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The only car maintenance checklist you’ll ever need

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A car maintenance checklist can make vehicle ownership simple and hassle-free. What’s more, having a car maintenance checklist in place can help save you hundreds of dollars each year.  

Caring for and paying attention to your car can improve your vehicle’s performance and longevity. Also, regular maintenance and check-ups can help identify an underlying issue in your car before it causes any major problems. To do this, you don’t have to make frequent visits to a car mechanic or be a car geek. With a little know-how and regular checks, car maintenance can be a simple task. To help you in this process, we’ve created a detailed car maintenance checklist you can use. 

Car maintenance checklist infographic

                          Click here for your printable car maintenance checklist


Your car’s engine and other electrical parts run from the power supplied by the battery.  It can be damaged because of extreme weather conditions and especially during the colder days. Check the connections, keep it corrosion-free and identify if there are charging and discharging problems. If you find any issues during your inspection, get it fixed immediately or replace it with a new battery. 


Improper alignment can harm your car’s tires and reduce its life. Also, correct alignment gives you better handling, especially during quick turns. When the roads get slippery in the winter, proper alignment can create a safe driving experience. 

Oil level 

Motor oil is essential for good engine health and the overall performance of your car. Check for the oil level once a month or during your visits to the gas station. Get it changed regularly based on your manufacturer’s recommendation or consult with your car mechanic.  


Check your coolant levels frequently. For smooth engine maintenance, you need an optimal coolant level.  Also, during your winter car care, check the antifreeze level if you live in areas where the mercury can drop extremely low. 

Tire tread and tire pressure 

Make sure you check your tire pressure every month, and especially before going on long road trips. While you’re at it, check for the tire tread using the simple penny method. With Lincoln’s head pointed down, place a penny in a tread groove. If no portion of Lincoln’s head is visible, it’s time to replace your tires. 

Transmission fluid 

This fluid helps in the smooth functioning of all the parts inside your vehicle’s transmission. To avoid any damage or replacement, check your transmission fluid regularly. Remember, costly damages can be avoided with a simple regular check-up.  


Every year close to 35,000 Americans die in road accidents, and a car break failure is often one of the reasons for mishaps on the road. You can prevent this by checking and following the brake maintenance schedule recommended by the car manufacturers.  


Check your car’s headlight regularly. A foggy headlight can limit your visibility and put your life at risk! To inspect its condition, park your car in front of a flat surface and turn on your headlights. Also, check the condition of parking lights and brake lights. If you find them faulty, get them fixed immediately. 

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Air filter  

A well-maintained air filter can improve the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and help decrease emissions. You can check it at home by using the owner’s manual, or you can get it checked while you’re at a service center.

Apart from the things on the checklist, a regular car wash is equally important to maintain your automobile better. You can use websites and car wash apps like Way.com to book top-rated and affordable car washes near you.  

Do you follow other check-ups as part of the car maintenance. Let us know we’ll feature them in our next list.  

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