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Car Drying – The Car Wash Experts’ Method

  • Car Wash
  • Renee Martin
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You can spend hours cleaning your car, meticulously scrubbing away at the dirt to make it look spotless. However, all this is of no use if you don’t practice the correct car drying techniques. What’s more, incorrect car wash and drying methods are the primary reasons for swirl marks on a car! In this post, we’re listing expert car drying methods – approved by car wash experts – that you can employ to keep your car scratch-free. Keep reading to know more.    

This blog has been updated on June 3, 2021.


Use microfiber towels    

Some car owners make the mistake of using squeegees and rags in the drying process. By using them, you can end up with many minute scratches on your car’s paint! When it comes to drying your car, we’d highly recommend using a microfiber towel. Microfiber towels can absorb large amounts of water and are non-abrasive – these qualities make them the best kind of towel for car drying. 

Car Drying – The Car Wash Experts' Method

Dry your car using a blower    

This is one of the safest methods to dry your car because there is no physical contact involved. Also, using this method, you can dry the water stuck in areas where a microfiber cloth cannot reach. You can use a leaf blower or a car blower to get the job done to perfection. When it comes to automated car washes, here’s a top tip – most of the top-rated car washes featured on Way.com offer free vacuum and blow-dry services.     

Avoid drying under direct sunlight    

If you think parking your car under sunlight after a car wash is the best option out there, then you’re sorely mistaken. You can end up with streaks and water spots if you dry your car using this method. What’s even worse is that the water droplets left behind on the car can still contain dirt and grime – once the water evaporates, the contaminants will get transferred onto the car’s body again.     

Car Drying – The Car Wash Experts' Method

Say no to the towel drying method     

This tip is for people who frequent automatic car washes to get their car cleaned. Most automatic car washes use a strong jet of hot air to dry the excess water on the car’s body. On the other hand, some car washes use towels to clean down your vehicle. In most cases, car wash staff use clean towels to have your car dried. However, if you notice the towel to be dirty, it’s perfectly safe to drive back without using the towel drying method — that’s because dirt on an already-used towel can be deposited back onto the car.   

If you’re looking for an automatic car wash near you that’s good for both your car’s exterior and your finances, then your search ends with Way.com. At Way.com, you’ll find top-rated and professional car washes near you that employ the best car wash methods. You can read on how to find the best car wash near you using Way.com here. 


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