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6 Important Factors That Affect Car Insurance Rates

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Car insurance rates can be confusing sometimes. One of the biggest mysteries of car insurance rates is why they are different? That’s why we at Way.com are here. To help you understand what determines your car insurance rates. Keep reading to see what auto insurance providers consider specifics about your car.  And which of the following affects one’s car insurance premium.

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Factors that affect car insurance rates

Credit scores

Many U.S. car insurance companies use credit scores to help identify risk when issuing insurance rates. (Unless you live in Massachusetts, Hawaii, or California, all of which have outlawed the practice.) According to studies, credit ratings can effectively predict the likelihood of an accident. A credit score enables insurers to offer each customer the most reasonable and acceptable rate. Due to their credit score, about half of our existing customers pay a lesser rate.

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Marital Status

Your relationship status influences the amount you pay for car insurance. Married drivers often pay less for auto insurance because they are considered more financially stable and safer. A married driver pays $96 less in auto insurance per year than a single, widowed, or divorced motorist.

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Driving record

Your premium will be reduced if you have a good track record. Have you been in an accident or have a history of major traffic offenses? You will almost certainly pay more than if you have a spotless driving record. If you’re a new driver with no prior insurance history, you may have to pay more.

your driving record is a factor that can affect your car insurance rates

Likelihood of theft

Insurance companies give your car’s make and model rating based on their real claim history. Flashy cars are more likely to be stolen and more expensive to restore. As one may anticipate, such cars have higher insurance rates. However, if the car has anti-theft systems, the premium will be lower.

in case of theft this factor can affect your car insurance rates

Gender and Age

In general, more experienced drivers, particularly teens, had fewer accidents than less experienced drivers. Insurers typically charge more if your car is driven by teenagers or young people under 25. Women, on average, are involved in fewer accidents, have fewer driver-under-the-influence (DUI) incidents, and, most critically, have fewer serious accidents than men. As a result, when all other factors are equal, women frequently pay less for auto insurance than men.

Gender and age of the driver is a factor that can impact car insurance rates


If you still wonder, why is my car insurance going up? Then location could be one of the reasons. Urban drivers pay a higher auto insurance premium than those in small towns or rural locations due to increased incidences of vandalism, theft, and accidents. Anti-theft measures and where you store your car (on the street or in a secure garage) may also impact the bottom line.

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