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  • Celine Jerly
Does Driving in Eco Mode Save Gas? 

Gas prices messing with your monthly budget? We recently found that 56% of Americans drive less to...

  • Gordon Nash
How To Get Gas Smell Off Your Hands

Spilled some gas on yourself accidentally? While petrolheads may be okay with the odor, most of us...

  • Xavier Sabastian
What is the weight of Gasoline per Gallon? Get to know in detail!

People are seeking methods to save money as gas costs are once more on the increase. Finding out...

  • Xavier Sabastian
Are Gas Prices Cutting Into Your Monthly Budget?

The average price of regular gas across the country has gone down from a high of $5.02 per gallon...

  • Xavier Sabastian
Buying a Car? Here Are the Most Important Factors to Consider

It’s important to consider several important factors before buying a car. But which ones do...

  • Xavier Sabastian
Cars with worst Gas Mileage: The Gas Guzzlers List

Everybody is aware that luxury cars are the cars with the worst gas mileage. Fuel economy is a...

  • Jeannie Assimos
Car Super App Way.com and Shell Offer Savings on Gas

It’s a good day for Way.com customers, as the super app is now offering gas savings. The...

  • Renee Martin
What State Has the Cheapest Gas? Gas Prices by State

Fuel prices spiked to an all-time high in 2022, reaching $5.01 per gallon as a US average on June...

  • Gordon Nash
Pain At The Pump: How High Will Gas Prices Go?

Going from one high to another is usually a good thing – unless it’s fuel prices!...

  • Xavier Sabastian
What Is the Capacity of a Car’s Gas Tank?

Many people need to fill up their cars with the gas every week. But have you ever wondered what the...

  • Natasha Young
Volume of Gasoline Displacement Due to EVs

 Electric vehicles are more dependable, convenient, cost-effective to operate, safe, and enjoyable...

  • Celine Jerly
Can You Mix Premium and Regular Gas?  

Desperate times call for desperate measures! Since the gas prices started a steady hike to set new...

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