. So there’s the big question – can you use Bluetooth on a plane? 

Suppose you’re someone who can’t go on a travel without your favorite Bluetooth headphones. Then, knowing whether you can use them on a plane before packing them in your carry-on is critical. It can be confusing as different airlines have varying policies. There’s nothing to worry about! Our article is the perfect guide to carrying Bluetooth headphones on a plane! 

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Can You Use Bluetooth on a Plane?  

Yes. You can use Bluetooth on a plane, subject to some limits and restrictions. The restrictions will be you must follow your airline’s recommendations, like activating airplane mode in your device (especially phones) during take-off and landing. Also, some airlines won’t let you use Bluetooth or other technologies till the flight reaches a specific height, normally over 10,000 feet.  

When you first activate airplane mode, it will disable Wi-Fi, cellular data, and Bluetooth. However, you can turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth back on. That’s how you use these technologies while on a flight. Some major carriers, like Delta and United, provide Bluetooth connections with their in-flight entertainment systems, letting you connect them to the plane’s built-in TV systems.  

can you use Bluetooth on a plane

Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones on a Plane? 

Yes. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) lets you use Bluetooth headphones or any other wireless devices during your flight if they’re in airplane mode.  

How Do You Use Bluetooth Headphones on a Plane?  

Are you a music enthusiast who can’t fly without your wireless Bluetooth headphones? Or do you love to watch movies to avoid boredom during the long flight? Then you must be surely carrying your Bluetooth headphones while flying out. But before that, you should know its dos and don’ts first!  

Check the Policy of Your Airline


Before your journey, check your airline’s electronic device rules, including Bluetooth headphones. Several airline websites specify whether they permit wireless headphones and what limitations apply. For instance, major carriers like Delta, United, and American have different restrictions, though they permit the usage.  

Carry an Adapter  

Wireless Bluetooth headphones need an adapter to connect to the two-pronged headphone port on a plane. So be sure to carry an adapter if you don’t want to miss out on some inflight entertainment.  

Be Thoughtful of Other Passengers  


Entertaining yourself shouldn’t be an annoyance to other passengers on the flight. Since many others will be traveling with you, it is best to use noise-canceling headphones to avoid disturbing other passengers. Also, try to avoid loud discussions when you’re using the device.  

Don’t Use It for Data Transfer

Though you can use the technology in airplane mode, many airlines discourage using it for data transfer. So, waiting until the flight to land for data transfer is best.  

Avoid Using It during Safety Briefings  

can you use Bluetooth on a plane

Paying attention to safety briefings and flight crew instructions before taking off is mandatory. So, remove your headphones and turn off any electronics during this period. 

Always Have a Backup  

Carry a set of wired headphones in case your wireless Bluetooth headphones aren’t authorized or may run out of power. A backup set of wired headphones will let you enjoy entertainment during your flight.  

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Can I Use Bluetooth Headphones on American Airlines? 

Yes. You can use it while flying out on American Airlines. But you can’t use it during take-off and landing.  

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Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones on a Delta Flight? 

Yes. The carrier allows Bluetooth headphones during the flight as long as they are in airplane mode. 


Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones on United Flights? 

Yes. You can use it as long as it is in airplane mode.  

Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones on Alaska Airlines? 

Yes. You can use small portable electronic devices during the entire flight as long as they are in airplane mode or until the Captain instructs you to switch them off. 

Can I Use My Bluetooth Headphones on a Jetblue Flight? 

Yes. Except for specific low-visibility landings, you can use portable electronic devices aboard JetBlue aircraft throughout all phases of the flight, including taxi, take off, cruise, and landing. But you must set the devices to airplane mode. 

Can You Use Bluetooth Earbuds on a Plane? 

man with Bluetooth earpods

Yes. According to the FAA, you can use Bluetooth earbuds or any other wireless devices during your flight if they’re in airplane mode. 

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Can You Use Bluetooth AirPods on a Plane? 

Yes. After the FAA’s approval in 2013, you can carry portable electronic devices on a plane. Since AirPods are categorized as portable electronic devices, you can use them during your flight.  

How Do You Turn On Bluetooth on an iPhone While in Airplane Mode?

It isn’t difficult to turn on the technology after you activate the airplane mode after entering the flight. Follow these steps to do it easily.  

  • In airplane mode, swipe down from the upper right corner of your iPhone while. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to check whether your phone has a home button. 
  • To activate Bluetooth, tap the grayed-out icon. 
  • Bluetooth gets activated despite the phone being in Airplane mode. The icon will turn bright blue on activation.  

Once activated, you can connect your headphones. You can follow the same steps to turn it off again when not required. 

Can You Use Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headphones on a Plane?  

Yes. Using noise-canceling headphones during your journey is fine, ensuring that the device remains in airplane mode during take-off and landing. It is always best to use noise-canceling devices to ensure you don’t annoy other passengers.  

Can You Use Bluetooth Hearing Aids on a Plane? 

Hearing aids get an exemption when the flight crew instructs everyone to turn off electronic devices. Wearing the hearing aids during the journey will help you hear other passengers, the flight crew, and any on-board announcements. But, if the hearing aids are connected via Bluetooth to other devices like a phone or tablet, you must activate airplane mode.  

Can You Use a Bluetooth Adapter on a Plane? 

Yes. You need an adapter to connect your device to a two-pronged headphone jack.  

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Can You Use Bluetooth on a Plane without Wi-Fi? 


Yes. According to the FAA, you can use the technology during the entire flight as long as they’re in airplane mode. When you activate the airplane mode, it will disable Bluetooth. But you can turn it back on.   

Can You Use Bluetooth on a Plane TSA? 

According to the TSA’s most recent guidelines, ideally, travelers can use Bluetooth devices during flights, but only after take-off and landing. These rules are in place to avoid tampering with the plane’s navigation systems during vital flight periods. 

Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones to Watch Movies on a Plane? 

man watching movie on a plane

Yes. You can locate a 3.5mm headphone jack in the armrest of an in-flight entertainment system. To use your headphones, plug a Bluetooth transmitter into the jack and pair it with your headphones. 

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