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What are car insurance cancellation laws and why it’s so important

  • Auto Insurance
  • Natasha Young
  • 6 minutes

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In the United States, most people have some form of insurance. When and how an insurance company can cancel a policy are laid out in the policy contract. Insurance cancellation can be a stressful and expensive experience; however, there are ways to communicate and negotiate with your insurance company in the event of cancellation. Here’s all you need to know about car insurance cancellation laws and the process.

car insurance cancellation laws

Insurance cancellation laws by state 

Your state’s auto insurance laws will necessitate that you register your vehicle there and purchase an insurance policy that complies with those laws. The same applies when you are canceling your insurance. It is always advised to go through your state’s laws before canceling your insurance. Here’s a list of some states with distinctive laws for reference. 

Can a car insurance company drop you? 

The short answer would be, yes. But only if the reasons are valid enough. It’s illegal for car insurance companies to abruptly cancel their customers’ policies in the middle of a policy term. The cancellation of insurance coverage is dependent on state law. Among the most common reasons are issues with the customer, such as: 

  • Irregular or lack of payment. 
  • Revocation or suspension of the driver’s license. 
  • Exclusion of the registration number. 
  • Forgery, such as omitting important information from an insurance application or intentionally lying about it in order to inflate the policy’s cost. 
  • False claim of the insurance.  

Can you cancel a car insurance claim? 

Yes, you can cancel a claim after you’ve filed it with an auto insurance company. However, even if you cancel your car insurance claim, the claim will remain on your driving record. If you file a claim and receive no compensation, your insurance company is unlikely to raise your premiums.  

Can I cancel my car insurance anytime? If so, how to? 

Insurance claims can be canceled by contacting your insurance provider, which is usually the case. Your insurance premiums may go up if you cancel a claim because the damages are low and you can afford to pay for them yourself. In the case of a claim cancellation, there is no fee. If you wish to cancel a claim, it is important to contact your insurance company’s claims department.  

For the most part, you can also cancel your auto insurance policy online. Make sure to check your service provider’s website for customer support options. It’s always best to speak with an insurance claims representative or adjuster directly. Even if your claim is canceled, your premiums may be increased by some insurers. When in doubt, contact your service provider. 

Is an insurance cancellation letter a part of the cancellation process? 

Given the ease of email and online forms, cancellation letters aren’t as common as they once were; however, some auto insurers may still ask that you send a letter requesting the termination of your coverage. Your policy number, name, and the date you want your policy canceled should all be included in the letter. As an option, if you paid for your policy upfront and have unused coverage, you can request a refund for the remaining months. 

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Can you reinstate a canceled car insurance policy? 

Well, it depends on many factors. The length of time since your payment, whether or not you previously had a lapsed policy, and who your insurance provider is, plays a role. Reinstating policyholders after non-payment is governed by company-specific rules. Reinstating your policy may be a better option than starting the process of getting a new auto insurance policy from scratch. It can be difficult if your coverage has expired or is otherwise non-lapsed in one of these two situations. The grace period is over and your policy is no longer active if your coverage has lapsed. It’s best to stay off the road if you’ve lost your insurance coverage.  

Lapsed coverage 

The more serious of the two situations is the need for coverage that has lapsed and needs to be reinstated. It indicates the cancellation of your auto insurance policy and you don’t have coverage for a period of time. It is highly likely that you have been driving illegally for this long. 

You may be able to get your lapsed coverage reinstated, depending on the policies and rules of your insurance company. For the time being, you’ll have to pay upfront any unpaid premiums you owe. In addition, you may be charged a reinstatement fee and see an increase in your monthly rates. 

It is necessary to sign a no-loss statement stating that you will not make any claims for the time period that has passed since your policy was terminated. In addition, your insurance company may re-assign you to a higher risk pool because of the lapse in coverage. As a condition of your car loan, your lienholder typically requires that you maintain continuous insurance coverage. Coverage gaps can lead to fines or fees for the parties involved. 

Non-Lapsed coverage

It’s a little easier to deal with non-lapsed coverage. Let’s say you’ve missed a payment and received notification from your insurer that you’ve entered the grace period, as is required by law. If you pay your premiums and any interest fees assessed by the company during this time period, you will be able to regain your good standing with the company and your coverage will continue uninterrupted. 

This means that even if you’ve missed a payment, you can still get behind the wheel. You should contact your insurance company as soon as possible after the due date to explain the situation and make a payment. This is critical. A no-loss statement and a reinstatement fee may be required, but your policy will not be canceled. 

Some insurers extended the grace period during the coronavirus pandemic in order to give those who had lost income a chance to make up for the lost time. However, you’ll need to check with your agent or the company’s website to see if they’ve done so. 

all about car insurance cancellation laws

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