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Does Your Car Make Noise When Accelerating?

  • Tips & Trips
  • Barrett Mohrmann
  • 5 minutes

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Nobody likes weird noises coming out of their car, particularly when accelerating. Noise when accelerating might be an indication of an underlying serious issue. Pay attention to the sound and get your car checked out by a professional to make sure there is no serious risk. 

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Sounds like clicking, clunking, or squeaking during acceleration may not be cause for concern, but such noises often indicate more serious problems with the car’s transmission, brakes, or even engine.¬†

Delaying a visit to the mechanic could be costly, depending on the nature and location of the noise. If you can train yourself to pay close attention to your vehicle, you can take immediate action to avoid potentially hazardous and expensive car problems. 

Rattling noises 

If your muffler is making a rattling noise under your car, it may just be a loose bracket. It may also be an indication of a more serious issue, such as the need to replace the exhaust pipe gasket. You can check for yourself what’s causing you the trouble, but we suggest you to go to a mechanic. It would give you an appropriate judgment of why the car is making noise when accelerating.

Roaring noises 

Any increase in the volume of the roaring sound when the vehicle is being driven faster may indicate an exhaust problem. If you hear a low rumbling sound, it’s because the exhaust system is working overtime to fix a leak. However, you should be wary because that noise could indicate that your transmission needs maintenance. In order to ensure that you are fixing the correct issue, it is recommended that you consult a mechanic.¬†

Squealing noises 

Squealing noises often indicate belt troubles. You probably have a loose belt if you hear a scream/squeal every time you accelerate. If the belt is making squeaking or squealing noises, it may be worn out or slipping because of a loose engine part. In any case, you should definitely take the car in for service to prevent any further complications. 

When accelerating, squealing or squealing usually indicates a problem with the belts; however, if the noise occurs at low speeds or when applying the brakes, it is likely the result of a problem with the brakes. When brake pads become worn or loose, they can make a squealing, scraping, or grinding sound while the car is in motion. 

If it’s cold outside, you may feel this issue as soon as your engine starts up.¬†

Knocking or popping noises 

There are several potential causes for loud knocking or popping sounds coming from the engine. Using subpar fuel is a common cause of engine knock. To be sure that you are using the correct fuel in your vehicle, refer to the owner’s manual.¬†

The knocking or popping noise could be due to a clogged fuel filter, dirty or damaged spark plugs, or worn-out pistons. But if in case, the knocking noise is coming from underneath the car, it could indicate that some vital component has come loose. Take it in for service ASAP to rule out any major issues with your vehicle. 

Clicking sounds 

When your car begins making a strange clicking or tapping sound, it could be the result of something as simple as running low on oil, which is reassuring to know but can still be unsettling. Use the method described in your owner’s manual to check the oil level.¬†

If the oil level is satisfactory, it’s time to take the car in for maintenance. Your mechanic will be able to determine the cause of the drop in oil pressure. When accelerating, a clicking noise can also be an indication of a problem with the valve train.¬†

Grinding noises 

When shifting gears in a manual transmission vehicle, a grinding noise could indicate a problem with the clutch or transmission. Get your vehicle checked out by a repair shop right away. 

If you want to figure out what your car is doing that’s making all that noise, then pay close attention to it. Pay close attention to the source of the noise and observe how it shifts after the gas is introduced.¬†Being cautious is always the best course of action. Don’t disregard any odd noises you may encounter on the road. The time and tone of this event must be recorded. Then you should get in touch with a mechanic right away.¬†

If your car starts making weird noises, it’s best to check it out as soon as possible in case of a bigger problem. But sometimes cars just stop working entirely without any warning. Your rescue could be delayed for hours if you don’t take proper action beforehand.¬†

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