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Car insurance from car dealers is the new way forward

  • Car Insurance Tips
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 3 minutes

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With easy access to auto insurance loans, owning a car has already become a breeze. However, taking your cherished buy out of the showroom and onto the roads will have to wait until the car is insured. Some car owners would prefer to buy car insurance from car dealerships. This is because it saves time. 

car insurance from car dealer

When you try to buy car insurance, you are always advised to compare car insurance quotes. This is because it will help you get cheap car insurance. But that process can be long-drawn and tiresome. The process of purchasing insurance from a car dealer saves the buyer a significant amount of time. This is primarily because the car dealer is familiar with the policy’s complexities and can advise the buyer on the best plan.¬†

Car insurance from car dealers – Why not?

Car dealers have been giving insurance to buyers through a partnership with an insurance provider for a long time. Purchasing auto insurance directly from the dealer saves time. Otherwise, one would have to contact different insurers, inquire about their premiums, and then decide. When purchasing insurance through a dealership, the process is more straightforward and more convenient.

Car insurance policies are also less expensive than buying from car insurance companies. Buying car insurance policies from car dealers is advantageous because these deals can be readily renewed/maintained.¬†In addition, the consumer does not need to approach an agent or go to an insurer’s branch office to obtain insurance. When purchasing insurance through a dealership, the entire procedure is more straightforward and more convenient.

The buyer may be eligible for bundled savings from the auto dealer on the automobile and the insurance. The buyer may be eligible for bundling discounts on the transaction if the automobile purchase and insurance are combined. Some auto dealers may forgo the first-year charge, making the deal even sweeter. If add-ons are required, the dealer will be able to provide them.

The dealership will provide the consumer with insurance that covers all of the risks he or she desires. Following that, the customer is no longer compelled to seek coverage from the car insurance company. Most dealers have a separate hotline for insurance questions and claim support, which can be helpful in an emergency. The consumer can contact the car dealer for more information about the coverage or file a claim. In such cases, the dealer will provide prompt assistance to the customer.

car insurance car dealer

Although buying car insurance through an insurance agent has been the conventional method for decades, alternative insurance sales channels have exploded in recent years. The modern customer expects immediate gratification. Therefore the time between purchasing a car and insuring it has grown increasingly inconvenient. Customers can now acquire suitable car insurance coverage from car dealers. 



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