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Get the Right Car Insurance to Prevent a Haunting Halloween

  • Safety Tips
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 3 minutes

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“Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble.”¬†Macbeth never saw what was about to hit him, but you can take steps to safeguard your car with the right car insurance this Halloween. Prevent the toil and trouble of your mind by keeping your car away from the fire and cauldron of Halloween festivities.

car insurance Halloween

Oh, sheet! Halloween has arrived! Witches, goblins, and monsters will roam the streets with impunity and audacity. Your car can be the target of an innocent trick-or-treat prank that can turn serious. If you have the right car insurance during this Halloween period, rather than feeling tricked by your car insurance company, you will feel treated.

Halloween Accidents

Car insurance coverage during the Halloween season

Pranksters ‘Chuck’ at your car

If you are looking at a combination of being hilarious and terrifying, get a Chucky costume. Dress up as Chucky, and you are guaranteed to see the phrase ‘died laughing’ in the flesh. But you will not die laughing when someone decides to egg your car.

Chucky GIF


Insurance claims for car vandalism spikes around Halloween and the days leading up to it. Projectiles such as raw eggs, pumpkins, and rocks are all prevalent.

Comprehensive car insurance typically covers your car if the damage can’t be rectified.

Jack-O-Lantern can light your car

According to the US Fire Administration, car vandalism due to fire is more likely around Halloween. 

During Halloween, one of the most overlooked factors is that Jack-o-Lantern is a number one fire hazard. An errant breeze, a leaning candle, or a careless handler are more than enough to cause fire and damage your car. If the fire of the jack-o-lantern gets out of hand, some might even kick it under a car. 

Comprehensive insurance covers all costs related to vandalism, albeit there is usually a deductible to pay.

Pinhead pedestrians

Pinhead pedestrians are hellraisers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Halloween has the highest number of pedestrian deaths of any night of the year, aside from New Year’s.¬†

Hellraiser Pinhead GIF by Dead by Daylight


Unfortunately, many of the casualties are young souls. Costumed children can be challenging to spot, as they frequently wander around without their parents and are more likely to dart into the street. Adults distracted by their phones or who are inebriated can be dangerous.

If you have the proper auto liability insurance, it will, in return, cover injuries you might cause others.

Protect your car this Halloween

Prevention is better than cure. In that vein, you can prevent the heartbreak caused by your damaged car if you take extra care. On trick-or-treat night, park cars in the garage or a well-lit area, use battery-operated candles or light sticks in your pumpkin, and be cautious when driving.

It’s not worth filing an insurance claim if the value of the damaged or stolen things is less than your deductible.

car insurance Halloween

Dress your car with the right insurance via Way.com

After Halloween, ensure you’re not paying too much for your car insurance. Are you looking for cheap car insurance quotes? If car insurance agents aren’t your thing, don’t fret! Way.com makes things easy and quick.

Way.com works with more than 200 insurance companies, but our editors and agents do all the research, writing, and checking of facts independently. In addition, Way.com can help you buy new insurance and remove your old policy once you find a great rate. On average, users save $971 per year.

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