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Car Battery Cost: How Much Is It? 

  • Car Care Tips
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 6 minutes

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The battery is the life force of your car, and it is required to power your car’s electrical components. You won’t be able to drive or play anything on the radio without a fully charged battery. However, the truth is that you will have to replace the car’s battery at some point. So, you need to know about car battery cost and when to replace it!  

We all know how expensive it is to maintain a car. So, knowing how much replacing a car battery costs is crucial when you face unexpected situations like a dead battery. The vehicle type, weather, and the type of battery in your car all affect how soon you have to replace it. The average battery replacement is affordable compared to other automobile maintenance.  

So, how much does a car battery cost? How long does a car battery last? Here’s the info you need!  

How much does a car battery cost? 

The fact is that we think about it only when we have to buy a new battery. Replacing a car battery is relatively cheap when compared to the expense of maintaining other automobile parts. Depending on the power, size, and quality, replacing a car battery costs around $45-$250. Get the current battery inspected by your local dealership, auto parts store, or automobile service center. They may recommend a replacement if needed. 

The most commonly used lead-acid battery costs between $125-135. The absorbent glass mat battery (AGM) is another option. Since they power the more complex electronics in luxury vehicles, this battery type will cost about $200. You have to pay more for buying longer-lasting batteries. A mechanic may charge between $10-100 for installing a car battery. The charge depends on the location of the battery and the time taken for replacement.  

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How long does a car battery last? 

Ideally, a car battery has a lifespan of up to six years if you drive in the ideal conditions all of the time – no high temperatures and no excessive humidity. Two main factors determine the lifespan of your car’s battery – how long it can keep a charge and how long you can recharge it after replacement. Be mindful that you can’t recharge a battery once it’s dead.  

The capacity of the battery to recharge and hold power decreases over time. A battery’s warranty and lifespan never relate to its cost. Though a vehicle and its condition determine a battery’s exact lifespan, most cars may require a new battery every four years. 

When should I replace the car battery? 

replacing a new battery

A car battery can typically last for six years if you drive in ideal conditions. However, the issue with new vehicle batteries is that they don’t always give warning indicators that they’re failing. So, always keep in mind that a car battery can last around 3-4 years. These are some signs that warn you that your car battery is dying and it’s time to think of new battery costs. 

1. Difficult to start the engine

The car battery’s components become weary and become less operative over time. The battery takes time to charge the starter, so you’ll have to wait a few seconds more for the engine to turn over. Assume the slow start as a battery’s final gasp before it dies.

2. Electrical problems and dim lights

The battery entirely powers your car’s electronic components. Running these components won’t be easy when the battery starts losing its charge. The more devices you connect to your car while driving, like a phone charger, your battery will die quicker.

3. Check light turns on

The check engine light getting turned on can indicate a variety of issues. It will turn on when the battery has low power. Check the owner’s manual and have your battery inspected by a mechanic to ensure it’s working fine. Or else, go for a replacement. 

4. Foul odor

The battery will leak gas if there’s an internal short or damage to the battery. You may have a leaking battery if you smell rotten eggs when you open the hood. Take it for inspection. The mechanic will inform you of the next steps if the battery requires replacement. 

5. Corroded connectors

Do you see a white, ashy residue on the metal parts of your battery? Then the car battery has a corrosion problem. The positive corroded terminals and negative metal connectors on the battery’s top can cause voltage problems and make it difficult to start your car.

6. Bad fitting of the battery casing

The severe temperature of the grasslands can shorten your battery’s longevity. A battery case might inflate and break while exposed to extreme heat or cold. Likely, your battery isn’t performing correctly if it’s not rectangular.

7. A depleted battery

Most car batteries typically last for 3-4 years. Driving behaviors, climate, and electronic demands affect a battery’s lifespan. It is always best to err on the side of caution when the battery completes three years and have it inspected regularly.  

Do you want to know how to check car battery? Here’s the how you can check your car battery!

Why are car batteries so expensive? 

The simple answer is that technology always comes at a cost. One of the reasons that car battery costs have increased is that most manufacturers are now using AGM batteries. These batteries can handle the demands of new, electric-intensive cars. So, replacing a car battery costs an average of around $156. AGM batteries cost 40 to 100 percent additional than traditional lead-acid batteries. The best batteries in practically all sizes cost between $200-300. 

Car battery costs have also increased due to the impact of COVID-19, as the price of materials, transportation, and labor surged. Most customers choose higher-priced batteries, opting for models for devices at the top of the ‘good, better, best’ scale. 

How much does an electric car battery cost? 

The average battery cost for a basic electric vehicle (EV) is around $6,300 at current rates and pack sizes. But, the battery cost of premium models’ is even more. The high price of the batteries is due to what goes into them. An EV uses similar rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that power your laptop or phone, but larger ones.  

How long does it take to change a car battery? 

Ideally, it takes around 10-20 to replace a battery. The actual time depends on the car you use.  

Some quick tips 

  • A new car battery costs around $45-250, and the installation charge of the mechanic comes between $10-100. 
  • A battery can last up to six years if you drive in ideal conditions. If not, expect to replace the battery in 3-4 years. 
  • The batteries for EV cars cost around $6,300.  

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