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Car Door Replacement Cost: How Much You Should Spend?

  • Car Services
  • Silas Smith
  • 4 minutes

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Car door replacement cost will depend on multiple factors. These factors include the car’s model, the damage’s extent, and the type of door that suits your car. Each of these plays a major role in deciding how much you will need to replace a car door and labor costs. 


For instance, assume a car met with an accident. The extent of damage to the door should be considered while deciding on replacing the entire car door or otherwise. 

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How much to replace the door on a car? 

On average, the process of replacing a car door may take different times to complete. The same applies in terms of car door replacement costs. It can range from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. The amount you will need to pay depends on the following factors. 

Factors determining car door replacement cost 

Make and Model of Car 

The cost to replace car doors will first depend on what car it is. If it is a common family car, chances are the replacement cost would usually be low. On the other hand, replacing the doors of a luxury car can cost you a fortune! Also, for cars that are popular among the public, spare parts are readily available in the usual scenario. The availability will be a big question for limited edition models, even if the car is from a top company. 

Extent of Damage 

After the accident, properly assess the damages to different sections of the door. You may not even have to replace the door in the case of minor nicks. But if the door has a big dent, is bent, or suffers worse damage, it is better to get a new one.  


If you are looking to save money by doing quick fixes on a seriously damaged car door, it will lead to further mishaps. Such doors will turn into a major hazard in case you meet with another accident. You can find some of the replacements for common damages to car doors.  

Car door window replacement: Now, this one is the most common damage a car door can suffer in the case of an accident. Cracked or broken glass on the driver’s or passenger’s side must be changed immediately. These will cost you between $250 to $500, depending on the type of glass you use. 

Car door lock replacement: You cannot do this on your own unless you are a mechanic. The type of lock used will differ for each car. On average, for car door lock replacement, you will need to pay between $200 and $650. 

Car door handle replacement: This might be the cheapest part to replace, depending on the type of car you drive. Jammed or stuck handles can prevent you from escaping the car during an accident. In addition, you have to spend $80 to $500 to replace car door handles. Also, different charges apply to the exterior or interior parts of the door handle. 

Door Type 

The cost of replacing a conventional door is much cheaper than that of a butterfly or sliding door. Also, the material used to build the door will vary. The door itself might be made of steel, while door handles use plastic. So the material used and door types also play a pivotal role in determining car door replacement cost. 

Along with all the above, labor costs will also differ for each component. The parts like the window and lock will be much easier to install than the entire door. Ensure you get the mechanic’s estimate, including labor costs, before proceeding further. 

Assess the best car door replacement cost 


It is always the best choice to keep your options open regarding car door replacement costs. Before finalizing a mechanic to replace the car door after an accident, look at multiple quotes. All the factors mentioned above will be useful in properly estimating the cost of replacing the car door or other repairs.

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