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All You Need to Know About Car Registration in Delaware

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Car registration in Delaware is a simple process handled by the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles. However, it is mandatory to register all its vehicles unless exempted by law. So, how long does it take to register your car in Delaware? What do you require to register your car in the state? Is it expensive to register your car in Delaware?  

car registration in delaware

Car registration is mandatory to drive your car on the roads of Delaware. You’ll require the title, proof of insurance, and several other related documents to register your car in DE. 

Where do I register my car in Delaware?

Consequently, within 60 days after establishing residence, the residents of Delaware need to register their car with the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles (DE DMV). Therefore, new residents must register their vehicles in person at the DE DMV office.   

Meanwhile, residents who have just purchased a vehicle must register it within 30 days. 

What documents do I require to register my car in the state?

The DE DMV needs you to submit the following documents to proceed with the car registration process. In addition to this, it is mandatory to undergo a vehicle inspection when registering a car for the first time in the state of Delaware. This includes a safety test and emissions and smog test.

Documents Required for New Vehicles
Documents Required for Used Vehicles
  • Delaware certificate of title from the previous owner.
  • Bill of sale
  • Initial registration documents
  • Odometer disclosure statement.
  • License plates

However, you require the license plates only if you plan to transfer the old plates to the vehicle.

Documents Required for Out-of-State Vehicles
  • VIN inspection certificate
  • Registration documents
  • Out-of-state certificate of title

How do I register my car in Delaware?

Your residency status in Delaware and how the vehicle was purchased determine the steps you need to follow to register your car in Delaware. In short, one has to purchase an auto insurance policy, carry out a vehicle inspection, and complete the registration application forms to be submitted at the DE DMV.

Car registration for an out-of-state resident
  • Visit your nearest local DE DMV office.
  • Updated proof of car insurance.
  • VIN, and safety inspection.
  • Completed emissions test.
  • Certificate of title application.
  • Out-of-state title and registration documents.
  • Registration and title fee payment.

Meanwhile, if the vehicle’s out-of-state registration has expired, Delaware residents can obtain a 5-day temporary tag from the DE DMV. This will permit the residents to drive the vehicle into the state for an inspection. It costs $20 for a temporary tag.

Car registration for vehicles bought from a private party in Delaware

You must certainly finish the registration in your name at the nearby DMV within 30 days if you purchased a secondhand car from someone else. 

  • Completion of all mandatory inspections.
  • Visit a local DE DMV office with a completed auto insurance policy, an odometer disclosure statement, if applicable, and a signed title from the seller.
  • Submit the other documents like, the bill of sale, and the completed registration form.
  • Payment of the required fees.
Car registration for vehicles bought from a Delaware dealership

However, a dealership purchase requires no paperwork as most of it is done by the dealer.

delaware car registration

How much is the car registration fees in Delaware?

The Delaware DE accepts the payment in cash, checks, cards, and money order. It costs $40 to register your car in Delaware annually. In addition, to the registration fee, a title fee between $25 and $35 and a duplicate title fee costing $50 need to be paid.

How to renew your car registration in Delaware

You can renew your car registration in Delaware by mail, online and in person. However, before proceeding with the renewal process, you must make sure you have the vehicle registration information handy, complete the vehicle inspection, and renewal fee payment.

The DE DMV will send you a notice with the information. To make the registration renewal hassle-free, it is wise to renew it 90 days prior to the expiry date. Above all, you will be saved from penalties as well.

It will cost $40 or $80 to renew your registration based on your chosen renewal period. In addition, you will need to submit the following documents for renewal.  

  • Proof of car insurance in Delaware.
  • Vehicle inspection approval.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Vehicle registration card.
Car Registration Renewal Online
Car Registration Renewal in Person
  • Visit the nearest DE DMV office.
  • Submit the required forms.
  • Make the payment.

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