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Your Guide to Car Registration in Wyoming

  • Car Registration
  • Sara Sam
  • 4 minutes

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Moving to a new state brings not just baggage but a list of things to do. One on the list is certainly the car registration in the state. Here, we look at the steps involved in car registration in Wyoming and what you need to do.  

Car registration is mandatory in the respective county if you are a Wyoming resident or new to the state. In addition, if you are from another state, you should apply for a Wyoming Certificate of Title and VIN/HIN Inspection. 

How to register a car in Wyoming 

Firstly, you should note that Wyoming DOT does not handle car registration in Wyoming but instead by county treasurers. Secondly, you should visit the office; in other words, the respective county treasurer’s office should be visited in person for registration. Therefore, online registration, or registration via phone or mail, is not allowed in the state.  

Are you a Wyoming resident? 

Not everyone qualifies as a resident immediately upon moving in. Here is a checklist to see whether you classify as a Wyoming resident.  

  • You own, rent, or lease a home in Wyoming where you live and work. 
  • You’ve lived for 120 days in Wyoming. 
  • You have paid for or currently possess a resident hunting or fishing license. 
  • You applied for a Wyoming military tax exemption. 
  • You submitted a Wyoming homestead tax exemption form. 

Therefore, you are certainly a Wyoming resident if you belong to any of these categories. You must carry the documents to the treasurer’s office in the respective county for car registration.  

Documents required for car registration if you just moved into the state 

  • Title or title number of the vehicle. 
  • Out-of-state registration 
  • Filled out Application for Certificate of Title and VIN/HIN Inspection form 
  • Vehicle Identification Number 
  • Insurance proof 
  • Lease agreement if your vehicle is on lease.  
  • Car registration fees 
  • Odometer disclosure statement if the car is less than 10 years old. 

In addition, if you are registering a pick-up truck or motor, you should also submit a weight slip.  

How to register a new car in Wyoming 

Visit the county treasurer’s office with the documents mentioned above and pay the fees. Consequently, your car will be registered. Wyoming residents who purchased a new car from a dealership will also need the invoice in addition to the documents. 

How much is a car registration in Wyoming? 

The vehicle registration fees in Wyoming vary with the kind of vehicle you own. For example, it costs $30 to register a passenger vehicle, while the registration fee for trucks and trailers ranges between $2 and $60, and motorcycles cost $25. Similarly, the temporary vehicle registration fee: is $50 per month, and temporary in-transit permit valid for 48 hours is $20 per vehicle. 

What are the steps involved in car registration renewal in the state? 

Wyoming registrations are valid for one year; therefore, you must renew them annually. This can be done through your county’s treasurer’s office or online. However, online registration renewal is available on some county government websites. If it is unavailable for your county, you must renew it in person.  

You can renew your registration within 45 to 90 days after you have received the renewal notice, with the current registration number or license plate number and insurance proof.  

Car Insurance in Wyoming 

Before you begin the car registration process in Wyoming, you must have car insurance. In addition, there are a lot of providers to choose from, so it can be challenging!  

However, if you want to save time and money on auto insurance, use an insurance aggregator like Way.com, which will offer you many prices from various companies. With over 200+ companies in our network, you get the best deals in Wyoming. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it expensive to register your car in Wyoming? 

The vehicle registration fees in Wyoming vary with the kind of vehicle you own. For example, it costs $30 to register a passenger vehicle. However, registration renewal is a yearly process that also requires fee payment.  

How often should I register my car in Wyoming? 

All drivers in Wyoming are required by the Wyoming Department of Transportation (DOT) to register their automobiles and keep proof of registration in the vehicle. This must be renewed yearly. People working in Wyoming for less than 120 days must get temporary car registration.

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