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Are Car Dealers Open on Sunday? Your Sunday Car Purchase Checklist

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Sunday is one day we’re all free from the shackles of work and the day we think is the best for car shopping. But are car dealers open on Sundays?  

Buying a car is a rigorous affair involving meticulous research over the web, asking your peers for recommendations and suggestions, and then walking over to the dealer to have a look at the actual car and maybe test drive it to finalize your decision. Sunday is also one day you get to spend time with your family and also find time to discuss all things surrounding your new car plan.  

Having said that, the prospect of having car dealerships open on Sundays is a thought that might’ve crossed every car buyer’s mind. While some states have it open, some do not, and some have restricted timings. We’ll see in detail the factors affecting the operations of car dealers on Sundays.  

Are car dealers open on Sundays? 

The answer to this completely depends on the state you’re from, as the state laws permitting the operation of car dealers differ from state to state. 13 states in the US do not permit dealerships to open on Sundays. The prohibition could be due to a set of laws called Blue Laws, which ban car sales on Sundays. However, the Blue Laws apply not only to cars but also to selected shopping and leisure activities. People are expected to attend church services on Sundays, and the Blue Laws are in place to enforce religious practices. 

States that ban car sales on Sundays: 

These US States have a blanket ban on car sales on Sundays.  

  1. Colorado
  2. Indiana
  3. Illinois
  4. Iowa
  5. Louisiana
  6. Maine
  7. Minnesota
  8. Mississippi
  9. Missouri
  10. New Jersey
  11. Oklahoma
  12. Pennsylvania
  13. Wisconsin

States that restrict selling cars on Sundays: 

Some states do have their dealerships open on Sundays, but with limited sales hours. They are: 

  1. Maryland
  2. Michigan
  3. Nevada
  4. North Carolina
  5. Rhode Island
  6. Texas
  7. Utah

Why are some car dealerships closed on Sunday? 

car dealers open on sunday
Photo by Antoni Shkraba on Pexels

On top of the Blue Laws, car dealerships choose not to operate on Sundays due to the following reasons:  

  • It may be difficult for the dealership management to recruit top talent if they have to work on Sundays. Most candidates refuse a job offer if the dealership asks them to work long hours.  
  • Also, adding an extra day also adds to additional operating costs. This is also an important consideration for dealerships.  
  • In addition, most of the associated offices involved in the process of car sales are not operational on Sundays. The offices include Insurance companies, DMVs of states and counties, and other offices involved in a title transfer, registration, etc. However, with automated loan approval systems in place, getting your car loan approved on Sundays wouldn’t be much of an issue. However, do keep in mind that credit approvals totally depend on your credit situation and lender policies. 

Final Word

Even if the car dealerships are open, it is difficult to complete a car transaction on a Sunday since many of the supporting entities, such as insurance agencies and the Department of Motor Vehicles, are closed. This makes it more challenging to close car deals and sometimes requires clients to return on another day. Therefore, a car dealer might not be losing out on business even if it is closed on a Sunday. 

However, you can use this extra time on Sundays to research, discuss, and write down your queries regarding the car you ought to buy. You can also utilize this time to round up the documentation you’ll need to purchase a car. This includes proof of insurance, driver’s license, income proof, proof of identity, etc. In addition, you may also need more documents to approve your car loan if you have a bad credit history. So, make sure you have them sorted as well.  

Now that the car dealers near you are closed for Sundays, why don’t you take advantage of this downtime to shop around for the most affordable insurance policy for your shiny new ride? You can save up to $971 annually by comparing car insurance rates on Way.com. 

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